4 Classic Expressions of Men’s Orgasm

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Maybe you will think that only women will have a climax in their sexual life. In fact, not only women, but also men in sexual life will appear “climax”, not only that, men will also show a very thrilling expression. Here are four expressions of men’s climax.

Four common expressions during male orgasm:
1. Long Sigh Type.
He is an impetuous person who likes to express. After climbing to the top, he needs to express. Although he has no passion, he feels more happy. Such people are more outgoing and more straightforward. For him, the climax is also an expression of life. He did not hide the happiness and regret at that moment, so a complicated sigh painted a happy exclamation mark for his climax! He likes to drive directly, finishes it once, and is very happy. In life, he pays attention to efficiency, no delay, and more sincerity.
Hope partner: Call with him, he likes your happy response, in fact, is the best encouragement for him. Don’t eat coptis dumbly, open like a silent flower.
2. Shy.
He felt a little regret and shame for the “strong” or “fried rice” that he had just made, or the “wild or numb” fried rice. He was unhappy, normal, and decent, but when he made love, he looked like a “beast” to help him, suddenly becoming angry, impulsive, or extremely cruel. Therefore, after his climax, he recovered his upper body consciousness, he was a little sober and embarrassed. At that time, he was very funny and very cute.
Hope partner: Hold him, say nothing; or you are more shy than him. Don’t be noisy, talkative and talkative.
3. Nothingness.
He is somewhat frustrated, some see through the world, feel all the hard work or hard work, and the end result is like this, so some disappointment, I think the good things for men and women are good. This kind of person is a bit negative and pessimistic in his life. He may be more considerate, but he is sensitive, easy to give up, and lacks patience. His fatal wound is a lack of fighting spirit. For him, sex is a double test. When he fell from heaven to the world, he wanted to go out and practice Buddhism. In bed, it’s like a little drag, because for him the peak is the beginning of autumn.
Hope partner: Smile your happiness and satisfaction to save his ruined mood. Don’t talk about trivial things. Keep the atmosphere and temperature of love within a certain range for 30 minutes.
4. Hypocritical.
Afterwards, he immediately pulled up the quilt to cover up the ugly and fell asleep under the pretext of “sleepy”, or Zhuge Liang later said many reasons, such as “How can I do this?” As if he was not really himself, subconsciously, he felt that sex was shameful, so he kept talking about irrelevant words, diverted attention, and did not respect the feelings of women at this time and the desire to continue speaking. Such people lack a sense of responsibility, like to escape, and dare not bear. Moreover, fear of the truth, so in life, often avoid facing problems, rather than trying to solve problems. If he secretly eats outside, he must plead guilty on the spot; even if he does his homework, he will jerk and show his consciousness.
Hope partner: praise his kindness and strength, affirm his efforts, never provoke his tired nerves, let it be.

In sexual life, only when both sides reach a climax can they be considered a happy sex life. Orgasm is not only a physical pleasure, but also a spiritual pursuit of men and women. If we add some more sexy expressions at this time, it will make sex life more perfect.

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