Should Adolescent Boys Not Masturbate?

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Masturbation of adolescent boys is a normal physiological, phenomenon that relieves anxiety and anxiety caused by sexual stress, but frequent masturbation can affect normal learning and even depression.

Should teen boys masturbate?
First of all, Xiao Bian said that everything has two sides, and masturbation is the same. Proper masturbation can alleviate strong sexual desire and thus reduce sexual crimes; proper masturbation can also release excess hormones in the body, thus reducing sperm leakage.
However, if masturbation is too frequent, it will distract people, reduce memory and immunity, and easily increase the sensitivity of the glans. It is easy to get used to premature ejaculation or impotence after adulthood.

Then, teenagers should treat masturbation correctly, take scientific psychological counseling and psychotherapy, learn to overcome their thoughts, maintain a normal life, try not to wear tight pants, so they can go to bed early and get up early, do not eat for three hours before going to bed, cover at night Get too hot and eat some irritants. Eat before going to bed at night. Such as coffee and wine.

Finally, adolescents must develop good hygiene practices, keep the foreskin and penis clean, participate in more social activities, reduce curiosity about sex, and prevent puppies from loving. If you have genital inflammation, you should choose an anti-inflammatory drug under the guidance of a doctor.

What should we pay attention to when masturbating?
1. Maintain A Normal Life.
Teenagers must maintain a normal life so they can go to bed early and get up early without having to stay in bed. If they masturbate, try to lie flat on the bed, relax, thoroughly clean your hands, and then rub their genitals up and down. In addition, we should choose a safe and comfortable environment to better protect privacy.
2. Control The Frequency of Masturbation.
Teenagers should treat masturbation correctly. In fact, masturbation is a normal physiological phenomenon and should not be too worried. But we must control the amount, no more than five times a week, to the extent that it does not affect the learning of the next day.
3. Proper Use of Some Sex Toys To Assist Masturbation.
Young people need to learn some basic sexual knowledge, and they can use sex toys to help them complete their masturbation. The whole process will allow him to better understand sex while experiencing pleasure.

To treat masturbation correctly, keep it once a week, not too often. When you sleep at night, you can’t wear too hot clothes or tights. You can’t sleep on your stomach, otherwise it will cause libido. Stay away from some yellow books and videos, reduce your internet time, and take more physical activity. When sexual desires arise, you can take a cold bath or soak your feet in cold water to relieve stress.

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