What Are The Characteristics Of Each Men And Woman’s Sexual Desire?

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Whether or not sex life is harmonious is actually a topic of professionalism. The love of both sexes is actually reflected in sexual life. It can be combined to form a perfect sex life, then the sexual desire of men and women. What are the characteristics?

Male libido characteristics:
Men’s sexual desire comes quickly and intensely, and the sexual illusion caused by sight and touch can stimulate powerful sensual power.
In sexual life, men’s “conquest of desire” is very strong. The man uncontrollably inserted the penis into the woman’s vagina and twitched quickly, eagerly expecting the arrival of a woman’s orgasm. At the dawn of the male orgasm, the growth of sexual desire has further developed to occupy and conquer the woman, and there is a strong desire to dominate the woman, giving the woman a succumb to her own.
When he heard the groan from the woman in the sexual stimulation, he saw that the woman was shaking when the penis was twitching, and he was satisfied.
If the wife does not reach orgasm and has no sexual gratification, the husband will often feel guilty and even lose interest in sex life.
After the orgasm, there is a refractory period, that is, not interested in sexual desire, the penis can not be sexually stimulated and erect. Young people should have a shorter period of time and older people should not have a longer period of time.

Female sexual desire characteristics:
The arousal of women’s sexual desire is relatively slow, especially for sexual foreplay. Husband’s sweet words, gentle touches and kisses can especially evoke women’s sexual desires. Sexual orgasm begins to germinate in the woman’s vagina and then spreads around. As the intensity of the penis stimulates, this climax can spread to every part of the body. When the orgasm reaches its peak, almost the entire body is dissolved, which is an indescribable pleasure in sexual life. Women’s self-obedience is an important condition for sexual harmony. To trust and understand husbands, they are more able to satisfy the sexual desires of both men and women.

In view of the above two points, men and women will have differences in sex because of gender, physical endurance and personality, but it is because these differences will promote the happiness of sex, and the sexual desire of men and women is really amazing.

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