Why is it difficult for women to reach orgasm?

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Why is it difficult for women to reach a climax? The premise of perfect sex is to get the climax of the two sides, but according to the study, the number of women reaching the climax is only one-third. Why is this happening? Is there any solution?
First, physiological differences
As everyone knows, men can quickly enter the theme and get a climax; but women can’t, they need foreplay to stimulate their desires and thus enter the theme. However, many times, even if we do this, it is still difficult for women to get a climax. The main reason is the physiological difference. And some women have never tasted the feeling of climax in their lifetime.
Second, the stimulus is not enough
The clitoris is a “real star” that promotes orgasm. American sexologist Laura Borman points out that only 30% of women can reach a climax during sexual intercourse, and most women may need to stimulate sensitive parts such as the clitoris. For the men on the bed, they are anxious. Many times they will omit these foreplays and go directly to the theme, so that they reach their climax, but they ignore the feelings of women. Perfect sex is not lacking in foreplay.
Therefore, if women can’t reach the climax, then they should raise the foreplay time with the other party. The perfect predecessor can not only warm up for sex, but also a process of exchanging pleasure with each other. Most importantly, it allows women to get a climax faster.
Third, the clitoris is over-stimulated
Excessive stimulation of the clitoris is the other extreme that leads to female asexual orgasm. The clitoris has more than 8,000 nerve endings, far more than the rest of the female body. Excessive stimulation can make the body lose pleasure and can not feel the climax.
If the female clitoris is too sensitive, it is recommended that the man touch the less sensitive part, or you can touch it through the underwear.
Fourth, ignore sensitive areas
There are many sensitive bands in women, and the stimulation of these sensitive bands can make women get a climax. Many men feel that women’s orgasm is difficult, often because they do not find a sensitive band of women, so that women can not get a climax. As we all know, there are many ways for women to get a climax. The clitoris orgasm is the way women are most likely to get a climax. Therefore, it may be more stimulating on the female clitoris to provoke women’s lust and let women get a climax.
Fifth, abnormal hormone levels
Contraceptives are a method of contraception that many people choose, but a major side effect of contraceptives is the abnormal levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone (androgen) in women. In addition, peri-menopause can also lead to a decrease in the levels of these three hormones in women. Changes in these hormone levels can affect normal libido, which ultimately leads to sexual irritability, sexual discomfort, weakened orgasm intensity, and even difficulty reaching climax.
If it is a hormone problem, be sure to check the hormones in time to find out the cause and prescribe the right medicine.
Six, the skills are not stimulated enough
Housework skills are the most critical step in the house. A good housework technique that allows women to get a climax quickly. If a woman is passive because she is shy, it will not only make the other person feel bored and boring, but also make it difficult for them to reach their climax.
When the other party has reached a certain level, women can let go of their sexuality, take an active posture, change their position from time to time, and let themselves get a climax faster.
Seven, can not concentrate on sex
To get an orgasm, it’s important to focus. If you are making love while thinking about “How does he think about my performance? Satisfied with my body?” “Do we cooperate well?” and so on, then the orgasm is difficult to achieve. For women, most sexual reactions start from the brain.
Therefore, when sex, the spirit must be concentrated.
Eight, do your homework in advance, learn some experience
You can pick a suitable sex doll and then learn a variety of techniques so that you can better grasp the needs of women.

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