What Should Be Done After Sex Life?

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After completing an earth-shaking sex, men will not care about the follow-up work, in fact, there will be a gap between the two. A perfect and harmonious sex life promotes sleep. After a passionate sexual act, the anxious body can relax and the muscles can stretch in fatigue. In order to make the two people’s feelings more harmonious, it is not surprising to do these after sex.

1. Talk About Their Private Affairs And Feelings Of Love.
After crazy sex, couples must lie in each other’s arms, telling about their private affairs and feelings of love. This will enable couples to experience trust and closeness and make marriages happier.

2. To Maintain Physical Contact.
After the passion, I can take my partner in my arms, touch her hair, or give her a gentle massage, let her know that you are as concerned about her feelings as when making love.

3. Wash A Bath.
Can help each other to make soap, massage each other. This will help the other person to cleanse the body and reduce the fatigue caused by sex.

4. Appreciate Each Other.
Both men and women are eager to learn from their peers about their sexual performance, and they all like to listen to each other to praise their sexual skills. If you tell the other person that you enjoy the sex just now, it will have a magical effect. Be able to recognize a special skill of your partner, or praise him for something that makes you crazy. This will not only make the other party feel good, but also let the other party remember the action skills you like, and will vote for you the next time you are sexual.

5. Add Some Water Together.
After sex, couples can listen to relaxing music, drink some water, and eat some snacks to replenish their energy. These joint actions will show that you are not just interested in each other’s body.

6. Don’t Sleep Right Away.
Men are used to falling asleep after sex, which has physiological reasons. Because oxytocin is released in the body at high tide, the hormone can cause fatigue. However, if the husband falls asleep immediately after sex, it will give his wife an insecurities. In order to reduce the feeling of fatigue, you can try to breathe in and exhale when the climax comes. On the one hand, it can enhance the pleasure of climax, on the other hand, it can keep awake after sex.

7. Do Not Look At The Phone Or The Internet.
If a man just watches a mobile phone or goes online, his wife will feel that her husband’s attention is on other things, and she does not care about her, so she feels discouraged. Even if there is something to be done, put your wife’s feelings first, and suppress the urge to keep in touch with the outside world.

What do you have to do after sex? Men and women need to enjoy the wonderful experience of sex life together, and then go to sleep together. Therefore, those men who are carnival, still think about the woman around, do not let her alone for a long night, it is difficult to sleep.

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