Don’t Have To Worry About Masturbation

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The problem of masturbation has been plaguing teenagers for thousands of years. Religion and masturbation are “criminal”, and tradition is called “disobedience” and “bad habits”. In the hearts of young people who have never died, masturbation has become a heavy “criminal”. They are anxious and shy, but they are difficult to talk about, and the reasons for insomnia, neurasthenia, post-marital sexual dysfunction (impotence, ejaculation, coldness, etc.) are all attributed to masturbation. In short, the physiological requirements and the suppression of intellectual emotions have become the focus of masturbation issues, and are of concern to the majority of young people and society.

In fact, the problem was not so complicated. Teenagers should understand that masturbation is more common among male adolescents as a habit, and can also occur in some female adolescents, and it is not necessary to “end the day”. Due to the lack of correct adolescent sex education, many adolescents’ sexual attitudes are basically composed of rumors and prejudices. Educational requirements and physiologically eager ambivalence have become the center of their troubles. Therefore, to get rid of this kind of trouble, you need to re-understand the problem of adulthood.

Masturbation is a normal sexual act that exists not only among unmarried adolescents, but also among married adults. There is not enough evidence clinically that masturbation can lead to sexual dysfunction after marriage. Conversely, some sex medical experts believe that adolescents who strongly suppress their sexual emotions are at risk of developing sexual dysfunction.

Secondly, some people worry that masturbation will make young people’s minds become “fornication”, worrying that they will indulge in the pursuit of gender behavior and even “moral corruption.” As far as psychoanalysis is concerned, with the advent of adolescence and the guidance of endocrine factors, a series of major changes have taken place in the mind and body of young people. Along with this, there will inevitably be sexual consciousness, and this consciousness becomes more and more intense. Sexual content in books, film, art, and music has become a catalyst for inducing this sexual consciousness. So there is a great contradiction in the psychology of adolescents, often reflecting a sexual fantasies, but they are also learning how to play a sexual role in line with their age. The vast majority of adolescents have successfully adapted to the physiological and psychological changes in adolescence in this contradiction. Therefore, during these adaptations, masturbation is also the self-acting behavior that follows. From this point of view, these are not a reflection of mental morbidity.

Everything must be moderate, as is masturbation. Accidental diarrhea is harmless; but frequent and unrestrained indulgence, and even affect normal life, then quit. In fact, these situations are relatively rare.

So, you don’t have to worry about occasional masturbation.

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