The Most Effective Way To Increase Sexual Pleasure

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Sex is one of the most wonderful things in human society. A few tips can improve the quality of sexual activity.

Men often think about things in a purpose-oriented way of thinking, so he will increase the woman’s sexual pleasure in the way he thinks is most effective. Once a woman is about to reach a climax, the man will continue to irritate her even more. In fact, the secret to getting a woman to have more pleasure is to take her to the edge of the climax, then temporarily withdraw, slow down, reduce the stimulus, and then start over.

The most effective way to increase a woman’s sexual pleasure is to balance her at the moment the woman reaches her climax. Then warm up and then let her balance. After the man brought her two or three climactic experiences, she said that she could give her the final climax, the strongest and most satisfying climax.

When a woman approaches the climax again and again, her craving for climax will increase again and again, and her body will be ready for the final climax. Extending the foreplay in this way will make the woman’s climax bigger and stronger.

In the attraction of mutual attraction, the man must first reserve the energy needed to reach the climax. When the pause is made and the attention is transferred to the woman, the energy stored by him is in a gentle posture. After a while, when it is his turn to reach the climax, he The pleasure will be strong because he has been waiting for a long time.

A woman can use a whisper to indicate to a man that she is about to reach a climax. For example, the word “please” has a double meaning: “I beg you to stop, or I will reach a climax!” and “Your courtship.” Let me be happy. “When a man receives a whisper, he can choose to continue to irritate her and let her reach a climax. Stop stimulating the clitoris for thirty seconds to one minute, then re- tease her.

If the man chooses to stop temporarily, it does not mean that all movements stop, she can continue to touch her body but do not directly stimulate her clitoris. This gives women a chance to release some of the energy that is tiring in her body, and then the man takes this energy to a higher level.

Obviously, the above tips are not well known. Maintaining a harmonious and good sexual relationship, everyone on both sides should work hard.

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