Experience Talking About Hip Friction Allows You to Enjoy A Different Sexual Experience

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In the harmonious life of husband and wife, sexual harmony is the necessary life foundation. A good tacit sexual relationship is also a stable foundation in a couple’s life.

The traditional way of sex can’t stand the passage of time. Think of middle-aged people and let the house full of passion. Try the hip friction and let you enjoy a different sexual experience.

Rub it, don’t enter.
Never enter, let the male genitals rub back and forth in the middle of the female’s buttocks. If the woman’s buttocks are full, just ride on the male genitalia, rubbing back and forth; if the woman is thin, you can choose a missionary or a post-entry position, the male clings to the woman, and puts his legs and hips together. This can feel more tight, not only can you enjoy the thrill of friction, but also give the other person a stimulation of the vulva. In this way, both of them can get a thrill in this friction.

Use lubricants to make sex easier.
If the lubrication is not enough during the rubbing process, it feels very raw and can help to use some lubricants. In fact, the quality of the foreplay is high, and the love liquid secreted by both sides is sufficient. This step is not needed. If you want to simplify it, it is advisable to use human body lubricant. In order to make this fresh way of sex go smoothly, inexperienced couples can apply lubricating fluid in advance, so that it can be moist and smooth.

Hip sex is frictional sex.
The so-called hip sex is to rub the male reproductive organs with the buttocks, let the men experience the pleasure of sex. Don’t think that doing this is boring, if you can do it well, it is as happy as any sexual lifestyle.

Clean your hips before sex.
Before carrying out this kind of sexual love, firstly, the woman first cleans the body, especially the private parts and the buttocks. After all, the private parts are the easiest to store the stolen goods, the stolen goods are easy to breed bacteria, and the genitals are very harmful, so clean them first. .

Choose the right hip sex posture.
Second, it is also very important in the choice of posture. The position of hip sex is best to be in a prone position or sitting upright. Because this sexual life posture uses the clamping force of the buttocks and the thigh roots, that is, the male genitals enjoy the pleasure in the friction of the meat joints. Therefore, it is more effective to use missionaries, post-entry, female uppers, and female anti-riding positions.

Non-entry sex.
There are thousands of ways of sex, each of which can bring a different feeling. However, for the vast majority of people, it is only limited to the genital piston movement, which is considered to be sex. As everyone knows, this is just our most obvious cognition. Perhaps, this kind of behavior will make you feel very excited at first, but you will feel very tired after a long time. To this end, we will continue to innovate on the road of sex, looking for fresh and exciting sexual content. As a result, non-invasive sexual skills such as breastfeeding, oral sex, and hip sex were born.

Hip sex is not entering.
Although hip sex is also a method of sexual life, few people think of it and few people try it. Everyone wants to experience the thrill of entering, even if it is said that hip sex is easy to be anal sex. The difficulty and danger of anal sex is relatively large, and it is also necessary to enter. This is not the case with hip sex. It does not need to enter, nor is it like breast-feeding. It requires women to have a full chest. In layman’s terms, any woman has hips, so she can have hip sex.

Conclusion: A layer of unchanging sex skills will only make couples feel farther and farther. Hip sex can enjoy a different sex experience through friction, which is safer and healthier than traditional piston exercise.

There are still such techniques. Mastering some small skills, this has greatly promoted the harmony of husband and wife, which I really learned for the first time.

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