The Five “Culprits” of Men’s Sexual Disorders

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Sexual love is a very important part of the husband and wife, but the most sad thing for men is that they have sexual disorders and can’t complete their sexual life smoothly. So what is the cause of men’s sexual disorder?

1. Sexual Aversion And Lack of Sexual Desire.
Produce aversion is often associated with problems such as puberty development, such as the possibility of poor constitution or lack of self-confidence during adolescence. Another reason is the history of sexual trauma in childhood or adolescence, which forms the experience of “trauma learning”, which links sex with abuse or pain and promotes sexual aversion. Because this physical and mental trauma creates a prejudice, it creates a resistance to normal sexual life, resulting in sexual dysfunction.

2. Low Sexual Desire.
Most people with complete sexual desire and low infertility only have sex once or less than once a month, but they can passively obey when the spouse asks for sex. The low sexual desire is only in the case of a specific environment or a specific sexual partner. Low libido does not rule out the possibility of women reaching sexual arousal and gaining pleasure when passively accepting sex.

3. Sexual Desire To Advance.
Sexual desire is also called sexual exuberance or excessive sexual desire. Chinese medicine says it is easy to move. It means excessive sexual excitement, too fast, too much drama and more than normal. Young people have normal sexual life 1 or 2 times a week. It is also normal for newlyweds to reunite their sex life after marriage. Those who are sexually motivated, that is, sexual intercourse every day, even demanding sex life many times, staying up all night, can not meet the sexual desire requirements.

4. Erectile Dysfunction.
Including impotence, penile erection is not strong, penis abnormal erection.

5. Sexual Intercourse Pain.
Sexual intercourse pain is a common sexual dysfunction. Sexual intercourse pain is mentioned. Most people think that it is only a woman’s feeling. In fact, in clinical practice, men also feel pain of various causes in their sexual life, which is also very common. This directly affects the quality of sex life and the interest of men in sex life. Male sexual intercourse pain, usually sexual intercourse in the penis or foreskin tingling, groin cocculation during ejaculation, perineal and lumbosacral pain after ejaculation, and urinary tract urinary tract urinary tract dysfunction after ejaculation and several sexual dysfunction.

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