Mature Man Declaration: Not Married To First Love Woman

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First love may have made you romantic, sweet, excited, and perhaps brought to you frivolous, melancholy, hurt, whether the end result is as you wish, in short, the content it left for you is too rich and profound, enough for you to use for a lifetime Time to recall, to speculate. Perhaps it is precisely because of this “emotional lethality” that adult men who have experienced the entire emotional world of first love women have issued such a declaration: not to marry a woman as a wife.

The men’s testimony: The first love woman will make you unforgettable, but she is not suitable for being a wife. She is at most a prelude to your marriage hall. There are plenty of reasons for not being in love with women.

1. Give up, she is only a good emotion.
First love woman, the most beautiful experience in my life, because of the beauty, so ordinary and trivial. In the end, the love of the wind and the snow will not fill the stomach. After all, love will be polished in the first line, the rice and oil, the pot and the pot, and the original brilliance will be polished. The romantic time will become the lace and embellishment of the marriage. When the illusion is disillusioned and the ideal falls from the air of the floral fragrance, you can’t bear your first love woman. At this time, you would rather give up.

2. First love woman, just my exercise book to learn love.
The instability of future life makes me only think of first love as a kind of sustenance for my young emotions. I like the simplicity of me and my first love, but I don’t think of a future outcome.

Some characteristics of first love women:
1. It seems to be gentle, but sometimes it’s hard to get rid of it.
2. Too romantic, too much demanding for you, too tired.
3. Too much love and spoil, to make small children, leave home and leave.
4. There are too many reasons to make you feel excited and annoyed.
5. Always like to test you and see if your attitude is serious.
6. When the first love woman’s side is full of tears, the mind will always make you guess.
7. To play love as a game, you must have good intellectual endurance to play with her.
8. Do not know how to cherish, clearly love a person to hold on to do not say, leave your heart alone and sad.
9. Not smart enough, often making stubbornness and restraint a cause of regret.
10. It is often inexplicable to leave you, and the mood is uncertain.

Reasons for a married man: A woman who only matures after her first love is easily derailed.
A blank piece of paper for the first love woman, the reason why you are allowed to smear color is just because you meet her before others. The biggest advantage of the first love lover is that you are her first time, but the reason is too simple, too emotional, can not withstand the wind and rain of the years. Hi new and old is not a man’s patent, once the first love woman hits the second emotional reef, she will go to the forefront, everything is ignored.

Reasons for married men: The first love woman is demanding perfection, insisting on romance, and obsessing with some illusory and delicate things.
The first love woman will always hide her shortcomings. The first love woman is worried that you can’t just show the perfect side. The first love woman doesn’t understand love and doesn’t understand the shortcomings in reality.

The reason for married men is three: men’s real life refuses first love women.
Mature women will first cook their own life, which in turn will help me, so I will be more relaxed.

The last words of the man: Let a mature and rational woman be a wife. When the storm is blowing, in the boat of marriage, the two can think of conversion more warmly and tacitly…

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