How Do Men Extend Ejaculation Time?

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How do men extend ejaculation time? Is it that many people have such troubles? Let’s take a look at it below.

Back-in Position.
Post-entry is now one of the most popular forms of sexual intercourse, and it has gradually integrated into the sexual life of every couple. In the back-in style, the woman will kneel down and hold her feet and hands on the bed, while the male will enter the female female body from behind. The typical way is for males to take this form of sexual intercourse after the woman’s body.
This type of sexual intercourse allows the penis to be inserted deeper. This is because in this position, the position of the vagina is different from that of other postures. It is more conducive to the penetration of the penis and enhances the intensity of the stimulation. Many people agree that the orgasm will come later in this sex. More violent, to some extent extended the time of ejaculation.

Parallel Posture.
If you are pursuing only intimate rather than intense sex, this position is suitable for you, because the movement of this position is small and the intensity is limited. The advantage of this position is that the entire process requires a lot of “manual”.
The two are lying side by side, putting your thighs on his lap and he can get in from a better angle. Bending your body into the shape of a spoon (turning around and letting him stick to your back) will become a side position that enters from the rear. Bend your knees around him and let him enter deeper in the face-to-face position. This position is good for those who avoid over-depth and pursue intimate slow-paced sex.

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