How Much Harm Does Smoking Have On Sperm?

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Men always think of ways to strengthen the yang, replenish the essence, and how many people look at their standard living habits? I don’t know the effect of smoking on sperm. The effect of drinking on sperm is extremely profound. Even premature ejaculation, impotence and infertility are caused by smoking and drinking. How big is the effect of smoking on sperm? We summed up the influence of smoking on sperm / the effect of drinking on sperm, I hope that male friends read it carefully.

The effect of smoking on sperm:
1. Reduce the number of sperm: Smoking is a harmful behavior. Nicotine, tar, dioxin and other harmful substances in cigarettes will enter the body through the blood, killing normal male sperm, greatly reducing the number of sperm.
2. Reduce sperm quality: smoking is also harmful, nicotine will greatly reduce the activity of male sperm, hinder the normal growth and development of sperm, leading to decreased sperm quality.
3. Increasing the rate of fetal malformation: Men who smoke during childbirth and pregnancy not only bring health problems to their families, but also greatly increase the rate of fetal malformations in their abdomen.
4. Reduce the success rate of delivery: low-quality sperm is a typical performance of infertility. Many men cannot let their wives naturally become pregnant after marriage. They often have to undergo various types of surgery to complete pregnancy.
5. Sperm deformity: nicotine has a fatal effect on male sperm, so that sperm prematurely decline, or may develop unhealthy sperm, in addition, it will increase the incidence of sperm deformity.

The effect of drinking on sperm:
1. Alcoholism reduces the ability of men and damages sperm. Alcohol is the most common killer of male fertility. Alcoholism reduces androgen levels. Excessive drinking can cause testicular poisoning and reduce androgen levels; it can also lead to abnormal liver function, reduce estrogen inactivation, leading to accumulation of estrogen, which relatively weakens the effects of androgens, making it difficult for men to stimulate androgens.
2. People who drink for a long time are prone to alcohol abuse for a long time. In the event of chronic alcoholism, testicular atrophy occurs, resulting in a decrease in semen quality. The study found that it took at least three months to return to the state before the poisoning.

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