Nine Ways To Make Husband And Wife Live More Harmonious

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Due to the lack of relevant knowledge, many women do not know how to face their husbands in their sexual life, so they often leave many regrets and even affect their marital relationships. The following methods may be used by women to see which ones are more helpful to your couple’s feelings and feelings.

Have A Sense Of Enjoyment.
Sometimes, women are trying to meet their needs in order to fear that their husbands cannot be satisfied. However, sexual life is actually the application of both sides. If you satisfy each other blindly, women will become hateful of “the thing” in the end. Women should explain their needs to their husbands in a straightforward manner, without feeling guilty or embarrassed, because in fact, men like women who can enjoy sex. When a man finds out that his actions can bring happiness to women, it is more exciting than any aphrodisiac.

Don’t Pretend To Be High.
In order to please the husband, some women can realistically pretend to be high, so that men can not distinguish. But when they did this, they didn’t think of the long-term consequences: if they didn’t feel happy but pretended to be high, they let the husband repeat his wrong move next time, because he mistakenly thought that way would make women happy. A woman once had this experience: her husband forced her pussy and wanted her to reach a high point, but it made her hurt. She was embarrassed to tell him that his way was too rude, so he pretended to reach a high point so that he could stop. Unexpectedly, every time he used this rude way to marry her, making her more and more painful, and finally she couldn’t stand it, and had to tell him the truth. This has caused her husband to suffer a lot, and the woman is also very remorseful, if it is good at the beginning.

Don’t Ignore The Feelings Of Your Husband.
It is generally believed that men can enter directly without any foreplay and enjoy it. This is actually a kind of misunderstanding. Stroking and teasing can make men more excited, because when women do this, they are saying how much they like his body. Some women are shy and afraid to act, but there is absolutely no one who does not like women to do so, so just be bold and do it, and will immediately get obvious results. Stroking and teasing is simple, as long as you slide your fingers all over his body, especially the inside of the thighs and the nipples; sometimes he touches his lower part as a teasing. In addition, women can use hair, tongue and eyelashes to increase the effect of teasing.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Sexual Fantasies.
One woman admits that every time she and her husband are in the house, they imagine that they are having sex with Leonardo. This kind of imagination made her very excited, and her husband was happy because of her wild actions. She felt that it didn’t matter. Anyway, she couldn’t really have an affair with Leonardo. Experts say that sexual fantasies are healthy because it is not only a big motivation, but what happens in fantasy is not necessarily taken seriously. For example, if a heterosexual male fantasizes about lesbianism, it does not mean that he is gay men; a woman who imagines a man other than her husband does not mean that she wants an affair. Sexual fantasies only show that this person has a lot of imagination, and it does stimulate sexual life.

Don’t Stay The Same.
If you go to the house in the same way every night, even if you reach a high point every time, you will eventually become uninteresting, because there is no expectation. According to the personal experience of a woman: as long as she is on the top, rubbing the male genitals with the hips, it can reach a high point. Therefore, they take this position every time they go to the house, and soon they reach a high point and hurriedly end, and the result is not satisfied at all. In fact, it is the old word: the slower the mouth, the more delicious it is. In other words, the slower you reach the high point, the stronger the pleasure. When taking the posture with the highest irritation, one is enough to bring the excitement, and you should not wait for the high point to come, you should change to other postures. Doing so can not only delay the arrival of high points, but also take the opportunity to discover the fun of other poses.

Understand Each Other’s Body.
We know that everyone has a difference, and it is the same in terms of sex life. If women have had sexual experience with other men before, sometimes they will use the previous method to their current partners, which is not appropriate. So, how do you know what the other party likes? It depends on careful observation. Of course, some people will automatically use swearing or shouting to express his preferences, but many people may belong to the type of silence is gold, at this time can listen to his breathing is faster or take a breath, his pupil suddenly enlarged, chin loose Oh, and the most obvious is whether the penis is harder. It doesn’t take long for this observation to work seamlessly with his preferences.

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