Orgasm Is Not Necessarily Only Love

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Sexual love is a normal physiological reaction, and it is also ubiquitous. Sex is a process. Sexual orgasm is a kind of satisfactory sexual reaction. Sexual orgasm is very important for sex. Experts say that it is not only love that makes us reach. Orgasm, what is going on here.

In life, some people think that only sexual intercourse can reach orgasm, but it may not be true. People’s sexual desire, from a physiological point of view, is mainly the desire to contact and excretion. The desire to contact is caused by the contact of men and women or the contact of organs and organs. The desire to excrete is caused by ejaculation or release of other fluids. The two are related.

The form of “contact” is multi-faceted. Kissing and caressing are all contact, sexual intercourse is contact between reproductive organs, and other contact methods such as mouth, hands or other utensils are exposed to the genitals and stimulated to produce orgasm. Some women with more sexual sensitivity and her beloved men kissing (this is just a mouth-to-mouth or tongue-to-tongue contact) can produce orgasm. Of course not everyone, for more people, Kissing just produces a certain sexual pleasure.

Indeed, people’s feelings of contact and excretion are not exactly the same or even very different. This is because the psychological, physical, habit, and other conditions are different, and the climax experience achieved by sexual intercourse and non-sexual intercourse is not exactly the same. Generally speaking, the physiological response when people reach orgasm is the same, but the psychological reaction is different. Most people prefer the orgasm achieved through sexual intercourse, because it can be produced through the contact of the most hidden parts of the two sides (genital organs). The feeling of integration between the two sides. Still others like to help sex through sex toys (such as sex dolls).

Of course, some sexologists have such a saying that the sexual life of men and women is not necessarily through sexual intercourse, and sexual pleasure does not necessarily have to reach orgasm. There is some truth to this statement, especially for middle-aged and older people. Sexual life is not only a physical satisfaction, but also a psychological satisfaction and communication. Some elderly people, although their sexual function has declined, are still able to meet their sexual psychology and even meet the satisfaction of orgasm.

Orgasm is a manifestation of a happy life. Our pleasure is almost full, but we also know this knowledge. Orgasm will not only be loved afterwards.

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