The Penis Should Care More About Hardness Than Length

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In male sexual physiology, most male compatriots are very concerned about whether their penis is in line with standards, and many people even think that the size of the penis is related to the relationship between another partner. This concept is wrong.

Basically, the shape, size, and length of each male genitalia are not the same, and the factors of these lengths are not directly related to men’s sexual desire, sexual ability, sexual attraction, etc. “If there is a direct relationship, then it should be related to race, heredity, age, health, environment, mood, stress, etc., and these innate and psychological effects determine the hardness of the penis during erection.

Hardness is the most basic element of men’s sexual life. If the penis is not hard, the next thing will be difficult. In sexual medicine, the importance of male sex organ hardness is much more important than the length, so it is often possible to hear problems such as impotence, not mentioning, and rarely hear that the penis is too long or too short. The reason why sex drugs are so popular is that it solves the problem of hardness and has nothing to do with the length.

To maintain the hardness of the penis, the most important factor in the physiological factors is to keep the erection of the penis in a state of congestion, that is, the sponge body of the penis allows the blood to enter and flow less. On the psychological side, fear, anxiety, fear, distraction, etc. can also affect the hardness of the penis during erection. Many men have problems with housework. Most of them have problems at this psychological level, but they mistakenly think that they are related to the length or other physiological factors. If it is a physiological problem, you should seek a doctor; if it is a psychological factor, then you should have a psychiatrist.

In any case, what you need to care about is hardness rather than length.

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