What Is the Perfect Sex Standard for Couples?

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Contemporary medical authority Dr. Masters and Dr. Johnson pointed out in his research report that 50% of couples have problems with their sexual life. Many people began to pay attention to their sexual life. How to remedy the problem of sexual life, how to improve it? Can we meet the standard of sexual life prescribed by experts? To be honest, it is not difficult to meet the standards of sexual life set by experts, as long as you do the following 3 standards are enough.

Standard 1: “Sex” and “Love” Combined
Instead of separating “sex” from “love”, they insist that in the sex life and other fields, the “spirit” has a central position. They see sex as an extremely important part of a couple’s relationship, and they are willing and committed to their own and each other’s sexual gratification.

Standard 2: What Is Sexual Happiness?
Sexual life harmonious couple knows: Sex life should have no absolute standard that everyone should abide by, there is no question of how to be right and how to be wrong. As long as the two sides are satisfied, it is sexual happiness.

Standard 3: Wonderful Balance
In sexual life, each party must pay and accept, both men and women need to serve each other and accept the other’s services. A wonderful balance of mutual enjoyment, initiative and completeness between the couples will make their sexual life always happy for both parties. In addition, you can also help the two sides achieve this wonderful state of pleasure through some extra sex toys (such as sex dolls).

However, repetitive life is not good for health, and it is difficult to make the pleasure of sex life flow, which should attract the attention of both husband and wife.

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