Practical Tips Sex 6 Great Time Points To Make You Don’t Want To Stop

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Sexual activity is a daily activity that everyone is embarrassed to talk about but thinks every day. Some skills in sexual life can make sexual harmony more perfect.

When You Can’t Sleep, You Can’t Sleep.
A study by a sleep management expert and a gender counselor in the UK found that people are busy working during the day, the more stress they have, the more likely they are to lose sleep at night, and the most effective way to relieve fatigue and prevent insomnia is to have a passionate love. . Sexual love, as a way of decompression, can bring warmth to the skin, the intimacy of the two hearts, the relaxation and tranquility after the passion, these are not replaced by other methods. Of course, sometimes stress can also reduce sexual desire. At this time, you need more care in the other half to help eliminate the psychological burden.

The Couple Were Separated Two Days Ago.
Everyone knows that couples will be more lingering after the small, in fact, the partners are also very eager for sex in the first two or three days. A study in Australia has shown that when a partner has to be separated for some reason, there is a psychological feeling of loss and an increase in insecurity. At this time, sex can best eliminate this negative emotion. This is especially true for women.

After Sleeping On The Weekend, Wake Up Naturally.
On the weekend of relaxation, the two of them embraced each other and naturally woke up, feeling very relaxed, looking at each other’s sexy and bare appearance, sexual desire is easily motivated. The famous American sex magazine “Red Book” reported that in the morning, male male hormones are strong, and it is easy to have morning babies. At this time, sexual desire is the strongest, and a sex is needed to release it. This can make a good mood for the day.

When The Wedding Anniversary.
Birthdays, wedding anniversary… Women are always full of hopes and expectations for some days. According to a survey in Italy, women think that the gift they want most when they are on wedding anniversary is not a flower jewellery, but a passionate sex like when they get married.

The Man’s Beard Is Too Fast.
Beard is a unique symbol of men. A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology pointed out that men’s beard growth is different at different times. When the beard grows vigorously and densely, it indicates that the male hormone secretion is strong and the male sexual desire may be stronger. The study also found that men who often shave are more concerned about their image and hygiene, and their relationship with their partners is more intimate, so marriage is more harmonious. However, experts pointed out that we cannot judge the quality of a person’s sexual ability with the condition of a person’s beard.

When You Want A Child.
American sexologists pointed out that it is very romantic to say “We want a child” to the other half. When you want to get pregnant, your husband’s desire for sex will go to a new level, you don’t have to worry about contraception, and you will make your sex more relaxed.
When you have the ultimate sex, don’t forget to do a good job of self-protection. Especially when you don’t want children, you should take protective measures. It is necessary to choose a good condom. At the same time, women’s training before sex can improve the attractiveness of sex. Women use sex toys to persist in training, which allows the pelvic floor muscles to be exercised, and the muscle strength is gradually improved, improving the quality of sexual life.

There are still such skills in the original sexual activities, it is really alive to learn old. Maintaining a harmonious and good sexual relationship, everyone on both sides should work hard.

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