What Are the Prevention Methods for Men’s Premature Ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation is a common disease in males. Men’s social pressure and family pressure are too large, causing the couple’s emotional dissatisfaction, so the symptoms of premature ejaculation occur. What are the prevention methods for premature ejaculation? In recent years, people’s life rhythm has become faster and faster, which has caused many men to be troubled by the problem of premature ejaculation. In fact, this disease can be avoided as long as the relevant prevention work is done. So what better way to prevent it? And how should the patient be conditioned? Here are some tips for prevention and conditioning of premature ejaculation for your reference.

What are the prevention methods for premature ejaculation?

Precautions for premature ejaculation 1 – Do not tonic

Some patients with premature ejaculation of yin deficiency and fire type are not suitable for using too much food such as dog meat, lamb, sparrow, cattle and sheep whip.

Premature ejaculation prevention method 2 – Harmonious family environment

Try to establish a beautiful, healthy and harmonious family environment between husband and wife. The husband and wife should be considerate and cooperate with each other. If the husband has premature ejaculation, don’t blame each other and blame. You should find out the cause and work together.

Premature ejaculation prevention method 3 – Non-repeatable sexual intercourse
Patients with premature ejaculation cannot extend the second sexual intercourse time by repeating sexual intercourse, which is an act that impairs their own health. Reduce the number of masturbation and control sexual intercourse.

Premature ejaculation prevention method 4 – Do not feel free to believe in aphrodisiac food
It is not easy to believe that the aphrodisiac drugs promoted in the market, even the state-licensed Viagra drugs will cause dependence, so patients can eat more foods that have kidney-solidifying effects such as beef, oysters, chestnuts and so on.

Premature ejaculation prevention method 5 – Maintain a good attitude
Male friends need to adjust their mood to maintain a good attitude. Don’t be inferior and fearful about sex because you are worried that the woman will be pregnant and the woman will mind that her sexual organs are too small.

Premature ejaculation prevention method 6 – Strengthen physical exercise
Regular life and proper physical exercise, such as running, walking, qigong, etc., are conducive to the adjustment of the patient’s physical and mental health.

What are the conditioning methods for premature ejaculation?
1. Changing the sexual intercourse environment, such as a quiet and undisturbed environment, can relax your mind and stabilize your mood and effectively control premature ejaculation.
2. Increase self-confidence. Patients with premature ejaculation should firmly believe that their sexual function is healthy. Do not blame yourself for one or two defeats. You should continue to work hard to find an effective solution. Do not give up on yourself.
3. Self-suggestion. During sexual intercourse, I suggest that I don’t prematurely ejaculate. When I have sexual excitement and want to ejaculate, I can pause it first. Controlling ejaculation constantly suggests that I will have unexpected effects.
4. Relax yourself. Sexual life is one of the ways to satisfy emotional communication. Premature ejaculation can easily occur if you are over-invested and nervous. Therefore, in the process of sexual intercourse, do not focus on sexual intercourse, and do not consider whether premature ejaculation occurs. You should naturally not force yourself to feel.
5. Don’t be overly excited during sex, you should keep calm and adjust the frequency of tics. You can let the other person pull the testicles and squeeze the penis. In the process of sexual intercourse, we must control the emotions in an orderly manner.
6. Sex toys help. You can buy some sex toys, such as life size dolls, airplane cups, etc. to help complete the process of sexual excitement.

What food to eat to treat premature ejaculation and kidney deficiency?
1, Papaya. Prepare half a catty of papaya and cut into slices and then put the papaya into a kilogram of rice wine. You can also use low-grade white wine instead of rice wine, and let the papaya drink in the wine for two weeks. Drink 15 ml twice a day, and drink it every day for 2 weeks. It will be much better.
2, Lychee. Prepare fifteen to twenty litchi nucleus and break it by breaking it, then put it in water and fry it. This is mainly to treat testicular swelling and pain.
3, Lotus seeds. The lotus seeds mentioned here are not the ones that are usually sold in the supermarket but the fresh lotus seeds. It is good to prepare about 15 grams. At this time, many people may get rid of the core inside the lotus seeds, but don’t get rid of it here. Let the lotus seeds and water be fried together and drink directly. Drinking juice and lotus seeds together when drinking, the effect is to treat a lot of dreams. You can also eat 10 grams of fresh lotus seeds directly in the usual meal, eat twice a day and then eat for two consecutive days.
4, Grapes. Prepare half a catty of grapes and remove the peel and core. Then smash the flesh and mix it with warm water to eat the grapes. You can eat 1-2 times a day for 2 weeks.

Don’t be afraid of men’s premature ejaculation, don’t worry about losing the man’s glory. What’s important is that the diet is tonic. As a wife, it is necessary to cooperate with the husband in both the heart and the physiology. The above is some introduction about premature ejaculation. Some of the treatments for premature ejaculation that can be introduced to everyone can help everyone.

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