What Is The Process Of Hope In The Process Of Making Love?

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What is the process of hope in the process of making love? In the process of sexual life between husband and wife, because women are more delicate, they may be embarrassed to express their favorite actions. At this time, as a husband, you must carefully observe the changes of your wife, then common What is the process that women should hope in the process of making love?
1. Full Foreplay.
A full prelude must be a very, very full prelude. Many men do it when they are sexually active. The woman is not excited. He will spit out something to replace the woman’s secretions. Can a woman not resent it?
Even if a man can make her reach orgasm, she will not be satisfied. This climax has no quality. Because this is only the climax of her physical instinct, and does not represent her psychological climax. For women, her psychological orgasm is more important than the climax of physical instinct. (A woman’s climax should be a “full climax”, including “hardware” and “software”, the physical and psychological climax.)
Both men and women are in bed, it is best not to say the word “no”. For the new requirements put forward by the other party, try to cooperate if possible.
2. Full Force To Enter.
A man may feel strange. When using sex, the penis is inserted. How can it be inserted with a “heart”? Insertion is not a simple piston exercise. It is necessary to use a man’s “heart” to feel a woman’s reaction. Speed, intensity, depth and position to match the woman, use your “heart” to feel the woman’s mood, and let the woman and your passion synchronize.
3. Enough After The Play.
After many men have finished their work, they don’t want to scream on the woman like a muddy mud; if they turn around, they turn their backs to a woman’s big butt and then go to sleep. At this time, the woman’s feelings are not finished.
How long is the continuation and how long will it last? As long as you don’t have the ability to make a woman slumber, you should continue to praise her, touch her, and be full of feminine her.
4. Spiritual And Physical Enjoyment.
Sexual love is not only to complete the biological reproduction, but also a spiritual enjoyment and artistic enjoyment of life. From a medical point of view, through the sublimation of sex, the ecstasy of the ecstasy, “the union of spirit and flesh” makes the relationship more suitable. Both men and women often have a sense of harmony, happiness, happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction, which will make the happy marriage lasting forever and full of amazing charm. Especially for women, after a one-time climax, her mood has been booming for quite a long time, and it has been infinitely long-lasting after a one-time climax. Regrettably, there are too few women who can truly experience this climax, and most women do not get the happiness that belongs to them.
Most women are very fond of having sufficient foreplay when they are having sex. The so-called full foreplay is that their husbands are constantly stimulating themselves. Under such circumstances, this may improve women’s sexual ability. And male friends must be fully engaged, and more attention should be paid to praise each other.

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