What Are The reasons For Extramarital Affairs?

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What are the reasons for extramarital affairs? The situation of extramarital affairs is especially common in modern cities. As a distorted relationship, the situation of extramarital affairs will not only bring crisis to the family, but also cause quarrels and contradictions between the two sides, causing harm in our hearts. Therefore, extramarital affairs are not desirable, we should prevent it. Produced on yourself.

1. Sexual Life Is Not Harmonious.
This is also one of the main reasons leading to the phenomenon of extramarital affairs. If marriage does not have a harmonious sex life, it cannot be maintained. Even if the relationship between the two sides is good, how many people can live a “Platonic” love life for a lifetime? At this time, it seems that extramarital affairs can’t be avoided.

2. Disappointed To Not Satisfied.
Live loneliness and monotony If the life after marriage is disappointing and unsatisfied, many people will find other ways or stimuli to satisfy and balance their psychology. For example, marriage life makes people feel lonely and bored. Both husband and wife lack relatives and can not bring happiness to each other. At this time, third parties and extramarital affairs can be taken advantage of. Especially for couples who have been separated for a long time, the couples who see others are paired in pairs, sweet and sweet, and it is inevitable that there will be feelings of loss and imbalance, so it is easy to find other “gentle towns.”

3. The Interest Is Not Harmonious.
Some couples are very good in feelings, but after a long time, they find that they have no common interests. For example, the wife likes to dance, but the husband only likes to play cards. The husband loves literature and art, but his wife has a soft spot for fashion trends.
These differences in interests, hobbies, and ambitions make the two people less and less common language, and the pace is also seriously inconsistent. If you encounter “friends” outside, it is easy to get people into extramarital affairs.

4. Like New Person Hate Old Person.
Some people are very difficult to be qualitative, especially on emotional issues, it is easy to see a love one, and in the end do not know who they love. If this happens before marriage, it may be okay, but once married, it is responsible for the lover and the family. This kind of new and old-fashioned thoughts combined with the unsatisfactory life after marriage, even if the person who marries himself is the “favorite person”, it will change.
In order to protect our family and maintain the stability of our marriage, whether it is a male friend or a female friend, we should be self-sufficient and unable to generate extramarital affair. After this kind of psychology, we must also kill it in time. We can transfer Take your own attention and learn some psychological knowledge of love to prevent this from happening.

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