Several Sitting Postures That Enhance The Quality Of Sex Life

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For adult partners, high-quality sex life is one of the ways to maintain gender health, but many couples in life are difficult to do, perhaps because you may not have a certain understanding of sexual knowledge, do not know how to live a high quality life. Do it. In fact, this is very simple and can be achieved with just a few sitting positions.

Sitting cross-legged.
This is not a traditional sitting cross-legged, but the two feet are opposite, the two knees are separated, the toes are held by both hands, and the upper body is slowly leaned forward, trying to keep the feet as close to the body as possible. This exercise can effectively pull the inner thigh muscles. This part of the muscle is the most active part of sex, and it will be more sensitive after sex.

Bow back.
Kneeling on the bed, open the knees and the same width of the hips, the calves and insteps are close to the ground, the feet are facing the sky; kneel down and let the back parallel to the ground; the palms of both hands are pressed to the ground, the back arches and then lowered; repeat 5— 8 times. This action can effectively link the waist and abdomen, and can also improve the female genital muscles, making people more curved.

Lift the pelvis.
The body is lying flat, knees bent, slightly separated, feet landing, arms placed on both sides of the body; inhalation, the stomach and hips feel contracted, raise the pelvis off the ground until the back is straight; keep 10 seconds, exhale While lowering the body. This can help to exercise the contraction and relaxation of the pelvic muscles. Long-term practice can significantly improve the durability of the pelvic muscles and prolong the sex time.

Adhere to the above exercise, can improve the endocrine system, so that the secretion of sex hormonies in the body increases, thereby increasing sexual desire. It can also enhance the muscle elasticity of the abdomen and buttocks of women, and effectively improve the state of vaginal relaxation.

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