Sex Doll in the Bathroom

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Tan Yuchen put the doll in the bathtub, this is the wind ceremony.

This silicone doll that have been made at a high price, except for the system that deliberately saves others’ dubbing, almost all of them are simulated to a high degree.

It is said that even the following small things… will react meticulously at some point.

If you look carefully, you will find that not only the skin is highly simulated, but it feels exactly the same as human beings, and that face is surprisingly like someone known by Tan Yichen.

Tan Xiaochen took a small song to take a bath towel… bath towel bath towel…

Ok! He is very excited that he will say? They want to wash the bath, he will say it! ! Be sure to try all kinds in the future! ! Also props! !

Such a concept of a good life in the future, Mr. Tan began to take happiness ~ good! ! Waiting for the next issue, Weibo will show off.

The beauty is so beautiful, attracting countless men to compete.

I don’t know if our Mr. Tan will remember to buy kidney medicine.


When Xie Li opened his eyes, he found that he was surrounded by water.

He recalled the first few seconds and it seemed that the plane had crashed. In the chaos, many women and children screamed very badly. They jumped down with a parachute, and he didn’t remember it.

I only know that the headache is so powerful now.

Did you fall into the sea?

But he remembered that it was impossible to go through the ocean before the crash. And… it looks like a bathtub in someone’s home.

That’s right, although this kind of violation makes him very uncomfortable, but he is indeed in the bathtub of others.

The brain is in a mess, and I can hardly think about it. He was annoyed to reach out and rub his hair.

Why can’t my hand move?

Xie Li suddenly remembered the “ghost press” he saw in a spooky magazine. At that time, he quickly solved the problem with the biological knowledge inside his head. Did he also suffer from sleep sickness?

Then he saw a beautifully dressed cold-faced man coming in with a bath towel around his lower body. Xie Li thinks that the person may be his savior, so he said: “…”

Xie Li: “?”

Then opened his mouth: “…” what happened! Who told him why he couldn’t make a sound! ! Is the sound tube broken? But why doesn’t the neck hurt at all!

The man calmly untied the bath towel in front of Xie Li and then sat in together.

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! Xie Li was crying in her heart. In the end what happened! Although this bathtub is big, but big brother, you can see clearly that I am a man! What to wash together!

Of course, the man can’t hear his big sister. He lowered his head, half awkward, and seemed to decide what it was like. He looked up and his face was decisive.

Also with a touch of pink.

This inexplicable sense of violation is what is going on! Ten thousand grass mud horses rushed from the heart of Xie Li, who has been very calm.

Then the man reached out and firmly… held him, below.


Xie Li is stupid.

What happened now?

Tan Xiaochen didn’t look away, his face became redder, and he said to himself: “Nothing, nothing, come on, but it is an sex doll, not a real person.”

Although the sound is small, Xie Li still heard it.

So Xie Li, who has always been calm, once again turned into a roaring body: “Scratch! What are you talking about! You are the love doll! Your family is! You are hundreds of miles!”

Ni girl! My voice! Also my voice! That perverted man let go of my… below! Xie Li was so angry that her face was red.

From small to large, I have never been subjected to such humiliation. How can you let him endure?

Everyone is looking at him with a strong love or envy, everyone is not! often! Respect him!

Because he is the last gentleman in the world! ! ! !

How can someone be a wretched gentleman! ! !

This pseudoscience! !

“Oh?” Tan Yuchen blew a whistle.

“The high imitation of this doll is really good, and it also comes with the powder of the skin.”

Powder girl!

“Then I started to enjoy it, baby.”

Baby is a big man!

Tan Yichen hooked his mouth and reached out and took Xie Li to his arms. He pinched his chin and kissed him.

Xie Li’s pupil suddenly enlarged.

Quiet, very quiet.

There is only a sucking sound in the air that makes you blush.

“Call…call.” Tan Yuchen suddenly let go of Xie Li, his face has been red to the ear.

He sighed, his voice with the magnetism he tried to suppress: “Oh… still not, when I think of it… Xiaoli, I can’t continue.” He held his forehead and said: “This is really not good, I It’s going to be a year and a month to eat him… even a doll is very difficult… I never thought he would be so close to me.”

“Headaches and headaches.”

You have to forgive the children of Xie Li for not snoring until now… for a temporary overstretched brain to temporarily stop the nerve reaction – referred to as fainting. And poor people who may be bad in life in the future should make sympathy.

It’s not right to laugh with gloating.

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