My Sex Experience with Silicone Doll

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My wife went on a business trip and it took a long time to come back. I was worried that I couldn’t help myself, and my depression was low. I can’t find a lover, I am not handsome, I have no money, and no one is willing to follow me. Even if someone is happy, it will not be done. If the feelings are deep, what should I do when my wife returns?

I don’t like to look for a prostitute outside, although I have a friend James who tries to ask me to find a prostitute. But I lost interest when I thought they were played by thousands of people. Although prostitutes are generally younger, it is not enough to be in contact with them, because we dare not kiss, and we must be careful to bring condoms with no feeling.

Finding a one-night stand is even more ridiculous, maybe it is a prostitute, and the cost is too expensive. Fortunately, my wife was considerate. When she left, she bought me a silicone sex doll. She asked me to use it when I had no choice. I pretended to dismissively dismissed, and finally half-pushed, hippie smiled and accepted.

If I don’t have this adult doll, I may not remember it, because we can solve it by hand when necessary. She was put there, I always felt itchy, my wife just walked for two days, I felt yang impulsive, eager to try. Anyway, my wife allowed me to use her. What am I doing with it?

Late at night, I took out the product, read the manual first, and then set the posture. This is a Chinese-made silicone love doll with jade-faced red lips, beautiful and cute, and big eyes, giving a feeling of straight hook.

The skin is very tender and feels real with a woman’s feeling. Not only the breasts and fat buttocks, the elasticity of the breasts is stronger than the real ones. The joints can move and can be placed into a variety of positions of love. The vagina is the same as the real person, but there is no hair. It needs to be filled with lubricating oil. It feels the same as a real person.

After I inserted it, I took the initiative to rub, drumming for a long time, squatting and smashing, and then shot inside. Then I fell asleep.

This is really a wonderful experience.

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