How to Do Sexual Dysfunction in Men

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What about male sexual dysfunction? Male sexual intercourse disorder is the most common male disease, it can also be said to be more worried, then what is the cause of sexual intercourse disorder, how to do men’s sexual dysfunction?

1. Work is too busy, the body is too tired, and I am exhausted when I return home at night.
Solution: Adjust your lifestyle.

2. Life is too programmed
Solution: Spend some time with your lover.

3. Can not slow down the pace of sex life
Solution: Slow down the pace of sexual life.

4. No communication between husband and wife
Solution: Communicate and communicate correctly in everyday life.

5. Sex life becomes routine
Solution: If you feel that your sexual life is very boring, you should seek some excitement in sexual life and create a new feeling. Such as changes in sexual intercourse posture.

6. The sexual opinion is incorrect
Solution: Abandon the traditional concept of feeling that men can’t do it, and face sex life correctly.

7. Lack of sexual illusion
Solution: Make yourself sexually motivated in a variety of ways.

8. The other party’s bad mood makes the spouse’s sex life dull and colorless
Solution: Face this bad mood with the other party and resolve it.

9. You can pick a sex doll to release pressure
Solution: The right love doll helps you to relax and face your own line needs without discomfort.

In short, it is recommended that everyone actively exercise, arrange work reasonably, pay attention to structural adjustment, maintain a good mood, prevent the occurrence and development of various diseases, especially to prevent the occurrence of hypertension and coronary heart disease.

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