Six Rules Of Sexual Knowledge Encyclopedia To Improve Female Sexual Pleasure

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Since ancient times, sex has been a vital activity in the life of human beings. A good tacit sexual relationship is also a stable foundation in a couple’s life.

1. Ms. priority.
Paying attention to women’s feelings in sexual behavior and letting women take the lead in reaching orgasm is the basic principle. This not only ensures that women get more orgasm experience, but also helps men with mental erectile dysfunction to obtain effective sexual stimulation and achieve full arousal. Foreign clinical studies have shown that women who are the first to reach orgasm are far more physically and mentally healthy than women who reach their climax.

2. Make full use of non-genital stimulation.
Many couples blame men for premature ejaculation because of the climax of women, which is largely a misunderstanding. Because simply extending the time of sexual intercourse does not automatically lead women to orgasm. However, after the partner uses caress, as well as hand and mouth stimulation, the two sensitive areas of female clitoris and G-spot are fully stimulated, but they are more likely to get orgasm. For women, moderate masturbation is also a good sexual intercourse rehearsal, an important component or supplement to sexual life after marriage. Of course, the clitoral stimulation during masturbation should be appropriate and gentle.

3. Use sexual fantasies.
Some women found that they had a certain pleasure in sex, as if they had reached the edge of orgasm, but it always seemed to be a little bit worse than the high tide. It was very painful. In fact, if they can fully relax their minds, supplemented by positive sexual fantasies, and properly contract the muscles associated with sexual activity, paving the way for the sudden release of muscle tension, then the arrival of the climax is natural. It’s up.

4. Change the sexual position often.
Don’t think how deep the G point of a woman is. In fact, the center of the G point is only 5 cm away from the vaginal opening, and its edge is about 2 cm away from the vaginal opening, which is easy to stimulate. Many men can’t find it, often associated with improper posture. Both husband and wife should look for a more appropriate angle, so that the clitoris and G-spot can be more stimulated.

5. Caressing before and after the event.
The feeling of orgasm is very short-lived, and the genital organs can feel happy in dozens of minutes or even hours after receiving caress. Therefore, men should caress before and after sexual intercourse, so that women can be fully aroused and comforted.

6. Develop sexual love perception.
A wife complained like this: “I like the feeling of being embraced and caressed, so I often rely on my husband’s arms. But he often misunderstands me, thinking that I think… So I became interested… I am in my heart. I feel sad because my emotions have been misunderstood.” This “understanding mistake” is very common in life. After the man is “excited”, all actions are carried out toward the goal of sex. Women are different, and the act of embracing, kissing, and touching will make them feel satisfied. If men take the liberty to escalate sexual contact, it may eventually reduce the expectation of women’s intimate contact.

Sexual life is a matter for both husband and wife, so there must be some selfish behaviors, especially women, who can care more about the details of a sexual life to understand whether a man is affectionate to her, so Xiaobian still hopes After the introduction above, both men and women should pay attention to these skills.

In the relationship between the two sexes, the basic skills must be mastered. Many times we often ignore these details.

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