Six Sex Positions Bring Climax To Women

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Many people are reluctant to talk about these topics of sex, but they cannot do without this topic. There are often harmonious sexual relationships between couples with good relationships in real life.

Since ancient times, men have known to use different positions to help women to be happy, but also to make themselves more happy. In modern times, the change of position is more important to the world. Because a woman gets a climax, a man not only gains a physiological pleasure, but also gains a spiritual pleasure. But, do you know how to change a variety of positions?

Changes In The Normal Position Method.
First, the penis is inserted and combined by the normal posture method, and the female crosses the male’s waist in the form of knee flexion, and cooperates with the male sexual movement to rhythmically move the waist.
Soon, the female’s legs were placed on the shoulders of men, and the male took the opportunity to shift the position, pulling the upper body of the woman, which became the front seat position method. Women hold the male neck tightly, while men hold the female’s waist. In this position, the female pushes the male down and enters the half-seat position. The male strengthens the caress of the breast, clitoris, thighs, etc., gradually accelerating the rhythm, making the female Excited to lean back. In addition, the male stands up and raises the woman’s waist, which becomes the waist height position method. The woman was knocked down by the powerful action of the man at this time.

Lateral Changes.
The two combined in a side position, the man raised the woman’s leg, so that the upper body up, and then shift the position with the knees, then exercise at right angles, then turn to the back position method, caress the woman. Especially close to the waist of a woman, it can strengthen sexual activity.
Then the woman lifted up the upper body, and the male repeated sexual activity until tired.

Riding Position Method.
Women cross the male and reach the state of integration. Men must have rhythm to shake the female’s thighs, repeated back and forth movements, and caress women. In conjunction with the opportunity, the upper body is raised and converted into a front seat position method. The female waist is pulled closer and the left and right sexual movements are carried out. If men can induce women to twist their waists, sexual activity will be smooth. And this kind of action can stimulate the clitoris at the same time, so women can naturally cooperate.
After the female is excited, if the body leans back, the male should lean down on her body as much as possible, and the female’s one foot and the male’s one foot are intertwined and combined, and the female’s waist is shaken back and forth. Then, the male gets up again, opens the female’s thighs to the left and right, and inserts the powerful penis. After this intense action is completed, the woman can’t help but excite the thrill of excitement.

Changes In The Postural Posture Method.
First, the woman’s buttocks are lifted from the back, and the penis is inserted for repeated back and forth movements. One hand is touching the female clitoris forward. At this time, the female’s breathing will gradually become rushed, and there is already a sign of climax. At the waist of the woman, put your knees between the knees of the woman.
In the last two, two inflected lines were formed, while the squatting woman straightened her foot, and the male pulled up the waist and inserted it from above. The strong impact penetrated the whole body of the woman and also culminated in the male.

Changes In The Posterior Position Method.
The male sits on a bed or chair, and the woman sits back to the man and accepts the insertion of the penis. At this time, you can use your knees to force women to open their feet and change the angle of the penis. When a woman gets a thrill, it will strengthen the friction between the male stocks, creating a very comfortable feeling. Men adjust the depth of insertion to make women feel anxious or satisfied. When a woman starts to get excited, the male can tilt the body back so that the penis and vagina can be inserted straight, and the woman twists her waist and can’t help but call it out.
Then the man is seated, and the woman is holding it in a semi-swirl manner. The breast is attached to the man’s face, so that he can’t help but caress, and at the same time, caress the clitoris. When the pleasure is transmitted to the vagina, The woman who is in a stable state suddenly twists to the climax.

The Change In Standing Position Method.
Embrace each other with enthusiasm, let each other’s body do close sex, and caress the back and hips by the way, then pull the man’s waist closer and insert the penis. After a period of progressive exercise, the man picked up the woman, wrapped his feet around the waist of the man, and embraced the neck of the man, desperately stretching his back to match the movement of the penis.
Then the woman is held to the edge of the bed, only the upper part of the woman is lying on the bed, and the female feet are hung on the shoulders of the male. In this position, the male can see the female’s genitals and master the combination. Men engage in sexual behavior with squeezing movements, while also caressing the clitoris for women to feel pleasure.

In the relationship between the two sexes, the basic skills must be mastered. It turns out that with a little care, it will be a good way to make sexual relations more harmonious.

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