Skills You Don’t Know, Seven Common Posture Skills

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In the harmonious life of husband and wife, sexual harmony is the necessary life foundation. Some skills in sexual life can make sexual harmony more perfect.

It is obviously physical activity to make love, but it may not be clear which muscles are specifically exercised. The exercise sites and strengths of the seven common postures are listed below so that everyone can take them.

Benefits: Lose weight
Counseling: You have a lot of opportunities to attack suddenly – when she is watching TV, answering the phone… unprepared. This kind of excitement caused by accidents will make you even more crazy. You can burn up to 120 calories per 30 minutes. If you have a climax, you can add 40 more calories – close to the marathon!

Benefits: Exercise the pelvic floor muscles
Counseling: One of the key factors in determining the intensity of ejaculation is the pubic muscle, the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, which is the muscle responsible for stopping urination. You only need to stop in the middle of the urine and relax a few times a day. You can enhance its strength by practicing contraction and relaxation. Of course, the more cool way is to exercise by side-in love. When she is lying on her side, enter from behind and shrink and relax your PC muscles to make her climax. The stronger your PC muscles, the stronger the pleasure.

Girl on top
Benefits: Exercise abdominal muscles and back muscles
Counseling: The other party will be relatively active on the top, and you can save some physical strength. You just need to lie flat and straighten your legs to enjoy her enjoyment. But as you gradually become more involved, you will involuntarily jump up, and your waist and abdomen muscles will be effectively exercised.

Benefits: Exercise the chest muscles
Counseling: In fact, the pleasure of making love does not depend on the strange auxiliary equipment such as hanging and binding. The simplest and most traditional male and female styles are still the most widely used and frequently used positions, which can enable direct communication between the two sides. But it also requires you to continue more than 100 push-ups, because this position has higher requirements for the chest, deltoid and biceps, triceps.

Doggy style
Benefits: hip muscles
Counseling: Hold her crotch with both hands to adjust the position, tighten the chest and abdomen muscles when entering, and tighten the buttocks muscles when going out. If you feel that your legs can’t support you, you can take a kneeling position, which is more convenient than using it.

Benefits: Exercise facial muscles
Counseling: It is a wonderful idea to use the number 69 to express this position. The happiness and stimulation are not necessary to repeat, but oral sex will cause many health problems, so the previous cleaning work is essential and vital, and most It is good to flatten the private forests of the two people, and then give full play to the potential of the tongue. In the long run, your face and jaw muscles will be exercised without worrying about their relaxation.

Benefits: Leg muscles, biceps, triceps
Counseling: This does have a higher level of physical fitness, but the advantage is to enjoy the passion anytime, anywhere. Hold her hips with both hands and let her wrap my legs around your crotch so that your legs share part of her weight. Use your crotch force to launch an attack and stick to it.

Men and women in sexual psychology are not exactly the same. Many times, a small amount of skills can improve sexual harmony to a large extent.

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