The Story of A Divorced Man And A TPE Doll

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I am 35 years old and I am five years old. I have no special reason for divorce for three years. She thinks that I am not good enough for her. I think that she is too pretentious. Since she can’t get too much, it’s really awkward for a divorce. Feel reborn


I played games all night, no one urged me to go to sleep, even if I was drunk with my buddies, I couldn’t hear you open the dating software, I looked at a young girl, I felt that the world was my own moment, I felt divorced. It’s too right


I am free, I want to start enjoying life!


I can play games all night long, my body is getting weaker, I have a lot of drinking for a long time, my stomach is out of trouble. I am a monk, I am beginning to miss my wife’s jealousy and control. I think I should build a family again. , knowing a girl.


When I said a word in disapproval, I was directly blacked out. Even goodbye did not bother to say that I remembered her again. I did not please my wife who had been with me for many years, but I finally went to please the group who did not take me seriously. Unfamiliar girl.


Whether they drink or drink, they don’t stay up late, when they go home, because they don’t love me at all, and they yell at me all day, I urge my lover, I am mad, this is really fucking is retribution!


Nowadays, the girls are all sly characters, the value of the face is low, the income is low, there is no discussion, you have to be gentle and considerate, and the emotional intelligence is first-class. There is no way to get their heart. Even if you are together, you must understand romance and know the taste. In order to continue


I don’t think that the requirements of this group of girls are wrong. They live for themselves. They are very smart. But I once had a fool who has no regrets!


Three years, still single, the ex-wife got married, it is said that the current husband is very good to her, she deserves this happiness, but when she returns to the midnight dream, she always thinks uncontrollably. This happiness should be mine. what!


So, I bought a sex doll, and I can accompany me whenever I am in the dead of night. When I need to be comforted, she can always listen to me and talk about it, and at the same time make up for my sex.


This love doll is very realistic, the skin is just like a real person, the joints can move, the whole body is constructed exactly like a real woman, the structure of the vagina and the structure of the anus bring me a wonderful experience.



I am really happy to get this different simulation doll.


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