Summary: Several Harmful Wounds And Masturbation Laws

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Those forms of masturbation that are considered to be harmful in nature.
Some forms of masturbation have been shown to cause sexual dysfunction (including erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual pleasure, delayed ejaculation or no ejaculation).

1. Frequent or intense masturbation, generally refers to more than three times a week or more, or excessive penile pressure or masturbation frequency, ejaculation delay in some patients may lead to sexual intercourse, or not ejaculation, of course, this is not absolute, because the frequency of sexual intercourse is more low. More than three times a week is common among partners.

2. Since 2015, special masturbation, which is difficult to imitate in the way of life of a sexual partner, has been the focus of our attention. There are dozens of strange masturbation methods, one of which is prone position masturbation, commonly known as “bed frame”, mainly to solve the problem of ejaculation delay or no ejaculation. Of course, there are many subtypes of the bed model, and other forms of sexual dysfunction can be combined, as we will see later.

3. It requires special sexual imagination or video pictures to stimulate masturbation ejaculation. For example, imagine or watch a video of a woman’s masturbation with a particular body and status, and even a sexual abuse scene. If there is a difference between a future fantasy scene and a real partner, sexual dysfunction may occur.

4. There are some important points to note. If you are overly addicted to masturbation, it may be the escape behavior of patients with sexual dysfunction (lack of self-confidence and erectile dysfunction). It is best to consult an expert. Some special masturbation has also been discovered in our clinical practice, such as the diving masturbation introduced by Professor Wang Run in the Middle East. The possibility of penile injury is high and should be avoided as much as possible. .

Sum Up

In short, the world is complex, not a black and white dualistic thinking. We must maintain enough awe in the gray zone, treat masturbation-related issues with an open mind, and deepen our understanding of them. We should not arbitrarily and simply determine “harmful” and “harmless”, but should further explore the specific characteristics of masturbation. Sometimes the patient is indeed the elderly we know. Teacher, we first proposed and applied “special masturbation training” to treat premature ejaculation patients, which was benefited from “listening to the patient to tell the story”.

In addition, in order to alleviate this special form of masturbation, you can choose a realistic sex doll to help solve the problem of sexuality.

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