Taking A Bath Massage Helps Sex Love

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The level of sexual love requires self-experience and feeling, and requires the joint support of both parties. It is better to be able to get satisfied in sex. I believe this is the answer that everyone wants. One of them is that the hardness of the penis is not enough. And if this situation is not treated in time, it will make the condition worse. It is necessary for everyone to do the maintenance work in peacetime to avoid the penis erection hardness is not enough.

The advantage of taking a bath to relieve premature ejaculation:
Whether bathing can alleviate one’s reproductive ability is correct. Everyone should try hard to treat sexual health care, and don’t neglect the usual health care. So what should men do with sexual health care? What are the points of men’s sexual health care? Let’s take a look at men’s sexual health points.
What you need for a bath is that you should have good strength, just the right feeling, not to waste a lot of time, but also enjoy the ease of bathing.

How to take a good shower in patients with premature ejaculation.
Alternating hot and cold water bath is an exercise method to enhance male sexual function. The specific method is:
(1) First soak the body with warm water in the bath, and then take out the bath after the body is fully warm;
(2) The cold part of the genital area, wait for about 3 minutes, the penis, scrotum contracted and then enter the bath of warm water, so repeated 3-5 times.
(3) Using the shower head to drench warm water around the root of the penis, also has a good effect on restoring the energy of the testicles.

Alternate use of hot and cold water shower, when the temperature is appropriate, can improve skin metabolism and enhance blood vessel elasticity. In general, the erection of the penis can make the ligaments and nerves supporting the genitals quite tired, and the longer the erection is, the more tired it is. Stimulating with warm water can speed up blood circulation and make the testicles and genitals “live and tiger”.

The sexual physiology of men is more obvious, mainly due to changes in the penis. If a male’s penis cannot be properly erected during sex, it will not be able to carry out sexual love smoothly, and it will not satisfy his sexual needs.

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