Teach You To Seize The Sensitive Area Of ​​A Woman

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People who know more about sexual health knowledge know that there are many sensitive parts in a woman’s body. In sexual life, such as stimulating these sensitive parts, it may yield great results. But most men believe that women’s sensitive areas are breasts except for the genitals. The fact is that women’s sensitive areas are not just these two.

Lips: French gentle
The sensitivity of this part is self-evident. There are many ways to kiss. In simple terms, there are two types of kissing. The first is a gentle kiss, and the second is a firm and pressureful deep kiss. Let him know: Let him start tempting from the first kiss, first close your lips, lick your lips, and let him increase the pressure when you start to react, and finally enter the deep state of the French kiss. In addition, in addition to kissing, it is good to use your tongue, gently touch your fingertips, or put your fingers into your mouth. Of course, you must ensure that your hands are clean. Don’t talk when you kiss, it’s best to close your eyes.

Neck: the land of sneak attack
The connection between the head and the body is also a very sensitive place for women. Many women like to wear exposed neck and V-neck clothes, in order to allow men to stimulate this part. Studies have shown that the sides of the ear below the clavicle are very sensitive, and many women feel numb and ecstasy because of the man’s kiss here. In addition, the inverted triangle area of ​​the back neck is also good.

Hair and scalp: the beginning of an electric shock
Many women told me that when men’s fingers inadvertently lick their long hair and stay on the scalp, they experience a lot of fascination. The head is the land of the soul and the land of reason. When a lover licks his scalp, it is like a brief hypnosis to your heart. At that moment, you feel relaxed and let go.

Let him know: the scalp is a very sensitive part, the massage therapist claims: “Twist your fingers into her hair, use your fingertips and fingertips to touch her scalp, massage regularly and vigorously. Carrying the scalp, this may make her spine tremble! “But don’t make you feel pain; you can touch and kiss the hair, even bury your head and breathe your taste. In the process of touching the scalp, you will feel deeply accepted, relaxed and at ease, and draw closer to you. It is no wonder that women often use a variety of beautiful hairstyles to attract men!

Expert research has found that when a man gently kneads a woman’s ear, the woman’s feelings are very beautiful, and may also have a certain sexual impulse. It can be seen that in addition to these places, the ear is also a sensitive place for women. Male friends, have you learned this time? Don’t forget to stimulate these places when you are in the same room in the future!

Some men complain that their wives’ sexual desires don’t seem so strong. Even if they make it clear that they want to have sex, they often refuse. This is not to say that the wife lacks sexual interest in sex life, but that you do not use the right method. Doing more small gestures that stimulate sexual desire on weekdays, such as kissing or playing with your hair and ears, can make your wife’s sexual desire come.

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