TPE Doll’s Love

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The winter is cold and the night is long.

The male protagonist, Russ, lives alone in a small garage and is lonely.

In the early morning, he stood in front of the window, covered with a blanket woven by his mother, and looked at the distance with a sad look.

Russ likes to be alone, and others show him well, but he will be uncomfortable.

Scorpion Kailin wants to invite him to dinner at home. When she saw Kailin coming, Russ subconsciously hid until Kelly knocked on the door and hesitated to the door.

Through the door, Karin said to him: “I want to invite you to have breakfast together.”

Russ found a reason to refuse: “No, I have to go to church.”

Looking at Karin, who was trembling in the cold wind, Russ opened the door: “It’s cold outside,” and said that he handed the blanket on his body to Karin.

Karin said, “Go to the church and come back for breakfast.”

Looking at her with a sincere face, Russ promised to pass.

However, in the end he was still cool, and went to the church and hurriedly fled home.

Russ is kind, as can be seen in the small details of his blanket for Karin.

It’s just that Russ is kind to others, but he is not used to being good to others.

Before the church, he helped the neighbor aunt to lift the flower basket, and the other gave him a flower and asked him to give it to the girl. At this time, colleague Margo appeared behind him and said hello sweetly: “Hello, Russ.”

When Russ saw Margo, he was too nervous, and he threw the flowers into the distance, pretending that nothing happened.

Others can’t get in, they don’t come out. Russ has been living in his own shell.

Until one night after six weeks, he put on a new sweater, cleaned his hair and took the initiative to ring his brother’s door.

Russ tonight is a little different. He is not as confused as usual. At this time, he is full of confidence and happiness.

The purpose of his coming is to tell his brother and nephew a heavy message: “My family has a guest.”

The two were unbelievable, but they were happy for him.

My brother asked Russ how he knew each other. Russ replied that he met online. Then some shyly said, “We all believe in religion. It is not convenient for her to live with me. Can I live with you…”

The nephew was busy saying: “It doesn’t matter, let her live in our pink room.”

So, my brother and nephew filled the house with joy and joy, ready to welcome Russ’s sincere girlfriend.

But when two people saw Russ’s girlfriend, they were completely forced.

Needless to say, she is a sex doll.

Looking at the opposite of the happiness of the younger brother, and his stiff girlfriend, brother and Karin’s brain spins.

“My brother is totally crazy…”

Kailin pretended to be calm and prepared for dinner for four people, listening to Russ telling their story.

Russ excitedly introduced: “She is Bianca, from the tropics, a mixed-race girl from Denmark and Brazil. She is crazy about her beauty.”

Of course, it is also stiff enough to scare others. Russ sincerely thinks this is his girlfriend, a real person.

Early the next morning, my brother and Karin let Russ go to the hospital with the reason of taking Bianka to see a doctor.

Walking into the hospital, everyone stared at Russ with a strange look.

In their eyes, Russ is a weirdo.

In order for Russ to go to the treatment every week, the psychiatrist lied to him: “Bianca’s blood pressure is low, we have to continue to observe, so you have to accompany her for special treatment every week.”

The psychiatrist said that the state of Russ is “paranoia.”

She told Karin: “The way to help Russ now is to get along with him and convince himself to be like him. He believes that Bianca is a real person and has no other choice.”

Kailin said: “We will, no matter what the price.”

The story of Russ and TPE dolls became a talk of the residents of the town after a meal.

The women pity Russ and feel incredible.

The men ridiculed the TPE dolls, full of drama.

Brother and Karin had to call the town residents. They pleaded with everyone to do their best to match Russ and let him live in his own world.

Some people don’t understand: “I don’t know why we are here.”

Someone accused: “This young man has little willpower.”

In the comments, the aunt who gave flowers to Russ said: “This is a big deal. Your cousin is wearing clothes for his cat; your nephew is spending money on the UFO club; and you, you first Any wife has theft. It is always necessary to have these things.”

Strange hobbies do not mean that he is not a good person. Russ is a kind person and he needs us.

So Bianca began to appear in the church and sang the Bible with the residents.

In order to greet her, everyone also specially prepared the flower basket.

Everyone is kind to Russ and his “girlfriend” Bianca.

Let them attend a gathering of friends and listen to women talking about hairstyles.

Dancing with her, don’t shy away.

Help her get her hair and get a new haircut.

Even gave her a job and sent her to work.

Bianca lives in the town, doing things every day, loving people, and loving people.

When he was with Russ alone, Bianca would accompany Russ to the forest hut he had visited in his childhood and listen to him singing and relaxing.

Or sit quietly on the bed and listen to Russ reading stories for her.

Russ never felt so happy, he laughed more and more, and he was brand new every day.

Bianca is receiving “treatment” every week. Russ chats with the psychiatrist while waiting for her break, gradually revealing her inner feelings in a step-by-step dialogue.

It has always been that Russ has brought his own life to Bianca. He told the doctor about Bianca’s story, which is actually his life.

When he was born, his mother died. His father was beaten because he lost his wife. His personality became solitary and he could not get along with others. His brother couldn’t stand the change of his father, and left Russ and his father to leave alone.

Russ determined that he killed his mother, so that his father hated him, his brother abandoned him, and no one loved him.

He also doesn’t know how to love others. He is eager to integrate into the outside world, and at the same time has no fear, the simplest physical contact between people will make him feel painful.

Bianca’s appearance made him feel like everyone else, and someone loved to be with him.

She acts like a bond and undertakes the communication between Russ and the outside world. She gave him the courage to let him grow up bravely.

But one day, Russ quarreled with Bianca. It turned out that Bianca was “too busy” in the town, so that he didn’t have time to accompany Russ, and Russ felt that he had been abandoned.

After hearing the aunt, he advised him: “Bianca also has his own life. Any woman with self-respect does not like being called by someone. You should be proud of her.”

Like a child, Russ asked with sadness and doubt: “What should I do?”

Russ still doesn’t understand the world of adults. He was dissatisfied with the fact that Bianca was busy all the time. He was angry and Bianca no longer accompanied him. He was even more sad that he seemed to return to the border again.

He sent the fire to Karin and complained to Karin: “What do people want to do, they don’t care about me!”

This time, Karin couldn’t help it anymore. She said to Russ: “Everyone in the town is trying to build a home for Bianca, because you, because everyone loves you, we help. She pushed the wheelchair to take her to work, sent her home to help her take a shower and change her clothes… Everything is not easy for us, but we try to do it. We do it for you.”

“So don’t talk nonsense, we don’t care, because everyone loves you.”

Karin’s remarks made Russ rethink growth and love.

He began to slowly understand the goodwill of people and began to notice the female colleague Margo who had a good impression on him.

When Margo fell in love, Russ took the initiative to come and comfort her. Pretend to rescue the toy bear, marry her happy, and ask her care: “Why did he become your boyfriend?”

Margo said: “Because I am very lonely.”

It turns out that we are all the same, lonely, eager to be loved.

Russ finally took the first step. He promised to date Margo.

They played bowling cheerfully, and Russ peeked at Margo from time to time, like a child who opened his mouth.

At the end of the date, he said to Margo in a serious way: “I don’t want you to misunderstand, but I can’t betray Bianca.”

However, when he was separated, he took off his gloves and reached out to Margo. This time, he held it tightly.

Bianca came to this town in order to give Russ love. And when Russ understood that he had a lot of love and everyone was concerned about him, he decided to let Bianca leave.

He called the ambulance and sent Bianca to the rescue room. He sadly told everyone: “She is very ill, she is dying.”

He subconsciously decided to say goodbye to Bianca and say goodbye to his past.

Everyone is around Russ, and he is watching Bianca with him.

They told Russ: “We are by your side and spend the sad moment with you.”

On a calm afternoon, Russ took a walk along the lake with Bianca, Bianca told him: “Don’t be sad,” and then closed his eyes tiredly.

Russ cried and kissed her and said goodbye to Bianca.

Bianca left here. The residents of the town came to send her together.

She became a doll, came here, taught everyone to love, taught Russ to learn to grow and be brave.

A funeral was held for Bianca, and Russ was reborn as the funeral ended.

In the cemetery, when people disperse, only he and Margo are left.

Russ braved the courage to say to her, “Would you like to go?”


The ending is also the beginning.

The winter snow melts and the spring is full.

Even if you are in the crowd, there is always a feeling of loneliness.

We long for love and being loved, but we are afraid of being hurt, afraid to abandon, tired, and parting. Then indented into his protective shell, imagining a feeling that will never betray, you and I have lived as “Russ”, with the doll self-healing, self-speaking. I dare not open my heart to others, and dare not touch and love.

Every heart is lonely, everyone is alone. When we lose confidence and courage, the care and encouragement of the people around us is very important, and self-healing is more important. We can’t always shrink into the shell, and we have to come out –

Even if you are hurt, even if you have a lot of helplessness, you must avoid loneliness and only love each other.

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