Which Is Better About Insert Separated Vagina (Removable) VS Built-in vagina Sex Doll ?

When purchasing your love doll, you will undoubtedly be confronted with this little dilemma: should I choose a molded vagina or a detachable vagina for my future love doll ? Here is a short article which presents both solutions, the advantages and disadvantages and which will certainly help you in the process of purchasing your sex doll.

An integrated vagina molded directly into the silicone doll.

The integrated vagina (also called Built-in) is recommended for clients who wish to acquire a true-to-life real female silicone doll (in practical terms but also in terms of sensations). The doll’s vaginal cavity is designed for optimal ease of use: a spiral shape with small gentle ridges brings sensations which procure surprisingly realistic pleasure. This type of vagina is therefore permanentnon-detachable and requires cleaning after each useTo clean the integrated vaginal cavity of your sex doll you may refer to the video tutorial.


Vagina - ESDOLL Sex doll
Integrated vagina of a love doll

The advantages of an integrated vagina for a love doll:

  • Visual esthetics
  • True-to-life sensations (built-in vaginas are tighter than detachable vaginas)

The disadvantages of a built-in vagina for a love doll:

  • Cleaning (which requires the use of the whole real doll as seen in the video below).

A detachable Insert type vagina for a silicone doll.

« Insert » vaginas bring same sensations of pleasure. They measure roughly two inches (5cm) in diameter and are made of a very soft material like your silicone doll. These Insert vaginas require cleaning after each use (as do integrated vaginas). Because the Insert is detachable, the cleaning technique is carried out independently of the real doll by washing it gently in water.


removable-vagina removeable-vagina

The advantages for a detachable vagina for a love doll are:

  • permutation, can be replaced in case of problems
  • easy cleaning

The disadvantages of a detachable vagina for a love doll are: