How to Clean, Repair and Taking Care of Your Sex Doll, we have put together a list of tips for maintaining the quality and life of your sex doll.

clean sex doll

How to clean a sex doll?

Every friend who uses sex doll will encounter the problem of how the sex doll is dirty.

Based on the practical experience of a number of friends, the following suggestions are made.

If the conditions at home allow, we can give the sex doll a bubble bath.

Do not exceed 50 degrees.

Of course, if you want to take a bath with a sex doll, you can talk to your sex doll about your ideas.

If you are worried that water will break the makeup of the sex doll face, we can put a plastic bag on the head of the sex doll.

After the shower, the sex doll can be patted dry with a towel.


Finally, of course, the sexual doll should be gently smeared with talcum powder.

Although bathing a sex doll is a physical activity, it is a wonderful experience when your hands slide over the smooth and delicate skin of her body.

After a sex doll showers, a gentle and clean sex doll is next to you, and the mood will be very good~





Key features and maintenance methods of sex dolls and after-sales instructions

Sex dolls have become a must-have for men and women to masturbate. When you buy a sex doll, you need to understand the structure of sexual dolls, as well as the maintenance methods, as well as the seller’s after-sales service. Here are some product descriptions for general sellers. We hope that can help all men and women. Maybe you have a sex doll and feel more harmonious sex. You don’t need to go out to find a prostitute (too expensive to be infected with AIDS). Please put your favorite She or he leads home, let them become your lover, enjoy the night of each orgasm.

Sex Doll Key Features:
1. This sex doll is according to the proportion of girls 1:1.
2.Medical TPE, soft to touch and feeling nearly as real.
3.Fully articulated poseable mental alloy skeleton in core,makes her can pose in any position as a real woman.
4.All sex doll come with 3 holes (anal, vaginal, mouth) for your ultimate sex pleasure.
Sex Doll Cleaning Suggestion:
Your doll should be cleaned every time before or after use, with mild shower foam. The head should be taken off and cleaned separately.
Please keep the head away from water. When the skin becomes sticky, please clean with bath powder. Dry and use baby powder to make her smooth.
Please dry with a towel after cleaning and apply baby powder. DO NOT use a hair dryer.
Use mild shampoo to wash the hair and let it dry naturally.
Suggestion: Please put on clothes for the doll to keep clean.Be careful when moving the doll, avoid dropping/ knocking/ breaking.

The seller sells sex dolls and they will have the following instructions Note:
Please read the manual carefully before use the doll.
People who are allergic to rubber are prohibited to use.
Doll’s height measurement standards: Let the doll lying on the bed, the doll’s feet straight, from the doll’s head to the toes, this is the actual height of the doll.
Adult products, once used can not return. If you receive the package and have quality problems, please contact us within 24 hours with photos and videos of trouble spots.

7 Tips on How to take care of a sex doll

Being a Sex Doll owner, you need to know how to take care for your doll. Sex Dolls are best known for their life like appearance with anatomically correct figure. The materials that are used to manufacture these dolls give the ability to represent the original human being. The materials are used in such a proportion that the dolls can be flexible. It helps the doll to take all positions that suits the customers.

In order to maintain this flexibility , delicacy and durability of sex dolls, cleaning and maintaining of these dolls plays a very important part. All sex dolls have sexual holes to satisfy their customers. These sexual holes needs to be cleaned and maintained. you have to clear the holes regular basis in order to avoid bacterial and fungal growth. These microorganisms if not properly removed might make the silicone sex doll more prone to damage. It decreases its flexibility to perform as well as its durability. Also the owner might get infected due to these infectious growth.


After using sex doll, its customary to clean it with lukewarm water. you can also use mild detergent (or the antibacterial soap) . To keep the surface of the doll clean, mild detergent can be used. But see to it that the originality of the skin of the doll doesn’t get damaged. You can adjust sex dolls according to your suitable position. But, consider to carry out a precise and calculated manner so that it does not damage the doll.


During sex with real sex dolls severe stress on the joints can damage its figure. So, be sensitive with your sex doll. Try not to use your hands on a regular basis. This might somehow cause damage or malfunction to your doll. Never store your sex doll in one place for a prolonged period of time. This might cause spots and flatness on the buttocks, breast and other parts of the sex doll.


Inflating air into the doll is not the only way to maintain your blowup sex dolls. You have to wait for the air to be equally distributed all throughout the doll’s body. It is one of the major factors in preventing your doll from damage.


In most of the cases while inflating air, punctures are seen at different parts of the body. To prevent further damage of the doll you should immediately clean those puncture sites. You have to dry it with the repair kit and then apply the adhesive. This will certainly save your doll from getting damaged and its durability and flexibility will prevail. If a blow-up sex doll is kept for a longer period of time, it is advisable to remove the air from inside the doll. This might cause extensive damage and stress to the various parts of the doll rendering it useless.

Since love dolls are pretty much expensive and also delicate, its very much important that one should take good care of it along with its proper maintenance. Realistic sex dolls represents real life look like human beings. So, in order to keep that realistic feeling intact these dolls needs proper care.


If the doll has wig, its advisable to remove the wig often and use shampoo to rig it clean from any microbial growth or damage. If necessary one can even change the wig once every while to give a better look and feeling to the doll’s appearance. Even if the love dolls have genitals , they can be cleaned by using mild detergent or antimicrobial soap like lovehoney fresh sex toy cleaner. The renewer powder when applied onto the doll keeps the doll smooth and flesh like.


Expensive realistic sex dolls might have electronic devices in them. In such cases its better to remove the electronic parts before cleaning with detergent or using any other products. If this is not possible, then its advisable to clean the parts in a proper manner without damaging the electronic device or else the doll might malfunction.


After cleaning the doll with antimicrobial soap or mild detergent, use humid cloth or soft towel to rinse off the soap.


So, its pretty much clear that , sex dolls need total care, love and proper maintenance for its flexibility, durability and delicacy. No matter what kind f sex doll one purchases, cleaning and maintenance will always remain the top priority.



Real Sex Dolls – Right Tips for Novices

10 Best Sex Doll Torsos – Silicone Asses You Can’t Pass


How long does a sex doll last?(client feedback)

Emily Brown Answered:

If you buy a cheap sex doll ,i guess it like a sexy lingerie only could be used no more than 2 times . But if you buy a expensive with high qualities lovedoll ,it could be your sex partner for a long long time if you treat it in the right way .

Here i would like share some right way for you to take care well your love doll :

1 .You could buy some sexy clothe for her as she is your girlfriend ,which could promote the relationship between you and her .

2. You should treat her more gentle although you want to be into her in one second . You should treat her as a real women .

3 . After you both have a romantic sex ,do not forget to help her wash her private part of body . If she is a clean and healthy sex doll ,she will do more for you .

Habo Wes Answered:

If a person takes care of their doll, she’ll last a very long time with regular use.

“Storage, cleaning and care are key in longevity.

“Not being stored properly they can acquire pressure creases which end up turning into big tears and open rips that are sometimes irreparable.”

“Those areas are under the arms, behind the knees, at the crotch and in the elbow arm pit also. Any moving joint basically.”

But that doesn’t mean that every repair was as simple as using some latex glue to repair a tear or rip, or replacing one of the doll’s orifices.

So, It depends on how to take care of your sex doll.

Addison Williams Answered:

The sex dolls made by tpe or silicone are now very durable.But usually, we still have to focus on maintaining her to extend the life of sex dolls.

If well maintained, can be used until you do not want to use



Replaceable vagina (Insert) for sex doll (1)

How to install Insert vagina on sex doll ?

When purchasing your love doll, you will undoubtedly be confronted with the following tricky question: should I order molded vagina or a detachable vagina for my sex doll? You should give some thought to this. The choice of a built-in molded vagina or a detachable Insert vagina for your sex doll is an important and irreversible choice. I invite you therefore to read our article on the subject to make things clearer.

What does an Insert vagina for your sex doll look like ?

If you choose the Insert type detachable vagina for your silicone doll, the following photos will be of interest to you. The detachable vagina is delivered as a separate piece in the contents of your package.


Replaceable vagina (Insert) for sex doll (1) Replaceable vagina (Insert) for sex doll (1)

This Insert vagina has a striated cavity which is designed for full sensations and realism. The detachable vagina has the advantage of being easily inserted and removed. You will thus be able to clean your sex doll’s vagina comfortably after use without having to handle your entire sex doll.

How to put the Insert vagina into your silicone doll ?

The video provides you with a simple tutorial about the insertion of the love doll’s detachable vagina. From a practical point of view and to avoid the risk of fouling the inside of your love doll as well as its private parts, it is recommended to manipulate the Insert vagina with a pair of gloves.

Step 1: Preparing your silicone love doll.

From a practical point of view, the insertion of a detachable vagina is easily done when your sex doll’s legs are wide apart as if she were doing “the splits”. To help your doll to adopt this position, you can (as illustrated in the video) lie her down on her back, lift up the right leg towards the ceiling at a 90° angle (then the left one), then push the right leg  to one side (then the left). In this way your silicone doll will present the vaginal orifice in an open position in order to put the Insert in.

Step 2: Sprinkle talcum powder on the Insert and the vagina of your love doll.

Apply a thin layer of talc to the external surface of the detachable vagina. This talc is made of silicon and magnesium and has the advantage of cleaning your doll while enabling the Insert to slide inside her without difficulty.

Step 3: Inserting the detachable vagina into your doll.

Once you have powdered the Insert vagina, all you have to do is delicately open the vaginal cavity of your sex doll to insert the detachable vagina completely. This step is simple as shown in the video made by the ESDOLL manufacturer.
All that remains to be done is to check that the Insert is correctly installed by handling your doll in the initial position.

If you have the slightest problem and need any advice about inserting the detachable vagina of your sex doll, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to help you and to give you any information enabling you to make this ritual a shared pleasure with your pretty partner.

Stain remover - TPE Real doll (2)

How To remove Stain on TPE love doll ?

Seeing a stain appear on your premium TPE real doll is never a pleasant experience. As we have already explained on many occasions, handling and using a real doll requires a lot of precautions. These precautions may be difficult to follow for a beginner. But more experienced users may also make mistakes. Among the more common mistakes is staining! Often caused by the dye of a piece of clothing, this stain may appear to be permanent. This is fortunately not the case. This little tutorial will explain how to solve this problem easily.


Step 1 : Buy a pot of stain remover for TPE.


We strongly advise that you anticipate the purchase of this pot of stain remover for TPE before the first stain appears. You may thus act quicker and with more ease. This little pot of stain remover is available at most TPE sex doll sales locations. As usual, we recommend that you use serious, certified dealers to avoid any bad surprises. The purchase of a premium real doll is an investment which shouldn’t be taken lightly with a product which does not live up to all the safety requirements.

Step 2: Shake it quickly and thoroughly.


To act efficiently, in addition to the TPE stain remover, you will need a plain cotton bud.

Instructions :

  • Soak the cotton bud with the paste in the pot of stain remover for TPE.
  • Apply the paste directly on to the stain on the skin of your TPE sex doll.
  • Leave the stain remover to react and BE PATIENT. It takes between 3 and 5 hours for the action to be efficient.


Wipe the remaining stain remover paste from the skin of your real doll with a clean cloth.

The stain on the skin of your real doll is still dark? Don’t panic! Cleaning a stain requires a lot of patience. If the stain persists, you just have to repeat each of the previous steps as many times as necessary. In the least doubt or should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will bring you all the necessary assistance for easy and efficient action.

I’ll be back soon with more new precious advice. Long live our Premium love dolls !



How to Dress Up Your Sex Doll?

How to Dress Up Your Doll to Make Her Look Sexier

When you made up your mind about her, its time to start finding the right clothes. On the websites, like , or  they give you an opportunity to order clothes either through them or third-party websites. Sometimes the sex doll comes with an outfit already, but if you want to change her style a little bit – try finding other stores.

Most of the sex dolls of the websites stick with size S for Women’s clothing, so make sure you do not get anything too big. Lingerie, sexy play costumes, cosplay, there a million choices for you! Any clothing store would work, or if you want to dig deeper, you may find some very cool fetish stores, which can offer you a variety of extremely sexy stuff. Remember, that it is YOUR doll and you can change her however you want. Do not limit yourself.

Be careful when buying clothes that could potentially leave stains. Silicone dolls handle stains well, and it is easier to clean them. However, when it comes to TPE dolls – they stain easily and cleaning may be an issue. We discussed TPE vs Silicone dolls , so please check it out for more information.




Change Her Hair Color

Think about getting her a couple of different wigs right away – you won’t regret it. The wig will give her a different look. When you are dressing her up as a country girl – you may want to choose blonde or red hair and when you want more fetish or a strict and powerful look – dark hair would be your best bet. In any way, getting a couple of different hair colors and styles will be a good decision.


Make her look like your favorite movie, or video game character – use some cool accessories. Japanese anime and manga cosplay clothes are sold everywhere on the internet. Stockings will be a great idea since there is a big possibility that you will not like sex doll’s feet.

Make sure you still find the doll attractive and sexy, and it will be a key to your happiness. It is an investment, so do not make waste your money on getting one and never using her again, just because you do not like her hair color or style. Create something beautiful. You can do it!

make up sex doll

How is sex doll made?

In order to clear up some of the question we receive on the doll customization we will cover how is sex made. We will get through the basic steps of manufacturing dolls and sex toys.

Early stage design

At first a brand like Real Dolls will start with some basic information. Could be the overall size, breast measurement or anything.

A team of designer will sculpt this doll. Sometimes, if the design is a celebrity or an artwork, they will be helped by a computer. At this stage anything can be done. This is the very stage when customers request a custom made order. We will discuss together the overall project, complexity and a quotation will be sent.

The second stage will be the creation of the mold itself

This step depends of the final material you want to poor inside, TPE or Silicone, but the process is the same. The final result will be a reusable mold than than be used a few months or a year depending on the usage. Only still molds for plastic injection last very long, but their prices are also very high !

The artists will create a piece in solid state to be able to receive the final mold on the outside.

For special work it’s also possible to build a mold directly from a person, we do this if we want to release products that are 100% the same as the original body.

Mold Casting

This the stage where we will poor the material inside the mold, let it cool down and reveal the final product.

For the sex dolls, the materials will be poor inside a mold than contain the skeleton. This is why it is impossible to modify the joint thickness,and anything at this stage, everything is final.

In this stage it is possible to have wastes, and products discarded. This is why the usual lead-time for an order is one week to 2 weeks. Sometimes for quality issue we need to redo the casting a second time.

Final result and cleaning

Once the product is casted, it is cool down in a bucket of water. Right after it can be handled to the packing department who will apply protective powder on it, remove all the mold lines still visible and prepare the doll as your request.


As you can see, the process is pretty straight forward, for each size of breast there is a specific mold. It is not possible to say “I want this doll, but with a larger butt” . In this case we need to open a new mold and start over from step one.

All possible customization will be within the mold capability, such as eyes colours, wig, all spare parts basically.


How to maintain and clean your silicone/TPE adult doll ?

This is a question that anyone buying a silicone/TPE adult doll must ask themselves. Because it is vital to maintain your silicone/TPE doll if you wish to keep her as charming, soft and fresh as she was in the first weeks, for the years to come.

Cleaning the body of your silicone/TPE doll.

Your silicone doll should be waterproof but some precautions should be taken to avoid damaging her. First of all, you must avoid rubbing its body or face with a rough surface (e.g. scratch sponge): this could damage the silicone/TPE and the soft smooth aspect of your love doll’s skin. Another precaution is to avoid putting the head directly under water. The water could infiltrate the fixation between the head and the body and you would lose out in sensations.
So you must be delicate and care for your silicone/TPE dolls with considerable precaution. You will therefore have the choice between washing your silicone doll in a bath or with a wet facecloth. You can use household soap or shower gel and wash the surface of the skin delicately. Have fun making this intimate moment a little sensual game of desire.
Once she is clean, you can powder her with talc in order to maintain the softness of the silicone the way it was the very first day.

Cleaning the silicone/TPE doll’s wig.

Nothing very original concerning cleaning wigs, you just need to use shampoo or soap to clean your silicone doll’s hair. One recommendation is that your brush the wig when it is wet to avoid bad surprises (knots…).

Cleaning the private parts of your silicone/TPE doll.

This is the most delicate part of maintaining your silicone real dollUse of a condom can help you to avoid a lot of constraints although you should not forget to rinse her with a little water to remove the lube.
For those who do not like condoms and to ensure maximum pleasure, you will have to take care of your silicone doll’s vagina. A douche bulb cleaner is ideal to clean your silicone/TPE love doll. You just sit her up and insert the cleaner and gravity will do the rest.

How often should you clean your silicone doll?

For hygiene reasons it is recommended to clean the private parts of your silicone/TPE doll immediately. For general cleaning, we advise you to do it at least once a month in order to conserve the freshness of your silicone doll for many years. Your doll will return the favor so do not neglect these little practical tips.