With the advancement in research in the sex dolls industry, the future looks better; the latest advancement being the human-like response to different situations by the dolls.

The History of Sex Dolls: From inflatable sex dolls to Silicone & TPE Dolls

Most of us only know that both inflatable sex dolls and TPE & silicone dolls originated from developed Western countries, especially the United States and Japan. Today, I’ll briefly introduce the development of inflatable sex dolls and TPE & silicone dolls.

From Legends

According to ancient Greek mythology, there was a king named Pygmalion in Cyprus who bore a striking resemblance to the Ming Dynasty Emperor, a skilled carpenter. Despite being a king, he disliked real women and decided never to marry. Instead, he used his magical hands to fulfill his desires. Oh no, he crafted a beautiful portrait of a young girl with his extraordinary carving skills. Later, he fell in love with this portrait and prayed to the love goddess Aphrodite to marry him to the painted girl. The love goddess granted his prayer, infused life into the statue, and they lived happily ever after. This may be one of the earliest stories about love between a person and a doll.

East and West Chronicles

In 1865, during the Qing Dynasty, a scholar named Xia Xie from the residence of Zeng Guofan recorded in his works: foreigners could make their own things into naked women, with skin, bones, ears, eyes, teeth, and tongue, and no openings were lacking. They could be folded like clothes, blown up with air, soft and warm like a beauty, capable of intimate interaction like a human. Coincidentally, they were difficult to come by. This may be the earliest description of an inflatable doll in the world.

World War II

Amidst the turmoil of World War II, the Germans, with their extreme racial ideology, early on realized the importance of maintaining Aryan blood purity. Simultaneously, to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in Nazi camps, Heinrich Himmler, the commander of the SS, personally ordered the secret development of an inflatable doll—a solution to physiological issues. This was a significant military secret at the time.

Vietnam War

To address the physiological issues of American soldiers in the Vietnam War, scientists decided to implement a sex doll program. Due to the advanced technology in the United States at that time, the program quickly succeeded, and soon an endless supply of inflatable sex dolls reached the hands of American soldiers. On that night, soldiers across the entire U.S. camp felt the deep love of their homeland. Subsequently, the Germans recognized the practical value of this top military secret and began producing and selling similar toys. inflatable sex dolls officially entered commercial purposes. Without a doubt, Ruth Handler, the founder of Barbie, was inspired by inflatable sex dolls and designed the world’s most popular toy for girls.

Rise in Japan

Japan is known for popularizing inflatable sex dolls, as many are aware. In the mid-20th century, Japan sent the first batch of researchers to Antarctica. The compassionate government was concerned that prolonged abstinence among adventurers would affect their health. Therefore, they funded the development of high-quality sexual inflatable sex dolls, named Antarctic No. 1 (a heartbreaking name).

Then, in 1970, typical inflatable sex dolls first appeared in Japan. At that time, inflatable sex dolls, whether in terms of portability or tactile sensation, made men feel like they were finally experiencing a long-awaited era of abundance. In the 1990s, people began using advanced medical-grade non-toxic soft silicone or PVC materials to make inflatable sex dolls, making their texture closer to real skin. Although they still felt somewhat stiff, it didn’t stop otaku’s love. At the same time, manufacturers attempted to produce semi-TPE & skeletal sex dolls (with the face, chest, limbs, and genitalia made of TPE & silicone, while the rest needed inflation). However, due to technological and material issues at the time, the product results were not ideal.

TPE & Silicone sex Dolls

It wasn’t until the 21st century, with technological advancements, upgrades in medical-grade materials, and market implementation, that people were no longer satisfied with ordinary inflatable sex dolls. Manufacturers attempted to add skeletons to dolls, filling them with TPE & silicone. TPE & silicone dolls officially took the stage, contributing to the progress of material technology. TPE & silicone dolls have become increasingly closer to real humans in appearance and touch.


Russia World Cup robot brothel opens high simulation beauty 60 pounds for one hour

According to British media reports, Russia’s first robotic brothel was officially opened, hoping to attract visitors from all directions during the World Cup, and even hope that the participating players will come to patronize.

Hostel Room Hotel Room
Create atmosphere and create atmosphere
“Daily Mail” said that this “Doll Hostel” opened in the Moscow business district, the price of the room is about 18 to 29 pounds per hour, but this price does not include beauty doll service, if you want high-simulation “machine” Accompanied by beautiful women, the price is 60 pounds per hour. Customers can choose from different types and sizes of beauty robots. They all have their own names, such as Lolita, Sasha, and Islay.

High simulation companion high simulation companion
A Hostel Hostel spokesperson said: “We are looking forward to a large number of visitors during the World Cup. There will be many foreign guests, including from England. We have received special permission from the government to entertain foreign guests. As for the players If coaches permit, we also welcome them.”

Will the players come? Will the players come?
Different sex doll styles
The founder of the hostel, Dmitry Alexandrov, said that the idea of ​​a robotic partner is beneficial to society and the general public. “According to the survey, about 36% of Russians are not satisfied with their sexual life. This idea is not only legal but also safe. It can enhance people’s sexual experience. It is also helpful for those who have mental illnesses. For example, in Spain, 30% of guests have psychological problems. This new experience can help them alleviate their problems.”

Oriental face oriental face
According to Russian sexologists who have experienced the service of the hostel, the machine dolls have a high degree of simulation, the “skin” is delicate and soft, and brings people’s feelings beyond expectations, even more than real people, and the built-in intelligent system enables dolls. The only drawback to mimicking a human-related reaction is that a lot of lubricant must be used.

170cm sex doll

Are Sex Dolls Safe For Humans? Sex Doll Safety Tips

The sex doll industry has seen tremendous growth in the recent past considering the dark past that was there initially. Not only were these pleasure dolls regarded a taboo, but there was also some stigma associated with talking about the topic in public. However, people have come to embrace the dolls and the skyrocketing number of sales worldwide is an indication of societal acceptance of these amazing dolls. Actually, the sex doll popularity is greatly attributed to Howard Stern’s who in the 1990’s ordered a realistic sex doll and actually had sex with it on air. At a time when sex dolls were facing strong criticism, Howard’s bravery act highly influenced the overall acceptance of these amazing sexual aids.

With Howard Stern pioneering the acquisition of realistic sex dolls, these pleasure dolls have been modified from simple inflated dolls to human-like silicone and TPE sex dolls. The dolls have been improved over the years and can now maintain a conversation with you. Amazing. Right? Well, the dolls have been encrypted with special intelligence capabilities that enable them to respond to different situations appropriately.

The numerous benefits of sex dolls cannot be overlooked

They are an ideal alternative to relationships considering their numerous advantages over women.
They provide an amazing way to bring back lost intimacy with your partner in the bedroom without necessarily having to cheat on your partner.
For people who have gone through terrible experiences in relationships, the sex doll can be used as an acclimatization step towards getting back into the dating world.
The doll remains a virgin and untouched till that day you buy her. This makes them 100% safe from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s)
The sex doll is completely submissive and ready for you making it loyal and submissive than women (who doesn’t want that?)
The dolls also come in different sizes and shapes to meet the varying needs of the wide market. They also come with inscribed movable joints that make them extra flexible for you.
Having gone through the promising progress of the sex doll industry and the numerous benefits that the dolls possess, we cannot overlook the health and safety aspect. This is probably the most important consideration and factor that should form the basis of your decision of whether or not to buy a realistic sex doll.

How To Stay Safe When Using A Sex Doll

The three main health and safety considerations that you should take into account are; the quality of the product, the design and the materials used to make the doll. The sex doll industry is well regulated and so it’s utterly important for you to be aware of what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for a sex doll. Ensure that you buy from a reputable store preferably one that offers warranties on their products. Additionally, look out for consumer reviews and pick a thing on the quality of the seller (this always works).

With sex toys, it is advisable to spend a bit more money and acquire products made from silicone and TPE materials. Both materials do not cause any harm or irritation to the human skin and can easily be cleaned and disinfected without affecting the quality of the toy in the long run. Even more amazing, both silicone and TPE materials are hypo allergic, meaning that while using products made from them, there is no possibility of skin irritation or illness.

The inscribed skeleton that supports the toy is completely padded and frail so as to avoid causing any injury to you when having sex. The sex toy is completely safe to have sex with the extensive quality assurance test over the years confirming so. However, considering that sex dolls come in carrying shapes and sizes, it is advisable to avoid using your back to lift heavy toys as this can cause back problems.




Are Sex Dolls Legal in Canada?

In Canada, the sale and use of sex dolls is legal in all of the provinces. The only prohibited sex dolls are those that depict prepubescent children in terms of size and physical features.

Note: This should not be considered actual legal advice.  Please consult a legal professional in Canada for legal advice.  We speak only anecdotally from our own previous experience.

If you can remember well, the famous 2017 case involving Kenneth Harrison getting arrested for a child sex doll, happened in Canada. Harrison, an electrician from St, John’s was arraigned in court on charges of being in possession of child pornography and mailing explicit matter. The said prepubescent doll was on its way to St. John’s from Japan in 2013, when the Border Services Agency intercepted it. Harrison was also charged with smuggling and possession of illegal goods. The psychiatrist on the case greatly condemned the use of prepubescent child size sex dolls terming it as anatomically incorrect and a great promoter of pedophilia culture.

The famous Kenneth Harrison case enlightens on the seriousness of using childlike sex dolls. Trust me, this can happen to you when you fall into the hands of unlicensed sex doll dealers that do not conform to the international legal and health guidelines. Actually, a number of unsuspecting customers have been scammed into buying low-quality sex doll. You don’t want this happen to you. Do you? Well, www.esdoll.com got you.
All the sex dolls that we sell are legal in Canada and very safe to use. Regardless of their shapes and sizes, the pleasure dolls conform to the set international health and legal guidelines. Having the customer’s interest in our heart, all our products are designed to ensure that you enjoy them to the maximum.
Here at www.esdoll.com we value our clients and are committed to providing the best of service. The period between you ordering your preferred sex doll and getting it is normally 1-2 weeks. This time is basically for production and shipping. Additionally, we pay for all the shipping costs and you don’t have to incur extra costs. Packaging is done in a discrete manner using unlabeled material to ensure privacy.
The legality of sex dolls in Canada is surely important considering the numerous benefits that sex dolls have. Sex dolls are an amazing alternative and an ideal way to come back from a horrible or terrifying experience in a relationship. These magical dolls are a great way to spice up your sex life with your partner without necessarily cheating on them. Amazingly, the sex doll can also act as a step towards getting into the dating world; you can use the doll to learn of how to eventually treat your partner later on in a relationship.
The numerous designs are meant to meet the taste and preference of the vast market and which has fueled the acceptance of these pleasure gods globally. The fact that a sex doll remains as a virgin until the day you purchase her makes them even more amazing. The sex doll is definitely a safer alternative for sex as compared to escorts and you don’t have to think of Sexually Transmitted Infections or unwanted pregnancies (that’s a great plus). Additionally, sex dolls lack emotions and personality making them the completely submissive and undistracted.
Check out our sex doll collection here and get yourself your dream sex doll and enjoy value for your money. All our dolls are legal and meet the safety requirements. The dolls are tested and will never get to you if they do not meet the quality assurance tests. We have numerous sex dolls which are all available for you and our professionals will guide you in choosing the ideal doll for you (one that matches your needs).  Just hit us up with a message and one of our representatives will get back to you in no time.

Are Sex Dolls Legal In The USA?

YES, in the United States, sex dolls are legal with the exception of the child looking sex dolls. Here at www.esdoll.com, all our sex dolls ranging from the mini dolls, the torsos and life-size sex dolls are legal. We greatly value our customers and all our products are tailored to enhance customer satisfaction.
The greatest nightmare would be getting arrested for buying a sex doll. Right? This might actually happen to you if you buy your doll from scammers who illegally trade childlike sex dolls.  So, always avoid buying pre-pubescent small dolls as they are illegal in the United States. These type of dolls promote pedophilia, a psychiatric condition that causes sexual attraction to the children.

Note: This should not be considered actual legal advice.  Please consult a legal professional in the United States for legal advice.  We speak only anecdotally from our own previous experience.

Sex doll ordered from us will take 1-2 weeks for production and shipping. We take care of all the shipments costs to all the states and you won’t incur any additional costs. Additionally, we pack the doll in a discrete manner in consideration of the customer’s privacy.

Initially, sex dolls were seen as a taboo with some stigma associated with the subject. However, over the recent past, these pleasure aids have gained popularity and more people have embraced them. People have come to learn about the numerous benefits that the dolls come with and the fact that opening up about the topic is actually beneficial.

With the advancement in research in the sex dolls industry, the future looks better; the latest advancement being the human-like response to different situations by the dolls. And while everyone has their reason for buying a sex doll, we all appreciate the unimaginable level of submissiveness that these pleasure gods possess. The dolls are undistracted and always available for you (every man dreams of this).

Probably, the best thing about these amazing dolls, they are very flexible and will have you try the craziest stunts with minimal strain. Amazing. Right?

Visit our sex dolls page and get yourself your dream sex doll and enjoy value for your money. All our dolls are legal and meet the safety requirements. The dolls are tested and will never get to you if they do not meet the quality assurance tests. We have numerous sex dolls which are all available and our professionals will guide you in choosing the ideal doll for you (one that matches your needs).  Just hit us up with a message and one of our representatives will get back to you in no time.

148cm Misato Silicone Sex Angel Doll-14

Sex Dolls with AI – The Sex Industry’s Future

This month the first love doll brothel in the western world was opened, marking a hallmark first step in the quickly changing sex industry. What will the future of sex tourism look like and do humanoid robots have any place in this future?

It is quickly becoming clear that the answer to the latter question is “yes”, and in this article you will find out why more and more sex tourists are starting to choose humanoid robot dolls over regular prostitutes and how this will change the way we think of the sex industry, and maybe even sex itself.



The sex industry has been around for as long as anyone can remember, but despite this, it is still currently a fast growing industry. The desire for sex is always present in both men and women and the stigma around fulfilling these desires for a monetary price is disappearing slowly but surely, resulting in a booming sex industry. According to Alfred Kinsey’s 1948 study, 69% of the white male population of the USA at the time had been in sexual intercourse with a prostitute at some point in their life. It is fair to say that a vast majority of men have at the very least considered buying sex in one form or another in their lives, and with robot sex tourism, it is going to become increasingly simple to purchase sexual services, without fear of social shame or sex diseases.

Sex doll brothels or “robot brothels” are a quickly growing trend in the world, with new and unique clubs opening all the time, offering customers creative ways to fulfill any of their sexual fantasies and desires.

Sex dolls have become ultra-realistic and can be customized according to the clients wishes

South Korea and Japan are on the forefront of these changes in the sex industry. The doll renting services in Japan have already changed the prostitution market significantly. Doll No Mori (Forest of Dolls) started their 24/7 doll escort service in southern Tokyo and the Kanagawa prefecture in 2004. They started with 4 sex dolls and according to them, they made back their initial investment within just one month of starting their service. The company has many repeat customers, and most of them choose sessions lasting for 2 hours. One 70-minute session with a doll costs around 110$ or 13,000 yen.



After the commercial interest in this service became apparent from Japan’s example, South Koreans quickly started to cash in on the market as well. In 2005 South Korean love hotels were already hiring out sex doll rooms for around $25 per hour, with a computer and a bed being included in the price. South Koreans were very eager to spend their time and money on these services and the robot sex industry had an explosive start, just as it had in Japan.

The success stories of these early sex doll renting businesses show that this is just the beginning of things to come. All of these mentioned brothels used regular static sex dolls, but in the future sex dolls will be capable of so much more. In the near future, as these brothels start implementing sex dolls with artificial intelligence, customers will be able to recreate their exact fantasies – they will be able to change the voice, knowledge, topics of conversation, virtual interests, personality, age of the doll, according to their liking. As the quality of these sex dolls increases and as they start implementing moving and vibrating components, sex dolls with artificial intelligence, then the possibilities for success in the sex doll renting industry are limitless.

If these examples from South Korea and Japan have taught us anything, it is that there is a large demand for these sex doll renting services and where there is demand, there will be suppliers. Sex doll brothels are here to stay, whether you like it or dislike it, and let’s face it, most men will begin to like rather than dislike this growing trend.

We have now established that the Asian world is embracing the culture of sex doll brothels very rapidly, but what does this mean for the western world? Will sex dolls be able to have the same impact on the prostitution market in USA and Europe, as they did in Japan and South Korea?

Lets come back to the year 2017 and look at a fresh example – in 2017 a new brothel called ESDoll opened in Barcelona, giving customers the opportunity to rent a love doll of their liking. The owner of the club claims that these love dolls will “fulfill all their customers fantasies, without any limits” and make the brothel experience more pleasurable, exciting and erotic. This is the first club of its kind in Europe and the western world, but it will certainly not be the last. The opening of this club marks the beginning of a new era in the European sex industry and other European sex tourism centers, such as Amsterdam, are surely to follow this example set by Barcelona.

Image 1

Niky, one of the high-quality dolls offered by ESDoll
When we look at ESDoll, we can see into the world of modern sex doll brothels. The four dolls offered by ESDoll are of very high quality – they weigh around 90 lb (40 kg), their height is the same of your average woman, at 6 feet and 7 inches (1.7 meters). The dolls come with different clothing options, and the choosing rights are left to the customers. Customers can choose to recreate their long unrealized schoolgirl fantasies in a classroom, or even a sexual encounter with a policewoman. The dolls are made of thermoplastic elastomer and they come with oral, vaginal and anal cavities. Lubricants and condoms are optional, but they are both included in the session price and provided by the brothel. The brothel rooms all have a large plasma TV and different lighting options, giving customers the ability to create the lovemaking environment of their choice.

ESDoll are, before and after each service, disinfected with special antibacterial soaps. A 30 minute session in ESDoll costs around 85$.

The popularity of the ESDoll brothel in Barcelona sparked controversy and Aprosex – The Association of Sex Professionals in Spain, criticized the brothel for offering services which cannot match those of a real person and denigrates real sex workers to being just an object. This statement, however, is ill informed, because it will not be long until sex dolls with artificial intelligence can, in fact, match and perhaps even surpass the services offered by a real woman.

Controversy like this is to be expected, as the sex industry starts going through fundamental changes.

It is clear that sex doll brothels are here to stay. Until now they were a symbol of the changing attitudes in Asia, but the expansion into the western world will surely be quick, as more and more brothels begin to start their business. Will the next sex doll brothel be in USA, or perhaps in Amsterdam? Only time will tell.


esdoll logo

Interview With ESDOLL – The Biggest Online Sex Doll Shop

Want to get your hands on a high-end silicone sex doll? Or perhaps you want to create your own custom doll? This is your guy.

The sex doll industry has seen incredible growth in the last few years. It is an industry which is full of incredible creativity and passion, but also a social stigma. Premium sex dolls look completely photorealistic at this point, and this weirds many people out. Crossing the infamous uncanny valley will always invite criticism from those unaware, but there is no doubt that the sex doll industry will keep seeing explosive growth in the next decade.

We decided to reach out directly to those on the forefront of this growth, by getting in touch with ESDoll, an online sex doll store which currently has an impressively wide selection of options, with over 250 unique high-end models for sale. They were kind enough to give us an interview, and we are stoked to begin!

How did the ESDoll store find such success in a short amount of time, with all the competition going around? Here is what Joe from ESDoll had to say about everything regarding sex dolls.

CYBERDEAR: How did the ESDoll website get started? What was the motivation behind it?

JOE: Sex dolls are still taboo and nobody really wants to talk about them. However, the reality is, that nowadays we are more connected than ever before through technology, but at the same time, we are getting more and more disconnected from each other, resulting in loneliness and struggles with social relationships.

Sex dolls aren’t made just for sexual purposes. Most of our customers develop an emotional relationship with them and we receive letters of gratitude every week from customers who are grateful to us because our sex dolls changed their lives and emotional wellbeing completely. A sex doll can solve that emotional or affectional need, they can provide companionship and they have been helping both men and women improve their relationships. We have plenty of incredible stories on our blog.

I see that your doll selection has grown into one of the largest in the industry. Where did you find all these sex dolls?

We manufacture our own dolls based on the needs and desires of our customers, and we also sell sex dolls manufactured by other well-known brands. We agree with you that we have the most extensive doll bodies selection online, with a wide selection of pre-built dolls and endless customization options to build your own doll. This shows our dedication to provide our customers exactly that doll which they would want as a companion. Dolls are leaving that social stigma status and are becoming more popular these days. New technologies allow us to create even more realistic looking models. We even have some sex robots and we are working on even more advanced designs for the future.

Sex doll brothels have been gaining popularity in the world. How do you feel about them?

We have been contacted by numerous brothels and we have even supplied to some, but what most people don’t know is that most of them have already closed at this point. In our opinion, dolls aren’t designed for that type of industry. The customers of such businesses will do anything they want with the doll, without caring for its safety. This brings many problems. Dolls can be delicate, so in most cases, the dolls will be broken after 1 or 2 customers. This will never happen to a personal doll which is cared for and maintained properly. Someone who is renting a doll for one hour doesn’t really care about this and will most probably destroy the doll. You can check the news to see how the first Sex Doll Brothel in Spain already closed its doors. If you really want a doll, you have to treat it well and care about it, this way the doll will last for many years. We have seen this with many of our customers.

Sex dolls are becoming more and more realistic every single month. What do you think sex dolls will look like in 10 years?

They will be more intelligent than humans… they won’t be just dolls anymore, but instead, they will be robots with artificial intelligence. We are not saying that they are designed to replace anyone and we cannot condone the objectification of women. However, the sex doll industry is always continuously challenging itself to make the dolls as realistic as possible, to make them like a real woman in every way. At the moment, we are working on artificial intelligence for sex dolls which can carry out a natural conversation, together with facial expressions. It will be capable of having sensual conversations and telling all kinds of naughty jokes. It will be launched soon and this gives us some idea of where we will be going in the next 10 years.

Sex doll owners are always debating whether TPE or Silicone is a better choice. What do you think?

Both materials are great, and I always suggest to just forget about the material and focus on picking body and face designs which you like the most. What I can say is that silicone is a durable material, and of course, silicone dolls have the upper hand on durability. At first, there were only silicone dolls available, but the industry kept on growing and TPE was produced. Basically, Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and silicone. This material enhances the look and feel of the doll, and you could say that the realism of TPE sex dolls is greater than their silicone counterparts. If durability is your top priority, then go for silicone, but if you desire your doll to have a more realistic look and feel, then choose a TPE doll. It’s like with iron and gold – iron has more durability but gold looks more beautiful. Beauty comes at a cost and overall I would recommend TPE over silicone.

What recommendations would you give to someone, who is looking to buy the very first sex doll in their life?

If I was a person wanting to buy a sex doll for the very first time, then I would consider the following factors:

• Budget
• Material
• Size & Height of the sex doll
• Shape and Figure (I want her body to be like J LO)
• Customizations options with which I want to customize the body (e.g. Hairs, Color of Eyes, Skin color)
• Shipping & Handling
• Look for a trusted and reputable doll vendor who has proven success in building and delivering dolls

So, I would cover as many of these topics as much as I can for my first doll, to get exactly that product which I desired for.

Do you have any personal tips or tricks for hiding a life-size sex doll, when it’s not being used? I know many people who are afraid of buying a sex doll only because they think it will be found by their family or friends.

Closets are a simple, effective and cheap storing method. Most people use closets to store their sex dolls. The most effective method of storing a doll inside a closet is by hanging from a closet bar. This way you can preserve all of the body parts of the doll and neither the butt nor the breasts will not flatten.

Why do you think so many people feel ashamed when buying a sex doll? Where does this unnecessary stigma come from?

Traditionally, most likely for cultural and religious reasons, everything related to sex has been taboo. Most customers still feel uneasy when purchasing a sex doll, but the reality is, that the sex doll community is bigger than what most people think and dolls have been changing many lives for the better. We hope to see this stigma fading away soon as dolls are becoming more mainstream.

Do you have a personal favorite sex doll on your website?

I like every sex doll which is displayed at the ESDoll store. Or maybe more accurate would be to say that we only sell the sex dolls which we like the most. As every doll has a different personality and a unique design, you can always find something to like about them. I really do like them all.

What is in the future for ESDoll?

We are working hard to release new models in the store every month and to offer the best products for our customers. The future is always difficult to predict, but we are confident that we will see sex doll robots and that sex dolls will become completely mainstream, and the social stigma surrounding them will disappear with time.

We hope you enjoyed this interview with the leaders of the sex doll industry. If you wish to find out more about ESDoll and their selection of dolls, take a look at their website. They offer free international shipping in a stealthy and discreet crate to all customers.