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Latvian woman becomes a lifelike love doll

The supreme goal of all sex doll producers is to create a doll that is so real that it is indistinguishable from a living person. Producers go to great lengths to develop realistic skin, hair, eyes, joints and, most recently, voices. All of this effort and research is to imitate the living, but one woman from Latvia is going the other way with her experiment.

Victoria Wild is a 30-year old woman who spent $50,000 of her boyfriend’s money on plastic surgery to become what she calls a “bimbo doll.” Starting when she was 25, Ms. Wild began having surgeries on her breasts, hips, buttocks, lips, nose and who knows what else in order to shape herself into a living sex doll.

Victoria says that the desire to resemble a sex toy came to her as a child living in a small country village in her native Latvia, where she says, “I loved the way dolls looked and how sexy they were. They are so bright and bold. It was this fantasy in my head.”

Luckily for her she found a boyfriend willing to front the cost of the surgeries. His name is Simon and he is apparently a successful Italian businessman. According to his surgically altered girlfriend, “Simon loves my sex doll look. I’m a bombshell now…Simon’s so proud of the attention I get.”

If nothing else, Simon can claim to be the owner of the most realistic sex doll on earth. Although, there are many cheaper versions that would probably work just as well.

Realistic Sex Dolls

Who needs silicone sex dolls?

The development of science and technology to this day, the new high-simulation silicone sex doll is just no heartbeat cannot speak only, her appearance is more beautiful than the real person, feel, the current silicone sex doll has been widely used in many different fields and praised by users.

1. Adults over the age of 18 who are divorced, widowed, etc. can use silicone sex dolls as sexual partners.

2. Temporary single persons, such as temporary single men who cannot have sex during their pregnancy.

3, the simulation people model, soldiers, cosplay and other collectors.

4, film and television crew purchase is used to replace the real person.

5, the medical teaching model.

6, art painting model.

7, clothing jewelry model display.

8, shopping malls, companies and other front-end shopping guides and other unknown areas are also using high-simulation silicone sex dolls.



sex doll and held a wedding

After the divorce, the man lived with the sex doll and held a wedding.

The 40-year-old man Dirk has a special “wife” Jenny who has been with him for more than four years. The reason why she is special is that she is not a real person, but a silicone sex doll.This silicone doll was bought by Dirk for six thousand euros.

German photographer Sandra and Dirk met on the Internet. After learning about his situation, Sandra decided to take a photo of him to record the life of Dilke and the silicone “wife”.

At the beginning, Dirk was very vigilant, afraid that his secrets would be discovered by others, and others would say that he was a pervert. But after they communicated, But after they communicated, Dirk agreed to shoot, but the request was not to show his face, nor to use the real name.

Dirk had a bad marriage before this,There is another child,Eventually divorced his wife, and the child left with his ex-wife. Dirk said he was exhausted in that marriage.

Later, Dilke bought this silicone doll Jenny. He felt very happy with Jenny. The two were very happy and would never quarrel because of trivial matters.

Later, Dirk felt more and more love Jenny,Dirk takes her as him wife And a wedding was held at home.

Dirk said that he was very afraid of loneliness, and Jenny was able to accompany him quietly. He liked this quiet life very much.

The things about Dirk and Jenny are not known to anyone else, even their ex-wife does not understand,He closes the window early every day and doesn’t want to be discovered by neighbors.

Now, Dirk understands that his lifestyle will not be understood by others. He hopes that one day he can go out with Jenny boldly.

Jenny, a silicone product, her skin slowly begins to fall off. Dirk will take care of her bath very carefully and use professional talcum powder.

Dirk also pays special attention to his health habits, shaving every night, fearing to scratch her skin when she is intimate with Jenny.

For Sandra, the photographer who recorded Dilke’s life, she just wanted to record Dilke’s life. When people are lonely, they can find a kind of sustenance.

Sandra wants to break people’s prejudice against Dilke through this set of photos and be able to treat those who have their own attitudes to life fairly. Everyone has their own way live.

Sex dolls worth $60,000 become “new toys” for local men

“There is a kind of sex doll recently, the price is very outrageous, the average price is as high as 60,000 US dollars because these dolls are privately customized, you can customize according to your hobbies.

Most of these sex dolls are purchased by wealthy seniors. Because their partner died, they were very lonely. they need to be accompanied, and some can be customized according to the appearance of their wife. In their eyes, these dolls can replace their wives.

The manufacturers of sex dolls also promise to the buyer that they can satisfy all the requirements of the customer. The color of the inclusive sex doll face, skin and nails can be customized according to your request. Buyers take these sex dolls as their wives to take care of them!

Some buyers will also let sex dolls do things that their wives like to do during their lifetime. This sex doll is modeled after his wife sitting at the table and playing computer.

They will also spend the sun in the yard with the sex dolls! Their sons or grandchildren do not recognize their practices, and they cannot change their wish to find a wife…..”

kill sex doll

A man found a woman suicide on the balcony of a neighbor’s home,When the police arrived……

[Introduction] There are a lot of things that are sometimes not as we have seen, and something has happened recently. When a man came home in the middle of the night, he saw a woman in the neighbor’s house hanging on the balcony, and he was so scared that he quickly called the police.

This is a community where a man returns home after work in the middle of the night and passes through his neighbor’s balcony and suddenly sees a woman hanging up.

This man quickly picked up the phone and called the police. After the police arrived, police watched the scene and the police immediately went to the house.

After the police and the man entered, they did not expect to make people laugh. The door was opened by a man. The original balcony was not a woman hanging up, but a sex doll.

This sex doll has just been washed on the balcony,Then the hang on the balcony,The man next door thought that there was a woman who committed suicide on the balcony,Although this is a bit funny,But this man’s behavior is still very good.


silicone doll life

A father and son raised seven silicone dolls in China

We have spent 100,000 yuan to raise seven silicone dolls.

The “hobbies” of a pair of fathers and sons in Guizhou have puzzled many people. When they say the reason for raising the doll, the netizens remain silent…

The 58-year-old Guizhou is now a freelancer. Since divorcing his wife in 2004, he raised his 5-year-old son, Yang Yang.

In 2010, I first saw a beautiful doll. I wanted to buy it when I was born. Later, my son went to school every day. He was always alone at home, so he bought a young doll to accompany himself.

Sex dolls are the same as real people. There are bones and muscles. Adult features have also been retained but never used.

For them, these dolls are members of their family. They will celebrate the birthday of the doll…

There are seven complete dolls in the house, and it costs about 100,000. Dust often dresses, photographs, and shoots MVs for ‘her’…

When the son was an adult, he sent a doll to the son to make a gift. Dust hopes that his son can use the doll as an adult product. He does not want his son to find a woman to go home in order to solve his own problems.

However, Yang Yang only treats ‘her’ as a sister. “Everything is born with the meaning of ‘her’.” My sister’s birth is that I have to take care of ‘her’.”

Yang Yang’s mother also called her son after seeing the news report, and advised her son not to learn his father, not to learn this abnormal behavior.

In this regard, Yang Yang is also very angry, he feels that the mother just regards the doll as an adult product… Yang Yang said that the doll has the shortcoming of ‘her’, but the real person also has shortcomings, but the doll will never betray oneself.

Whenever there is a chance, the dust will bring his own doll to participate in the exhibition. Exquisite and beautiful dolls also attracted a lot of people to watch.

Dust said that in his own heart, the doll is alive. Sometimes I drive a long-distance car alone, and the doll sits on the co-pilot, just like someone is accompanying myself.

Regarding the hype that the outside world said, the dust said “no need to respond.”

It is also normal for people who use dolls as adult products for dust. They are more abnormal than those outside them, and those who are moral but unrealistic are normal.

Dust is now planned to do business in selling physical doll costumes. Father and son said they want more dolls to show the most beautiful side.


How long does a sex doll last?(client feedback)

3 Furry Sex Dolls Who Will Fulfill All Your Kinky Desires


sex doll story

Guys and Dolls: Lonely Hearts Seek Love not Lust

Hunks of silicone draped in white bikinis hang heavy on hooks in a Dalian factory. In this city in Liaoning province in northeastern China, designers are deciding on each model’s individual look, makeup artists are applying cosmetics, and these human effigies are coming to life, sort of, with fashion senses all their own. The best of them get the star treatment, being sent off for photo shoots and becoming centerfolds in their own right. They’re then packaged and shipped off to their mostly male owners in China, Japan, the United States, and elsewhere.

This pseudo-people go by a variety of names: love dolls, entity dolls, and perhaps most famously, sex dolls. Whatever name their owners prefer, they’re certainly not the cheap body balloons sold in sex shops. Today factories are designing high-quality dolls in different shapes, with specific features, skin colors, hairstyles, and even levels of suppleness. To owners, the dolls have identities.

Yu Zhenguo, 58, is a biochemist in a small town 80 kilometers outside Guiyang, the provincial capital of Guizhou province in southwestern China. He’s building a villa with, for the sake of privacy, a large courtyard. Though nobody lives opposite the property, he’s still outfitting it with tinted windows. On the other side of the glass will live two dolls, purchased after a divorce left him alone, and his son without a caretaker. With no new flame in sight, he found this unorthodox solution.

Yu explains there are five groups of doll collectors. The first and most infamous are those who have sex in mind. The second fancy themselves fathers to the dolls; for them, sex is out of the question. Third are curious people with spare cash, and fourth are jiali dun, a group of extreme shut-ins. Fifth are women who dress the dolls up like life-size Barbies.

Back in his current home, Yu’s two prizes rest on a bed alongside an assortment of their many outfits. Most of the clothes are in the traditional style of China’s Bouyei minority, a group to which Yu himself belongs. Yu and his son often dress the dolls up and take them on outings. He’s made a name for himself among doll collectors, who have named him “Uncle Yu.”

Uncle Yu is planning to start his own doll costume design business.

Song Bo sees his 1.4-meter-tall Japanese schoolgirl lookalike as his daughter. He sometimes takes “Butterfly” out with him on the street, leading to unpleasant reactions. He’s used to it. “It’s fine unless they criticize us to my face,” Song told Sixth Tone’s sister publication The Paper.

Five years ago Song, now 29, was diagnosed with a potentially deadly growth in his skull. Following his doctor’s advice, he was able to manage the growth without surgery. “The mass could have damaged my nerves or caused seizures,” he said. He refuses to marry because of this, believing he’d first have to admit to his partner that he’s ill. “My kid might lose his father,” he said. After breaking up with his girlfriend, he purchased Butterfly. He’s never had sex with her.

The song shares his adventures with Butterfly on Weibo. Some reject him, and others, including a large share of his 130,000 followers, commend him. “I don’t care what people think about me,” he said.

Thirty-six-year-old Zhang Fan from Beijing named his doll “Liu Ying” after a girl he once admired from afar. He doesn’t mind discussing his sexual encounters with Liu. “On the first day I received the package, I wanted to have sex with her that night, but I failed.” He didn’t clarify what went wrong.

Zhang has a ritual. He usually presses Liu’s clothes after work on weekdays, and on weekends he dresses her up and takes her out to parks for photos. His parents’ only child, they allow him this pleasure under one condition: “You can play with the toy however you like as long as you marry in the future,” he said they told him.

Despite two previous failed relationships, Zhang denies his love for Liu is the result of those disappointments. Marriage, he said, only brings pressure to earn money, buy a home, and father children. He wants none of that — no progeny and no wife. What he does want is a deeper connection with Liu, and he somehow hopes to communicate with her spiritually. He imagines himself the director of a love story replete with scenes of shopping trips and travels. “If this wasn’t true love, not even I would believe in it,” he said.

Song, Yu, Zhang, and others like them face problems with acceptance. But the internet is where all manner of tastes and subcultures thrive. The growing love doll community has taken to spaces on the web where admirers can commune. One such space on Baidu Tieba, an extensive collection of forum-like “bars,” numbers 61,000 members and 540,000 posts. Users share tips on how to care for their dolls’ hair, act natural when taking them out in public, and deal with balking family members. Photographs of dolls gussied up in skimpy outfits and arranged in suggestive poses also abound.

Users post photos of their elaborate assembling processes to the delight of other members. One member, “xfsc2007,” posted dozens of pictures documenting his assembling of a popular brand of doll, but he insisted he’d only dress up the figurine, not attempt sex with it. Another member put in a request just in case: “If there comes a time when you can’t resist making love to her, please let me know how it goes.”

As the community grows, so too has media attention. One news post showed an owner ready for a fight after onlookers touched his doll. Doll lovers responded with similar fury. “How could those people touch your wife like that?” one netizen said. “If I were you, I would also beat him!”

Despite all the fuss, Zhang maintains a positive outlook.

“When you expose beautiful things to the sunshine, things as beautiful as these dolls, the hostility can’t bother you,” he said. “If they say I’ve discarded ethics and descended down to the bottom of society, I’d ask them to question where exactly that bottom lies.”

The story of happiness: don’t care about other people’s eyes, my love with my sex doll

58-year-old uncle is in love with his sex doll


sex doll story

Japanese uncle falls in love with beautiful sex dolls story

Recently, according to foreign media reports, Japan’s 61-year-old uncle fell in love with a beautiful sex doll, although his uncle is a married man and has two sons. But the uncle is crazy about falling in love with this sex doll, and is with the sex doll every day. You see, my uncle is debugging the water temperature and is ready to bathe the doll.

Uncle with love doll shopping

Uncle must tell the sex doll a story of his own before going to bed.

Uncle is picking a wig for the love doll

Uncle and love doll ride a boat in the park

Doll and uncle watching TV together

Must bring a wheelchair when traveling

Uncle will definitely remember to wear a seat belt for the doll when driving out.

Uncle concentrates on fixing the body for the doll

Love Doll sitting on the uncle’s lap and watching TV together

Uncle went out with his Love doll in his arms

Uncle combs hair for the Love doll

This kind of true love is difficult for most people to understand.


Photographer Documents His Intimate Relationship With A Lifelike Sex Doll

My sex doll is so much better than my real wife



doll lover

58-year-old uncle is in love with his sex doll

Phil, a 58-year-old man, chose to spend a lifetime with Trin, a quiet sex doll. He often used a wheelchair to push Trish to the bar to spend time. Phil said that the doll was bought for $2,600 (about 17,000 yuan). Come back, it looks no different from real people. Now Phil’s friends also like Trish very much. Every time they meet, they are looking forward to it.

Every time before going out, Phil will dress up Trish carefully, and then he will gently hold it to the wheelchair and go out with it. At the same time, Phil did his best to convince the bar owner to let him agree to bring Trish to drink.

For Phil, Trish is a real woman. He feels very happy when he is with Trish, so whether he accepts it or not, he will spend his life with this expensive doll.

Phil’s friend said that he didn’t care about Phil’s act of treating an inanimate sex doll as his wife. On the contrary, he thought it was cool, and in fact Phil was a very good person, and many people liked him very much.

Phil also said that he is not a paranoid patient. It is really a happy thing to have a beautiful woman to accompany him every day. He is very satisfied with his current life.

It is understood that Phil intends to propose to his sex doll Trish recently. He has already chosen the location to buy the ring. The only thing he expects now is that Trish can nod his consent on the day of the proposal.




Russia World Cup robot brothel opens high simulation beauty 60 pounds for one hour

According to British media reports, Russia’s first robotic brothel was officially opened, hoping to attract visitors from all directions during the World Cup, and even hope that the participating players will come to patronize.

Hostel Room Hotel Room
Create atmosphere and create atmosphere
“Daily Mail” said that this “Doll Hostel” opened in the Moscow business district, the price of the room is about 18 to 29 pounds per hour, but this price does not include beauty doll service, if you want high-simulation “machine” Accompanied by beautiful women, the price is 60 pounds per hour. Customers can choose from different types and sizes of beauty robots. They all have their own names, such as Lolita, Sasha, and Islay.

High simulation companion high simulation companion
A Hostel Hostel spokesperson said: “We are looking forward to a large number of visitors during the World Cup. There will be many foreign guests, including from England. We have received special permission from the government to entertain foreign guests. As for the players If coaches permit, we also welcome them.”

Will the players come? Will the players come?
Different sex doll styles
The founder of the hostel, Dmitry Alexandrov, said that the idea of ​​a robotic partner is beneficial to society and the general public. “According to the survey, about 36% of Russians are not satisfied with their sexual life. This idea is not only legal but also safe. It can enhance people’s sexual experience. It is also helpful for those who have mental illnesses. For example, in Spain, 30% of guests have psychological problems. This new experience can help them alleviate their problems.”

Oriental face oriental face
According to Russian sexologists who have experienced the service of the hostel, the machine dolls have a high degree of simulation, the “skin” is delicate and soft, and brings people’s feelings beyond expectations, even more than real people, and the built-in intelligent system enables dolls. The only drawback to mimicking a human-related reaction is that a lot of lubricant must be used.

170cm sex doll