Sex dolls worth $60,000 become “new toys” for local men

“There is a kind of sex doll recently, the price is very outrageous, the average price is as high as 60,000 US dollars because these dolls are privately customized, you can customize according to your hobbies.

Most of these sex dolls are purchased by wealthy seniors. Because their partner died, they were very lonely. they need to be accompanied, and some can be customized according to the appearance of their wife. In their eyes, these dolls can replace their wives.

The manufacturers of sex dolls also promise to the buyer that they can satisfy all the requirements of the customer. The color of the inclusive sex doll face, skin and nails can be customized according to your request. Buyers take these sex dolls as their wives to take care of them!

Some buyers will also let sex dolls do things that their wives like to do during their lifetime. This sex doll is modeled after his wife sitting at the table and playing computer.

They will also spend the sun in the yard with the sex dolls! Their sons or grandchildren do not recognize their practices, and they cannot change their wish to find a wife…..”

sex doll story

Guys and Dolls: Lonely Hearts Seek Love not Lust

Hunks of silicone draped in white bikinis hang heavy on hooks in a Dalian factory. In this city in Liaoning province in northeastern China, designers are deciding on each model’s individual look, makeup artists are applying cosmetics, and these human effigies are coming to life, sort of, with fashion senses all their own. The best of them get the star treatment, being sent off for photo shoots and becoming centerfolds in their own right. They’re then packaged and shipped off to their mostly male owners in China, Japan, the United States, and elsewhere.

This pseudo-people go by a variety of names: love dolls, entity dolls, and perhaps most famously, sex dolls. Whatever name their owners prefer, they’re certainly not the cheap body balloons sold in sex shops. Today factories are designing high-quality dolls in different shapes, with specific features, skin colors, hairstyles, and even levels of suppleness. To owners, the dolls have identities.

Yu Zhenguo, 58, is a biochemist in a small town 80 kilometers outside Guiyang, the provincial capital of Guizhou province in southwestern China. He’s building a villa with, for the sake of privacy, a large courtyard. Though nobody lives opposite the property, he’s still outfitting it with tinted windows. On the other side of the glass will live two dolls, purchased after a divorce left him alone, and his son without a caretaker. With no new flame in sight, he found this unorthodox solution.

Yu explains there are five groups of doll collectors. The first and most infamous are those who have sex in mind. The second fancy themselves fathers to the dolls; for them, sex is out of the question. Third are curious people with spare cash, and fourth are jiali dun, a group of extreme shut-ins. Fifth are women who dress the dolls up like life-size Barbies.

Back in his current home, Yu’s two prizes rest on a bed alongside an assortment of their many outfits. Most of the clothes are in the traditional style of China’s Bouyei minority, a group to which Yu himself belongs. Yu and his son often dress the dolls up and take them on outings. He’s made a name for himself among doll collectors, who have named him “Uncle Yu.”

Uncle Yu is planning to start his own doll costume design business.

Song Bo sees his 1.4-meter-tall Japanese schoolgirl lookalike as his daughter. He sometimes takes “Butterfly” out with him on the street, leading to unpleasant reactions. He’s used to it. “It’s fine unless they criticize us to my face,” Song told Sixth Tone’s sister publication The Paper.

Five years ago Song, now 29, was diagnosed with a potentially deadly growth in his skull. Following his doctor’s advice, he was able to manage the growth without surgery. “The mass could have damaged my nerves or caused seizures,” he said. He refuses to marry because of this, believing he’d first have to admit to his partner that he’s ill. “My kid might lose his father,” he said. After breaking up with his girlfriend, he purchased Butterfly. He’s never had sex with her.

The song shares his adventures with Butterfly on Weibo. Some reject him, and others, including a large share of his 130,000 followers, commend him. “I don’t care what people think about me,” he said.

Thirty-six-year-old Zhang Fan from Beijing named his doll “Liu Ying” after a girl he once admired from afar. He doesn’t mind discussing his sexual encounters with Liu. “On the first day I received the package, I wanted to have sex with her that night, but I failed.” He didn’t clarify what went wrong.

Zhang has a ritual. He usually presses Liu’s clothes after work on weekdays, and on weekends he dresses her up and takes her out to parks for photos. His parents’ only child, they allow him this pleasure under one condition: “You can play with the toy however you like as long as you marry in the future,” he said they told him.

Despite two previous failed relationships, Zhang denies his love for Liu is the result of those disappointments. Marriage, he said, only brings pressure to earn money, buy a home, and father children. He wants none of that — no progeny and no wife. What he does want is a deeper connection with Liu, and he somehow hopes to communicate with her spiritually. He imagines himself the director of a love story replete with scenes of shopping trips and travels. “If this wasn’t true love, not even I would believe in it,” he said.

Song, Yu, Zhang, and others like them face problems with acceptance. But the internet is where all manner of tastes and subcultures thrive. The growing love doll community has taken to spaces on the web where admirers can commune. One such space on Baidu Tieba, an extensive collection of forum-like “bars,” numbers 61,000 members and 540,000 posts. Users share tips on how to care for their dolls’ hair, act natural when taking them out in public, and deal with balking family members. Photographs of dolls gussied up in skimpy outfits and arranged in suggestive poses also abound.

Users post photos of their elaborate assembling processes to the delight of other members. One member, “xfsc2007,” posted dozens of pictures documenting his assembling of a popular brand of doll, but he insisted he’d only dress up the figurine, not attempt sex with it. Another member put in a request just in case: “If there comes a time when you can’t resist making love to her, please let me know how it goes.”

As the community grows, so too has media attention. One news post showed an owner ready for a fight after onlookers touched his doll. Doll lovers responded with similar fury. “How could those people touch your wife like that?” one netizen said. “If I were you, I would also beat him!”

Despite all the fuss, Zhang maintains a positive outlook.

“When you expose beautiful things to the sunshine, things as beautiful as these dolls, the hostility can’t bother you,” he said. “If they say I’ve discarded ethics and descended down to the bottom of society, I’d ask them to question where exactly that bottom lies.”

The story of happiness: don’t care about other people’s eyes, my love with my sex doll

58-year-old uncle is in love with his sex doll


sex doll story

Japanese uncle falls in love with beautiful sex dolls story

Recently, according to foreign media reports, Japan’s 61-year-old uncle fell in love with a beautiful sex doll, although his uncle is a married man and has two sons. But the uncle is crazy about falling in love with this sex doll, and is with the sex doll every day. You see, my uncle is debugging the water temperature and is ready to bathe the doll.

Uncle with love doll shopping

Uncle must tell the sex doll a story of his own before going to bed.

Uncle is picking a wig for the love doll

Uncle and love doll ride a boat in the park

Doll and uncle watching TV together

Must bring a wheelchair when traveling

Uncle will definitely remember to wear a seat belt for the doll when driving out.

Uncle concentrates on fixing the body for the doll

Love Doll sitting on the uncle’s lap and watching TV together

Uncle went out with his Love doll in his arms

Uncle combs hair for the Love doll

This kind of true love is difficult for most people to understand.


Photographer Documents His Intimate Relationship With A Lifelike Sex Doll

My sex doll is so much better than my real wife



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5 Tips For Disabled Men To Improve Their Sex Life

Did you know that approximately 10% of the world’s population represents persons with disability? Well, while disability numbers are significantly high in developing countries, and disability rates higher in females as compared to males, being disabled simply qualifies you in the world’s largest marginal group. According to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), disability rates are expected to escalate as one’s age advances, in fact, in developing countries, 25% of the population have at least one form of disability. The continued increase in the number of disabled persons can be attributed to factors such as:

Increase in the number of ageing persons, most of whom have impairments.
Estimated increase in the number of disabled minors especially in developing nations due to factors such as child labor, malnutrition, and disease prevalence.
Effects of war and conflicts on children. Three out of four children that encounter armed conflicts, acquire an enduring form of disability.
Disability is closely linked to poverty especially in developing economies. The less privileged people are more susceptible to disability owing to the fact that they lack access to quality medical care, nutrition, sanitation and are in most cases subjected to poor working conditions. Acquiring disabilities under such conditions worsens the situation as it creates obstacles that limit the access to education, public services, and employment that could help them evade poverty.

Disabled Mans’ Sex Lives
While sex is vital to the wellbeing of a person, people tend to think that the this does not apply to the disabled. Actually, people with a disability tend to feel unappealing and less worthy of intimate relationships, as they picture themselves unable to live up to the idealized image set by the society. Worse still is when disability kicks in later in life, the person compares their past and their present feeling greatly unappealing. Disabled stereotypes worsen the stigma that overwhelms sex and disability. Such myths include:
People with disabilities don’t require sex
Sex must be unplanned with a set time.
The topic of sex and disability is overrated
Sex between the disabled isn’t ‘real sex’
Persons with disabilities are not sexually attractive
Persons with disabilities do not require sexual education
Other needs surpass sex in disabled persons
People with disabilities should not have children.
So what about disabilities and sex life? Well, a disability is simply a physical or mental impairment that hinders one movement, sensitivity, and judgment. Diseases that hinder sex function, affect mobility, impair memory and medications that initiate sexual dysfunction are examples of ailments the affect disabled men sex life. Just like any other, disabled men sex life has been continuously disregarded and the physical and mental benefits that sex brings overlooked. While the topic is greatly talked about, delving deep into the challenges that disabled people face while striving to live a satisfying sex life just like everyone else has been assumed not only in the public but also in the medical profession.
Disabled people require a great deal of assistance to live satisfying sex lives, and with the stigma that continues to surround disability and sex, the issue has over the years been overlooked and avoided. For instance, while it might be very easy and comfortable for a person to offer a hand in the bathroom, the same person will feel squeamish about offering assistance in the bedroom to a disabled person. The whole process of ensuring a good sex life among the disabled requires a hoard of resources as well as training of caregivers to enable them to understand and help the disabled’s sexual needs.
The struggle to live a satisfying sex life for the disabled gets more challenging when one is living in shared environments especially with a relative. The attitude of the people around the disabled greatly affects their sexual needs especially when the people have no training and education to handle their sexual needs. Without a change of attitude on sexual needs for the disabled, those living in shared homes will continue being deprived of a basic need in their lives.
Why It’s Important For Disabled Men To Have More Sex
Disability can have a great effect on disabled men sex life. However, the same hurdles that the disabled encounter are the same that those with an active sex life face: self-esteem, confidence, overpowering bodily and psychological aspects of having sex and getting a partner. Disability can greatly build hindrances to your sex life but coming up with measures that cope up with the situation and adapting new ways of having sex can ensure that the disabled men sex life remains unaffected. While some disabilities can lead to loss of physical responsiveness around the genitals which can be a big blow to disabled men sex life, through creative sexual activities, they can still achieve, pleasure, closeness and even orgasm.  In such a scenario, talking to a medical practitioner can help improve disabled men sex life by identifying the various ways to have erogenous pleasure without involving the genital area. Ranging from touching body areas such as cheeks, the ears, the neck, the back and the hand to using different scents or sounds, outer course is a great way to enhance disabled men sex life without necessarily exchanging body fluids.
Publications such as the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority’s Supporting Sexual Health and Intimacy in Care Facilities contain manuals and procedures that seek to educate and guide clinicians in assisting the disabled patients and assist them to have a satisfying sex life. Though there is some discomfort that comes with advising or helping someone to have intimacy, such publications have been instrumental in educating the caregivers of the modifications in the sexuality of the disabled and has greatly inspired an appreciation of the fact that the caregivers actually play a vital part in enhancing a satisfying sex life.
Just like people having an active sexual life, those having a disabled sex life want a satisfying intimate life. Having a disability might qualify sex as the last things that one thinks of, especially for patients with spinal cord injuries or other disabilities that limit your flexibility and mobility. While this might be the case in some, there still is a good number of disabled men who strongly believe that disability should not curtail their ability to enjoy a fruitful sex life. With the disabled slightly disadvantaged in the dating world, disabled men sex life can be enhanced through a few measures that revolve towards lessening the stigma associated with disability and sex and ensuring more sex. Such factors include: finding a fellow disabled partner, joining disabled persons’ social groups, purchasing a realistic sex doll(s), signing up for online dating sites for the disabled and patronizing brothels.
How Disabled Men Can Have More Sex
#1. Finding a fellow disabled partner
Definitely the ideal way to spice up the disabled men sex life seeing that they are disadvantaged in the traditional dating world, marrying a fellow disabled partner means that the couple understands each other’s disorder and are willing to go that extra mile to live a satisfying sex life. While it might be daunting where one partner is not disabled, having both partners as disabled fosters confidence as both parties are on the same page which inspires some degree of motivation and initiative.
Marrying a fellow disabled partner is also important in diffusing the frustrations that may arise when trying to enjoy sex. Disabled men sex life is one that is full of challenges, requiring special resources and assistance, the last thing a disabled man wants is a partner that is not appreciative of his efforts to ensure the couple has a satisfying sex life. Having a disabled woman thus is great as she will understand and appreciate the struggle and efforts that you put in and will most likely be part of the process.
#2. Joining disabled person’s social groups.
Just as it is in marrying a fellow disabled partner, the secret here is to be around those people that can relate to your situation. With the stigma that surrounds disability and sex, disabled men sex life can be hectic but listening to and sharing your personal experiences with fellow disabled person guarantees a lot of learning and a much-needed motivation.
Look around for disabled person’s social groups and indulge in their activities. Have an open heart and make more friends (the more, the merrier). Making more friends is utterly important especially because it makes you have a number of indulgent people to turn to especially during your low moments.
#3. Purchase a sex doll
With the sex doll gaining more popularity and getting significant approvals in most societies over the years, these magical gods remain the best alternative to spice up disabled men sex life in a society that places the disabled in a disadvantaged position in the dating world. A realistic sex doll not only offers you an unapologetic sexual experience but also provides you an all-time submissive partner that is ready for you and will never judge or question you. The dolls are neither nagging nor are they affected by emotional and mood swings.
Purchasing a realistic sex doll is a great way to go about rejuvenating disabled men sex life. With the high levels of modifications, specialized resources and trained caregivers that are required to facilitate a satisfying sex life, sex dolls are perfect considering their flexibility. Sex dolls are generally very portable and flexible making it possible to perform any sexual stunt with less straining if any. This as a positive quality makes a sex doll a great alternative that will ensure that the disabled men sex life is spiced up in an easy and strain-free way.
#4. Dating sites for the disabled
Over the years, more disabled dating sites have sprung up owing to the increased appreciation of the significance of a satisfying sex life for the disabled to their overall wellbeing. Disability Match UK, Whispers4u, and Dating4disabled are examples of disabled dating sites that offer a platform for the disabled to find fellows who are disabled and looking for a satisfying sex life. Regardless of whether these interactions lead to a lifelong relationship or not, disabled dating sites have greatly enhanced disabled men sex life.
Actually, some of the disabled dating sites are not exclusive to the disabled only but also for those that are healthy but see beyond the clear disability and are looking at the possible satisfying relationship they might have. However, you don’t have to restrict yourself to the disabled dating sites if you don’t want to. These sites have significantly transformed the disabled men sex life: whether you’re looking for a mere friendship, lifelong companionship or a quick sexual endeavor, the disabled dating sites are what you need to be looking for.
#5. Visiting brothels
Though prostitution might not be socially acknowledged in many societies, the significance of sex to the human life cannot be overlooked, more so the disabled who are disadvantaged in the traditional dating market. While it might seem eccentric to bring together the disabled and sexual escorts, both parties have a unifying factor; they are relationship marginalized and surrounded by some sort of stigma.
Regardless of how tempting it might be, always use a condom when you visit the brothels. According to research, most people contract Sexually Transmitted Infections while under the influence of drugs. Avoid visiting the brothels while under the influence of drugs and again, practice safe sex.
In a nutshell, disabled men sex life is one that is full of challenges and requires a hoard of modifications and assistance. With the right resources, caregiver training, the ideal partner and motivation from fellow disabled people who are living a satisfying sex life, disabled men sex life can be enhanced.
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Sex Doll brings excitement to your monotonous life

Summary: Demand for sex doll is increasing at a fast pace these days. Here are few reasons that make people love these life-like beauties.
Let’s become familiar to the fact that adult dolls are not only meant to have sex rather various other reasons also make people to opt for such adult based accessories. Some men actually don’t know how to make the most out of it. They can be your life companion and let you enjoy intercourse, having dinner or taking lunch or overcoming the feeling of loneliness. However, if you want to get the best quality, simply opt for silicone dolls.
The best part is that sex dolls don’t demand for unnecessary maintenance or any special gift items to stay happy. However, if you want to have sex without begging from your female partner for approval, it’s better to invest in a doll which adds excitement to your monotonous life.
What makes people fall for these real-like dolls?
  • People who have recently gone through a stressful period of break-up or undergoing any type of mental stress after a loss of partner; these dolls will definitely act as an entertaining companion. It will help you get away with unwanted stress and lead a normal life.
  • Women can also gift a doll to their male partner so as to let him fulfill his horny desires. At times, these dolls work as a sexual surrogate when they have low sex drive. Men also choose these life-like beauties to explore and improve their sexual life.
  • When you have these life-like dolls with you, men would not think of cheating on their life partner. They are available for different sexual positions and men can enjoy sex with them as many times as they want to.
  • After undergoing a hectic schedule for the whole day, you would definitely need to get relaxed at night. Presence of sex dolls would let you live in an environment filled with unlimited fun and pleasure.
  • Remember, Vanilla masturbation routines will not let you feel the real sex experience but dolls do. It’s quite amazing to know that these dolls will keep you away from the boring masturbating techniques.
Ideal choice for many men
Esdoll offers a wide range of sex dolls that will allow men to fulfill their wild fantasies without actually pleasing them. No matter, you last for the short time or long time – they will not have any issues about your sexual dysfunction problem. So, book your kind of doll today!!!
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