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10 Best Sex Doll Torsos – Silicone Asses You Can’t Pass

Research has shown that people who have sex on a regular basis are less likely to develop depression. Psychiatrists are already suggesting sex as a stress-management technique. That is because orgasms improve mood, lower blood pressure, and release tension. Intense orgasms also trigger hormones such as oxytocin which act as a natural sedative.

If you don’t have a sexual partner, then this can become a problem. No partner, no sex, right? And if the above is true, then this will lead to depression eventually. However, I am here to show you not how to “pick up chicks”, but instead, how to by-pass regular sex entirely. What I am talking about are sex dolls! Or, well… in particular, sex doll torsos! They can be even more effective at reducing stress and giving pleasure, as you can use them any time of day or night. They are easy to store, they feel just like sex with a real human, and they are cheaper compared to regular sex dolls. While they may not provide the same kind of emotional connection as sex dolls, they do provide the same kind of sexual connection.

So, grab a beer, forget about your troubles, and look at which sex doll torsos I consider to be the best of the best.

#1. ZLDoll Deluxe Half Torso


PRICE: $189 on ZLDoll

PROS: Incredible skin texture, removable inserts, lightweight, great customer support

CONS: Higher price than other silicone asses

In the first place, we have the Deluxe Half Torso. It’s not hard to see why I made this decision, as this silicone ass is more realistic than any alternative out there. For this realism, however, you do need to pay a premium, as it costs 189 dollars. That being said, when it comes to ZLDoll products, it’s one of the cheapest out there.

I was, at first, actually very surprised to see the price of this silicone ass, because normally RealDoll products cost at least four thousand dollars. This silicone ass, however, is very affordable compared to that. Being the owner of a RealDoll, I can say that if you truly want the best in the world of sex dolls, then RealDoll products are the way to go. Pick up this silicone ass from if you want to experience sex with a RealDoll for a fraction of the price of an actual RealDoll sex doll.

Check out my in-depth ZLDoll review to find out exactly why I love these dolls so much.

#2. Silicone Sex Doll Torso with Arms

PRICE: $1399 on Silicon Wives (10% off if you join their mailing list)

PROS: Very good quality for the money, silicone vagina and silicone ass feel realistic

CONS: No customization options, no removable inserts

I consider this to be one of the best full torso sex doll deals on the market right now, as the quality is excellent and the price is affordable. In terms of performance, I still prefer the RealDoll sex torsos due to their unparalleled quality and realism, but this sex doll torso is a close second. The face on this sex doll torso is gorgeous and the silicone vagina and ass both feel incredible.

This silicone torso sex doll is perfect for anyone wanting to experience sex with a premium sex doll but without the huge price tag. The silicone ass, silicone vagina, and mouth are all designed to feel like a real woman. The weight on this sex doll torso is relatively high, so keep it in mind when placing an order.

Although the RealDoll Deluxe torso (featured next) is better in terms of design and performance, I had to give the higher spot to this silicone sex doll torso, as the price difference is rather big. For the price, this is the best sex doll torso.

#3. RealDoll Deluxe Torso

PRICE: $2999 on RealDoll (5% off with our coupon “CYBERDEAR”)

PROS: Looks and feels incredibly realistic, loads of customization options, removable inserts, great customer support

CONS: High price tag compared to other sex doll torsos

I keep talking about Abyss Creations and their RealDoll brand in all of my sex doll articles, but there is no way around it. They truly are the best. Realism is the number one priority, as their name would suggest. The RealDoll Deluxe torso is no exception in regards to this.

The Female Deluxe RealDoll Torso looks and feels astonishing – just like sex with a full-sized RealDoll. The only reason I did not put it in the first place is its price. For this price, you could already buy almost any of the best sex dolls (well, except the RealDoll itself).

This torso comes with the option of two different body styles. The first is the voluptuous sex torso with large breasts and the second option is the athletic sex torso which has sexy six-pack abs. If you purchase this silicone sex torso, you get to choose a RealDoll face for the torso, and they all look incredible. Pick up the Female Deluxe RealDoll Torso if you are looking for the absolute best sex doll torso money can buy.

#4. Luxury Silicone Ass and Vagina

PRICE: $499 on Silicon Wives (10% off if you join their mailing list)

PROS: Great quality, cheap price, overall realistic feeling sex doll torso

CONS: Very heavy for a silicone ass (although it adds to the realism)


The Luxury Silicone Ass and Vagina is a high-quality sex doll torso, despite the cheap price. It is considerably heavier than some of the alternatives, sporting a weight of 48 lbs or 22 kg. In fact, I felt that it was a bit too heavy for my liking. Generally, the advantage that silicone vaginas and silicone asses have over full-size sex dolls is the fact that they are small and easy to move. This silicone ass weighs more like a full-size sex doll, so the weight should certainly be taken into consideration when purchasing it.

Despite the weight, I am very happy with this silicone ass. The silky smooth skin and the walls of the silicone vagina feel incredible even after months of constant use and the arched back position of this silicone ass will make fans of the doggy-style crazy with lust. If you don’t mind the weight, then this Luxury Silicone Ass is certainly an excellent choice. The price is fantastic.


#5. RealDoll Insert Facilitator Torso

PRICE: $399 on RealDoll (5% off with our coupon “CYBERDEAR”)

PROS: Amazing price for a RealDoll product, removable inserts, very light weight


This torso sex doll from RealDoll is another high-quality product from Abyss Creations and their RealDoll franchise. What makes this sex doll torso special is that purchasers have the option of buying a transgender converter for the torso, turning it into a male torso sex toy. Isn’t this amazing?

Never before have bisexuals had the chance to switch between a woman’s vagina and a penis in a matter of seconds in this way. This is something truly special for bisexual people, as now they can switch between their different sexual desires more easily than ever before. Depending on their mood, they can either fuck the silicone vagina or switch to a male torso sex toy by attaching the transgender converter.

Users who are not interested in a male torso sex toy can just choose not to purchase the transgender converter and have an amazing female sex torso for a fraction of the price of normal RealDoll products.  The female sex torso toy has a standard insert included in the price, but if you get tired of the standard insert you can always buy extra inserts for different sexual experiences.

It’s an incredibly versatile sex doll torso, so I can recommend it to basically any one. It’s cheap as well!


#6. Silicone Sex Doll Ass With Feet

PRICE: $199 on Silicon Wives  (10% off if you join their mailing list)

PROS: Cheap price, good quality silicone for the money

CONS: No customization options or removable inserts, skin doesn’t feel as realistic as on RealDolls

This silicone sex doll ass is one of the cheapest I can recommend. I cannot recommend it over products like the RealDoll, but it can definitely hold its own, especially considering the low-low price tag it has. The silicone vagina feels nicely soft and has the very same suction effect which all high-end doll owners are boasting about. I also love the look of this ass, with its feet and sexy bent over position. If you are on a tight budget, then this silicone ass is a great place to start your sex doll journey.



 #7. Curvy Sex Doll Torso

PRICE: $1099 on SexyRealSexDolls

PROS: Great price, high-quality TPE material, sexy face

CONS: Breasts feel too soft, no option of removable inserts

This Torso Sex doll is made from TPE, giving her ass a nice and soft feel. TPE dolls are great because they give amazing feedback during sex. What do I mean by feedback? Well, when you are fucking TPE sex dolls, you will feel the ass bounce back and forth, giving your penis a nice massage, not to mention it looks incredibly hot. This effect is incredibly pleasurable and it will give you intense and amazing orgasms. This sex doll torso has a very sexy body and face, so I can definitely recommend this as a solid pick for the best sex doll torso, especially considering the relatively low price it has for a full sex doll torso.


#8. Silicone Half Sex Doll with Legs, Ass, and Feet

PRICE: $799 on Silicon Wives (10% off if you join their mailing list)

PROS: Can hold endless different positions, relatively lightweight

CONS: No removable inserts, the feet don’t stand well without extra support

This sex torso was created for all the foot fetishists out there. Are you a man who enjoys a sexy pair of legs? If you do, then this silicone sex doll torso is obviously the product meant for you. Because, well… it’s a pair of sexy legs!

I like this sex torso because the legs can be positioned in endless different ways. With a silicone ass, you only have a limited amount of sex positions to choose from. However, when you add some legs to the equation…well… let your imagination run wild!

#9. Big Boobs Torso

PRICE: $1099 on SexyRealSexDolls

PROS: Realistic hair, sexy face, lightweight

CONS: Relatively expensive, lack of customization options, does not feel as realistic as top choices

A great sex doll torso in its own right, but it’s outshined by its competitors, in my opinion. It has a sexy face, a great body, and a good weight. However… there is something lacking about it. Maybe it’s just the fact that I have grown used to the quality of my RealDoll… what can I say… I have been spoiled!

But, don’t take only my word for it, if you like what you see, give it a chance. It’s a great quality product, and the price is not terrible, although not fantastic either.


#10. Lifelike silicone Vagina

PRICE: $99 on Silicon Wives (10% off if you join their mailing list)

PROS: Small size and weight, easily storable, very cheap price
CONS: Lack of realism during sex, awkward positioning, labia is not well detailed


This is the cheapest silicone vagina I chose to feature on this list. It is quite simple and basic. It’s just a silicone vagina… that’s about it. The vagina feels nice and smooth, but the lack of any other body parts makes sex hardly realistic. During sex, you will always be conscious that you are fucking a silicone vagina and nothing close to a real woman. If you are on a very tight budget, however, then this silicone vagina might be a worthwhile purchase. Just don’t expect anything mindblowing. I would recommend going with a Fleshlight in this case, though. They are cheaper and more effective than this silicone vagina.