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This is a review of our new 155cm silicone sex doll we got for $1400. It’s not really a cheap love doll but one of the best sex dolls with big breasts for the money. It’s about 5 foot 1 inch or 155 cm tall with DDD cup breasts and weighs about 75 pounds.

This sex doll is very cute and has a TINY waist with HUGE boobs! It’s a great doll to have sex with!

There are 3 orifices to have sex with and we’re going to show you in FINE detail.
Here’s what comes in the box. You get the doll, a doll head that you must install, clothes, a USB powered hole warmer, a douche thing, a wig, and comb.

You do need to do to assemble the doll but you just need to screw on the head and put the wig and clothes on.

You can heat up any of the orifices before sex by using the USB heater.

The skin is pretty real looking and so is everything else. The joints are a little stiff but they need to be so it can hold a pose for you to have sex with it.

The skeleton is made of steel and the skin and flesh material is called TPE. It stands for Thermo Plastic Elastomer. It’s like silicone but a little less expensive and it can stretch like crazy.
To protect those tender feet, you should get some socks and shoes for your love doll. We got these shoes for $15 from Walmart. Another cool thing is to get some stretchy no-tie shoelaces from erkies.com. They’ll turn the shoes into slip-ons so you can easily slip them on and off.

The upper legs and calves feel pretty real, firm and athletic and the butt feels like an eighteen year old gymnasts so that’s good!

Inside the vagina, butthole, and mouth holes, are lifelike textures to make it feel very real.

The artificial vagina DOES look pretty real.

We got this silicone sex doll from zldoll.com.It goes for around $1400. Looks like they got the best prices we could find so far.

They even got lots of life-sized dolls for around $800 so check em out.

Along with the doll, you may want to buy some water based lube, baby wipes, and cornstarch powder for maintenance.

Material:Medical Silicone TPE
Skin Color:Brown
Height: 5’ 1” (155cm)The body joints are made of artificial multiplex metal by latest professional technology to ensure the limbs can be free to extend to create all sorts of poses.

Upper Bust:36.61in(93cm)
Lower Bust:23.62in(60cm)
Cup Size:F Cup
Arm Length:19.29in(49cm)
Palm Length:5.91in(15cm)
Leg Length:30.3in(77cm)
Foot Length:7.87in(20cm)
Eyes Color:Brown(Optional)
Hair Color:Golden(Optional)
3 Entries Of Penetration: Oral. Anal, and Vaginal
Oral Depth:5.12in(13cm)
Anal Depth:6.3in( 19cm)
Vaginal Depth:7.48in(20cm)
Packing Size:(59*17.72*11.81in)(150*45*30cm)
Package include:
1* LOVE Doll
1* Wig
1* Clothes (Sexy Lingerie,Sent at random)
1* Cleaning Pot

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About ZLDOLL Sex Doll Factory

ZlDoll is a manufacturer and traders founded in 2005. Our factory is over 20,000 square. Currently, we have a total of 230 employees, include professional sculptors, designers, and 20 technicians. We specialize in developing, designing, producing and selling medical Silicone TPE sex doll. Our sex doll market with high technical standard medical Silicone TPE materials and advanced designs.

ZlDoll set out to help the discerning client who wants a high-quality sex doll that is offered at the best possible level of quality for the price asked.

Our sex dolls are “AFFORDABLE” wholesale price. In working to bring you an affordable sex doll, we did a great deal of research in the market. We looked at precisely those features that are important to sex doll owners. We watched the sex doll documentaries that are out there. We read through the various doll forums, where doll owners talk about why their sex dolls are important to them, what they look for in a sex doll, any of the maintenance issues they may be having, and anything else that is important to discerning clients of sex doll sellers across the Internet. We take very seriously our charge to serve you and meet your needs. We want to make you happy, yes, but more importantly, we want to provide a consistently great product that is as expected and that makes your nights more enjoyable. It is never lost on us that the product we produce is an intimate device, something that is more than just a sex toy, more than just a marital aid, and more than just a masturbator. Those names are reserved for products that are generally smaller and more self-contained. A pocket pussy or some other kind of masturbating sleeve, such a Fleshlight, feels great as far as it goes. But it’s just a self-contained device. It’s not a person. It’s not the size or shape of a woman. It simply does not represent the entire sex doll experience, and we consider that a real problem. If you want a great sex doll product, you don’t want to settle for less. You don’t want something that doesn’t fulfill your expectations and your sexual needs. You have needs, you have wants, and you have desires. We are in the business of fulfilling those desires.

One of the most horrible things that otherwise discerning sex doll customers do to themselves is attempt to find a budget option that is less than a full-sized sex doll. What they end up with is a list of terrible products, or products that are terrible in comparison to what we offer, because they are only partial components. What we mean by partial components is that they are only part of a woman. Do you want to make love to only a woman’s torso? What about just her head? All joking aside, doesn’t it strike you as less than fulfilling to have something that is not really the size, shape, and appearance of a woman? You’re in the market for an affordable sex doll because you understand how a sex doll can change your life. So why would you settle for something less? Well, you’d settle if you thought it was the only thing you can afford, and sadly, a lot of potential sex doll owners who’ve not discovered Zldoll.com, or who have been burned trying to buy an affordable sex doll from lesser sites (or sites that are not even completely legitimate) will choose to buy something that falls short of a full-sized sex doll because they want to find a budget-friendly alternative. These fall into a couple of different categories, but all of them are inferior to the true full-sized sex doll experience that is offered at Zldoll.com.


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