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The Development History Of Sex Dolls: From Inflatable Dolls To Soft Silicone Dolls

Most of us only know that inflatable dolls and soft silicone sex dolls were developed from abroad, especially the United States and Japan. Today, the editor of Zhongchuang will briefly introduce the development of inflatable dolls and soft silicone sex dolls

1. Start with the legend

According to ancient Greek mythology, there was a king in Cyprus named Pygmalion who was very similar to the carpenter emperor of the Ming Dynasty of China, but he was very good at carving. Although he was a king, he didn’t like the beauties in the world and decided never to get married, so he satisfied himself with his magical hands. Oh no, he used his magical carving skills to make a beautiful portrait of a girl. Later, he fell in love with the girl portrait and prayed to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, to let him marry the girl portrait. The god of love answered the prayers of the national team and gave life to the statue with potential, allowing them to get married and live a sexually happy life from then on. This may be the earliest story about the love between man and doll.

2. Chronicles of China and the West

In 1865, a scholar named Xia Xie from the Zeng Guofan Prefecture of the Qing Dynasty recorded in his work: Foreigners can make their own things into naked women, with skin, bones, ears, eyes, teeth, tongue, and vaginal orifices. For the first time, folded like clothes, blown with air, soft and warm as a beauty, can be handed over like a human being. Coincidentally, they were sad. This may be the world’s earliest depiction of an inflatable sex doll.

3. World War II.

In the bombarded World War II, the German NC, as an extreme form of racism, realized early on the importance of maintaining the purity of the Aryan bloodline. On the other hand, in order to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in Nazi military camps, he personally ordered SS Commander Himmler to secretly develop an inflatable doll, an inflatable doll with physiological problems. This was an important secret at the time.

4. Vietnam War

In order to solve the physiological problems of American soldiers during the war, scientists decided to implement the sex doll project during the Vietnam War. Because the United States was more technologically advanced at this time, the plan was quickly successful, and soon a steady stream of inflatable dolls were delivered to American soldiers. That night, soldiers throughout the U.S. military camp felt a deep love for their country. Subsequently, the Germans realized the practical value of this top military secret and began to make and sell similar toys, and inflatable dolls officially entered commercial purposes. There is no doubt that Ruth Handler, the founder of Barbie, was inspired by inflatable dolls to design the most popular toy for girls in the world.

5. Japan carries forward

It is Japan that promotes inflatable dolls, and everyone may know this. In the mid-20th century, Japan sent the first batch of researchers to Antarctica. The caring government was worried that the explorers’ long-term abstinence would affect their health, so they developed a high-quality sex inflatable doll at public expense and named it Antarctic One (a heartbreaking name).

Then it wasn’t until 1970 that the typical inflatable sex doll first appeared in Japan. At this time, inflatable dolls, both in terms of portability and tactility, once made men feel that the era of long drought has finally arrived; after the 1990s, people began to use advanced medical non-toxic soft silicone or PVC materials to make inflatable dolls , making their texture close to real skin. Although it still feels a bit tight to the touch, it doesn’t stop otakus from loving it. At the same time, there are also manufacturers trying to produce semi-soft sex skeletal sex dolls (referring to dolls whose face, chest, hands, feet, and lower body are made of soft sex silicone, and the remaining parts need to be inflated). However, due to technical and material problems at the time, the product results were not ideal. .

6. Soft sex doll

Until the 21st century, with the advancement of science and technology, the upgrading of various medical materials and the implementation of the market, people are no longer satisfied with ordinary inflatable dolls. Manufacturers try to add skulls to dolls and fill them with soft silicone sex stuffing. The soft silicone sex doll has officially entered the stage, which is also conducive to the advancement of material technology. Soft silicone sex dolls are getting closer to looking and feeling like real people.

Buying A Sex Doll? Weight Is A Must-Consider Factor!

The most prominent feature of sex dolls is their realism—they not only have lifelike appearances but also closely resemble the weight of real people. Therefore, when purchasing a sex doll, one must consider a crucial factor—weight!

In theory, Most realistic sex dolls with proportions identical to real humans tend to be more beautiful, sexier, more emotionally stirring, and more likely to arouse our sexual interests. However, there’s a catch: if a sex doll’s size is exactly the same as that of a real-life beauty, then its weight is undoubtedly not light. For example, a 165cm doll generally weighs around 70 pounds, which is relatively heavy.

Some might think that a 40kg sex doll isn’t heavy, considering real-life beauties with similar height often weigh more than 40kg. However, we shouldn’t overlook a crucial aspect: real beauties are alive. If you fall in love with sex dolls, they will cooperate with you, accommodate you, and won’t require too much effort, sparing you from exhaustion. Although sex dolls are beautiful, they aren’t real people. They won’t collaborate with you and can only be moved using your own strength. If your body isn’t very robust, lacking in strength, and you purchase a tall and heavy BBW sex dolls, you might find it exhausting, especially when it comes to cleaning and moving the sex doll. Therefore, when buying a sex doll, please be mindful of your capabilities and generally avoid purchasing one that exceeds the load your body can bear.