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Buying A Sex Doll? Weight Is A Must-Consider Factor!

The most prominent feature of sex dolls is their realism—they not only have lifelike appearances but also closely resemble the weight of real people. Therefore, when purchasing a sex doll, one must consider a crucial factor—weight!

In theory, Most realistic sex dolls with proportions identical to real humans tend to be more beautiful, sexier, more emotionally stirring, and more likely to arouse our sexual interests. However, there’s a catch: if a sex doll’s size is exactly the same as that of a real-life beauty, then its weight is undoubtedly not light. For example, a 165cm doll generally weighs around 70 pounds, which is relatively heavy.

Some might think that a 40kg sex doll isn’t heavy, considering real-life beauties with similar height often weigh more than 40kg. However, we shouldn’t overlook a crucial aspect: real beauties are alive. If you fall in love with sex dolls, they will cooperate with you, accommodate you, and won’t require too much effort, sparing you from exhaustion. Although sex dolls are beautiful, they aren’t real people. They won’t collaborate with you and can only be moved using your own strength. If your body isn’t very robust, lacking in strength, and you purchase a tall and heavy BBW sex dolls, you might find it exhausting, especially when it comes to cleaning and moving the sex doll. Therefore, when buying a sex doll, please be mindful of your capabilities and generally avoid purchasing one that exceeds the load your body can bear.

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