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Russia World Cup robot brothel opens high simulation beauty 60 pounds for one hour


According to British media reports, Russia’s first robotic brothel was officially opened, hoping to attract visitors from all directions during the World Cup, and even hope that the participating players will come to patronize.

Hostel Room Hotel Room
Create atmosphere and create atmosphere
“Daily Mail” said that this “Doll Hostel” opened in the Moscow business district, the price of the room is about 18 to 29 pounds per hour, but this price does not include beauty doll service, if you want high-simulation “machine” Accompanied by beautiful women, the price is 60 pounds per hour. Customers can choose from different types and sizes of beauty robots. They all have their own names, such as Lolita, Sasha, and Islay.

High simulation companion high simulation companion
A Hostel Hostel spokesperson said: “We are looking forward to a large number of visitors during the World Cup. There will be many foreign guests, including from England. We have received special permission from the government to entertain foreign guests. As for the players If coaches permit, we also welcome them.”

Will the players come? Will the players come?
Different sex doll styles
The founder of the hostel, Dmitry Alexandrov, said that the idea of ​​a robotic partner is beneficial to society and the general public. “According to the survey, about 36% of Russians are not satisfied with their sexual life. This idea is not only legal but also safe. It can enhance people’s sexual experience. It is also helpful for those who have mental illnesses. For example, in Spain, 30% of guests have psychological problems. This new experience can help them alleviate their problems.”

Oriental face oriental face
According to Russian sexologists who have experienced the service of the hostel, the machine dolls have a high degree of simulation, the “skin” is delicate and soft, and brings people’s feelings beyond expectations, even more than real people, and the built-in intelligent system enables dolls. The only drawback to mimicking a human-related reaction is that a lot of lubricant must be used.

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