Russia World Cup robot brothel opens high simulation beauty 60 pounds for one hour

According to British media reports, Russia’s first robotic brothel was officially opened, hoping to attract visitors from all directions during the World Cup, and even hope that the participating players will come to patronize.

Hostel Room Hotel Room
Create atmosphere and create atmosphere
“Daily Mail” said that this “Doll Hostel” opened in the Moscow business district, the price of the room is about 18 to 29 pounds per hour, but this price does not include beauty doll service, if you want high-simulation “machine” Accompanied by beautiful women, the price is 60 pounds per hour. Customers can choose from different types and sizes of beauty robots. They all have their own names, such as Lolita, Sasha, and Islay.

High simulation companion high simulation companion
A Hostel Hostel spokesperson said: “We are looking forward to a large number of visitors during the World Cup. There will be many foreign guests, including from England. We have received special permission from the government to entertain foreign guests. As for the players If coaches permit, we also welcome them.”

Will the players come? Will the players come?
Different sex doll styles
The founder of the hostel, Dmitry Alexandrov, said that the idea of ​​a robotic partner is beneficial to society and the general public. “According to the survey, about 36% of Russians are not satisfied with their sexual life. This idea is not only legal but also safe. It can enhance people’s sexual experience. It is also helpful for those who have mental illnesses. For example, in Spain, 30% of guests have psychological problems. This new experience can help them alleviate their problems.”

Oriental face oriental face
According to Russian sexologists who have experienced the service of the hostel, the machine dolls have a high degree of simulation, the “skin” is delicate and soft, and brings people’s feelings beyond expectations, even more than real people, and the built-in intelligent system enables dolls. The only drawback to mimicking a human-related reaction is that a lot of lubricant must be used.

170cm sex doll

True story of sex doll healing a broken heart

Heartbreak is agonizing especially for a teenager losing his first crush to his best friend. It was true love at first sight. I was devastated and neither support from my family nor outings with my friends masked my depression. Her sweet, calm voice swelled in my mind and interior that sometimes I even choked on my tears. The memories of that unforgettable night I lost my virginity to her, haunted my sleep. I yearned for her, I dream of her and I kept getting erections. My sexual stress had grown to such level that even masturbating umpteen times did not work for me. It was a ritual, as darkness cloaked my room, I switched to cam sites for virtual orgasm. After a few days, this exercise was futile and scary because it resulted in other psychological problems. Then, my counselor advised trying a sex doll to treat my broken heart.

I took the offer of free customization to design my synthetic partner in order to resemble my first love. From similar skin tone to body stats, I had it all. I was anxiously waiting for her when finally I got a call from the shipping company that my pack was arriving. I was super excited to check her and when the order was opened, behold, the fucking beauty was before me. She looked exactly like my gf. I named the custom sex doll after her, Nancy.

Mesmerized by her looks and persona, I just wanted to get the best of her, but she seemed moist. Perhaps she was sweating due to heat and exhaustion from the long journey. I carefully took her to the bath and soaked her in cold water. I was overwhelmed by the presence of Nancy’s luscious, naked body. She was sprawled out in the bathtub. It was difficult controlling my erection, I gasped, “You’re so beautiful, Nancy”. There were her voluminous breasts urging me to fondle them. I sighed as I caressed her, I felt her warmth, I explored her with my hands and then with my mouth. She was so damn realistic that I forgot she was made of TPE. I looked into her brown eyes till our mouths met. It was maddening as I rode my tongue from her neck to the soft mound of public hair and down to the opened petals of her clit. I was throbbing with the intense ecstasy that was building in my body. I was squealing with delight when I rammed myself to the hilt in her cunt and finally slowed myself to rhythmic surges till there was a spurt of my hot cum on her. I jizzed inside her and was filled with such deep and immense pleasure after a long, long time.

I patted her dry and applied some talcum powder after placing her on my bed. Her serene look and her seductive figure turned me on again as I rubbed her engagingly. I kept making out with her, missionary style, doggy style, wheelbarrow, every style possible. I felt really connected to her and then after a long time, I had a good sleep.

Nancy healed my broken heart and helped me pick myself back up. She boosted my manliness and confidence to face the world. It is true that rejection fills you with bitterness, however, love brings hope and fulfillment.


wmdoll factory

About WMDoll Factory

WM dolls  is located in the China ,Guangzhou shaxi town, is a set production and sales as one of professional model manufacturing factory. Our factory is committed to research and development and production of national patent products – simulation soft elastomer model.


High simulation software produced by our factory model using the latest environmental protection material (TPE), adopt advanced unique production process, make the model surface skin smooth and delicate, full of elasticity, has general sense of soft, elastic and human skin feeling and visual feeling.


All materials complied with National Health & Safety Standard which is harmless to

human and is environmental friendly.

  • WM Doll is a pioneer of many. They are the first in creating sex dolls with TPE material.
  • Largest Sex Dolls Selection, Price Match Guarantee.
  • Come up with many leading features.
sexdollie factory

ABOUT SexDollie Factory

ABOUT SexDollie
SexDollie was established in 2008 with the mission of providing the world’s best sex dolls and love dolls to those seeking premium sexual satisfaction from a sex doll all throughout the world.

There are several things that differentiate us from anyone else. SexDollie is about the customers first and foremost. We want to provide the best experience possible. We listen to our customer’s feedback intently and adjust our company accordingly. Customers have spoken and we have listened! We believe an individual’s sex life is extremely important and our motto is to ensure a healthy and happy life! Our company works on all aspects of the business from A-Z for one specific reason… to ensure you have the best quality and prices anywhere! To provide a worldwide distribution isn’t cheap, but we have built an infrastructure that will last for decades. Our customers speak on our behalf and word has gotten around that we offer great products and affordable prices. As with any business, our biggest compliment is the repeat business and referrals from our customers.

We understand that buying a love doll is a hugely personal decision that can signal an exciting addition to your personal life. However, we also understand that it may cause you some apprehension. We are experienced in the industry and are eager to help you find the perfect sex doll for your needs. Whether this is your first time purchasing this type of product, or you are looking for something to enhance your current selection, we offer an array of high quality love dolls and are always looking to expand our selection. Our website was meticulously designed to provide a user-friendly experience and to share as much information and descriptions as possible to create an enjoyable shopping experience.

One of the big things with our Company’s policy is security and safety. Please be aware that you can shop and search with a peace of mind knowing that our website is securely protected with SSL (secure socket layer) encryption, the highest standard in Internet security. We understand the importance of being discreet and respect that. We also accept most major credit cards for payment as well as PayPal. In keeping with our commitment to discreetness we don’t share or market your information to any outside parties and will always take all measures to protect your privacy. In addition, your package will arrive in nondescript fashion and it won’t look like you even ordered a sex doll to your neighbors (unless they want to have fun with it too!)

jydoll factory

About JY DOLL Factory

Communication introduction:

Company name:Dongguan Xiegang Junying Plastic Products Factory

Company address:The second floor of C building in Zhixin low-carbon Science and Technology Park, Zhaolin zone, Zhaolin village, Xiegang town, Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China

Manufactory profile:

Junying Plastic Factory is located in Dongguan, China. It is a company which is professional on making and selling real doll. We are always focusing on the designs and production of many different kinds of dolls. We have our expectation in the pursuit of beauty. We hope that we can advance from ‘made in China’ to ‘ create by China’. To achieve the goal, we have 20 people who are working as sculptors, 3D model designers, electronic engineers and dressers in engineering department.

We are strict to the most with every work we have done and pursue the highest quality. Our company has invested a lot of money in the researches of new product, including artificial intelligence and mechanical skeleton.

Product innovation and quality improvement are what we have always adhered to, we insist to rely on credibility!

We have 5 subsidiary companies:

1. Shenzhen Junying Plastic Products Co. Ltd.

2. Dongguan Junying Plastic Products Co. Ltd.

3. Dongguan Alersha Silica Gel Products Co. Ltd.

4. Hongkong Noah Technology Co. Ltd.

5. Dongguan Junying Trading Co. Ltd.

The real simulation dolls in our company are making of all imported new environmental polymer material. Inside the dolls are metal skeleton which can remain undeformed for a long time and be able to move in a range of poses. Our products comply with the relevant safety and environmental standards set by the state, and guarantee the quality for 100%. All products have achieved CE, GSG and ROHS certification.

  • Professional Makeup, Beautiful Lady and Young Woman Style Sex Doll
  • Senior TPE material doll, Than Silicone
  • Professional Pictures of Sex Dolls

Key features and maintenance methods of sex dolls and after-sales instructions

Sex dolls have become a must-have for men and women to masturbate. When you buy a sex doll, you need to understand the structure of sexual dolls, as well as the maintenance methods, as well as the seller’s after-sales service. Here are some product descriptions for general sellers. We hope that can help all men and women. Maybe you have a sex doll and feel more harmonious sex. You don’t need to go out to find a prostitute (too expensive to be infected with AIDS). Please put your favorite She or he leads home, let them become your lover, enjoy the night of each orgasm.

Sex Doll Key Features:
1. This sex doll is according to the proportion of girls 1:1.
2.Medical TPE, soft to touch and feeling nearly as real.
3.Fully articulated poseable mental alloy skeleton in core,makes her can pose in any position as a real woman.
4.All sex doll come with 3 holes (anal, vaginal, mouth) for your ultimate sex pleasure.
Sex Doll Cleaning Suggestion:
Your doll should be cleaned every time before or after use, with mild shower foam. The head should be taken off and cleaned separately.
Please keep the head away from water. When the skin becomes sticky, please clean with bath powder. Dry and use baby powder to make her smooth.
Please dry with a towel after cleaning and apply baby powder. DO NOT use a hair dryer.
Use mild shampoo to wash the hair and let it dry naturally.
Suggestion: Please put on clothes for the doll to keep clean.Be careful when moving the doll, avoid dropping/ knocking/ breaking.

The seller sells sex dolls and they will have the following instructions Note:
Please read the manual carefully before use the doll.
People who are allergic to rubber are prohibited to use.
Doll’s height measurement standards: Let the doll lying on the bed, the doll’s feet straight, from the doll’s head to the toes, this is the actual height of the doll.
Adult products, once used can not return. If you receive the package and have quality problems, please contact us within 24 hours with photos and videos of trouble spots.

sex doll breast size

How to find the breast size of a sex doll

Step 1 – Determine Your Band Size

  1. Measure around the torso just under the breasts.  Make sure the measuring tape is very snug and level around the body.
  2. Round the measurement to the next highest whole number.
  3. If the number is even + 4″, if the number is odd + 5″.

Even Measurement Example: 

  • Torso circumference measurement right below breasts = 25.98″
  • Round Up: = 26″  + 4″ = 30″
  • The Band Size is 30

Odd Measurement Example: 

  • Torso circumference measurement right below breasts = 26.77″
  • Round Up: = 27″  + 5″ = 32″
  • The Band Size is 32

Step 2 – Get Bust Measurement

  1. Wrap tape measurement loosely around the fullest part of the bust (at nipple level).
  2. Round to up to the next highest whole number.

Step 3 – Determine Cup Size

Subtract the band size from the bust measurement and refer to the chart.


  • Bust measurement 33″ – Band size 30″  = 3″
  • Difference of 3″ = C cup

Bra Size is a 30C


FAQ about love sex dolls

How is the love doll’s skin molded?

The skin is molded in either TPE or silicone according to the chosen brand.

What is silicone?

Silicone is the traditional material used for real love dolls.

What is TPE?

TPE is a material derived from a mixture of silicone.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of silicone for a love doll?

Advantages of silicone:
• Its true to life realism
• Its soft realistic texture which justifies its use in the medical field (breast implants). Generally softer than TPE.
• Its credibility on the love doll market: this material has been a success for years now.
• Silicone preserves warmth for true to life sensations.
• Non porous material which is very hygienic and easy to sterilize.
• Hypoallergenic.

Disadvantages of silicone:
• Its cost: silicone dolls are more expensive. The material is expensive as are the molding techniques.
• Its rigidness which is often noticed in silicone breast implants.
• Its shiny appearance compared to TPE
• Its long life: the material deteriorates quicker than TPE.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of TPE?

Advantages of TPE:
• Its cost. This material is cheaper than silicone.
• Its realism.
• Its smooth soft texture.
• Its capacity to be compressed.
• Its elasticity.
• Hypoallergenic.
• Its absence of smell.
• Its compatibility with water-based lubes.

Disadvantages of TPE:
• Porous material which requires regular maintenance.
• Variable quality depending on the mix.

Currently, which are the best brands of TPE sex dolls?

ESDOLL,ZLDOLL, ORDOLL, JELLYNEW or 6YE DOLL Premium are currently the top range of TPE sex dolls. Their TPE is of a very high standard and they have a fine level of detail.

What are the best quality brands at an affordable price?

The brands ES DOLL, OR DOLL or JY DOLL offer very good quality sex dolls at very affordable prices.

How are love dolls articulated?

Via a sturdy, resistant, metal skeleton able to reproduce all the real positions of the human body.

What is the texture of love dolls’ wigs?

Synthetic wigs.

Are their hands and fingers articulated too?

The hands are mobile but only articulated at the wrists. However it is possible to bend the fingers.

Must I use a condom with my sex doll?

Use of a condom is not compulsory but largely recommended (TPE being porous).

How to clean a love doll?

With warm water and soft soap. It is possible to clean it with a warm bath or shower. Be careful not to cover the head completely under the water. To dry it, avoid hair-dryers and use a soft towel instead.

What type of lubes should be used?

A water-based, non-greasy and transparent lube only.

What is the maximum weight that a real doll can bear?


What are the proposed sexual orifices?

Generally oral, vaginal and anal orifices are offered. Silicone/TPE orifices are elastic enough to bear considerable stretching. Each brand, each real doll has different depths of orifices.

Are lips mobile for fellatio?

The mouth can be opened thanks to an articulated jaw bone.

Do their mouths have teeth/a tongue?

Some of the dolls from the WMDOLLS brand have optional removable tongues. The love dolls do not have teeth or molded in TPE.

Can love dolls’ eyes be closed?

No. It is however possible to have a face with closed eyes.

Can love dolls stand alone?

Yes, but only with the option of a skeleton which is reinforced at the ankles.

Can a love doll stand alone without the reinforced skeleton?


Can love dolls stand on their high heels?


Do the sexdolls have a smell?

No, TPE is odorless. There may be a slight smell when opening the packaging because of the plastic and the wrapping protection. The first bath will clear this new smell.

Is it possible to put perfume on the real dolls?

It is possible but should be avoided because it may color the TPE / Silicone.

Can we put make up on the real dolls?

It is possible but with extreme caution to avoid any stains on the TPE / Silicone. You can make them up with any type of classic make-up (dry blush).

What accessories are delivered with the sex dolls?

That depends on the brand. Generally speaking, a sexy outfit, an enema bulb for cleaning, a pair of gloves, a wig and instructions for use are offered.

How long will it take before my sex doll is delivered?

It normally takes between 5-10 working days after payment.

Why are there two types of vaginas for sex dolls? What are the differences?

A molded vagina is preferred by those who love realism. Cleaning the private parts cannot be done without the doll. A removable vagina enables easier cleaning because it can be done without the doll. It can be replaced whenever needed in case of deterioration. The sensations of realism are almost the same with both types of vagina. Both are molded using the body of a real woman and have ridges and a hyper realistic internal shape for adult pleasure.

How do you clean a stain on TPE?

Using a TPE stain remover.

How do you repair a tear on TPE?

Using TPE glue.

How do you choose clothes for your real doll?

You should avoid any tight clothes which may compress the TPE and deform it. As far as sizes are concerned, for natural busts, S/M is generally recommended. L/XL for large busts. If in doubt, elastane is recommended as its elasticity leaves room for error.

How should I dress my sex doll?

Careful: any clothes should be washed before use to avoid any color bleeding on the TPE. For dolls with removable heads, the technique is simple. Just place your doll with its arms stretched out in front of you then put on the clothes with the sleeves. Once the clothes have been put on just slip the rest done the top half of the body (with the head removed). The rest will be disconcertingly easy.

What shoe size for the love doll?

It all depends on the model: generally size 4.5-6 (34-36).

How do you transport the sex doll?

You must not carry the doll by holding it under the armpits because this could easily lead to tearing. We advise that you carry your doll like a bride with folded arms. Of course you must be careful with the obstacles you may find on your way (corners of furniture, doors…) and pay particular attention to the fragile extremities of your love doll (fingers, feet…).

Where should the real doll be stored?

You must avoid damp, dusty or over-exposed places. There are suspension hooks capable of storing your love doll in a cupboard for example. A dustproof bag is recommended in this case. You may want to prepare a storage box for under the bed for efficient discreet storage.

I have seen a cheaper sex doll on Alibaba or AliExpress, why?

Careful, These dolls are often much cheaper but they are of very poor quality and do not respect the CE/ RoHs manufacturing standards with the obvious sanitary risks. We therefore recommend that you check the brand and the origins of the doll before buying it.

Can I use an electric blanket?

Yes, for 15-20 minutes without exceeding 40°C if possible (human temperature 37°C). The TPE will maintain the warmth for a certain time.
Be careful not to overheat your love doll with excessive temperatures: the TPE melts in extreme heat and could even damage the internal steel skeleton inside your love doll’s body.

Can the faces be replaced?

Yes, the faces can be removed and replaced. It is possible to choose a body and a head from two different brands (be careful however with the differences of skin color in this case.

7 Tips on How to take care of a sex doll

Being a Sex Doll owner, you need to know how to take care for your doll. Sex Dolls are best known for their life like appearance with anatomically correct figure. The materials that are used to manufacture these dolls give the ability to represent the original human being. The materials are used in such a proportion that the dolls can be flexible. It helps the doll to take all positions that suits the customers.

In order to maintain this flexibility , delicacy and durability of sex dolls, cleaning and maintaining of these dolls plays a very important part. All sex dolls have sexual holes to satisfy their customers. These sexual holes needs to be cleaned and maintained. you have to clear the holes regular basis in order to avoid bacterial and fungal growth. These microorganisms if not properly removed might make the silicone sex doll more prone to damage. It decreases its flexibility to perform as well as its durability. Also the owner might get infected due to these infectious growth.


After using sex doll, its customary to clean it with lukewarm water. you can also use mild detergent (or the antibacterial soap) . To keep the surface of the doll clean, mild detergent can be used. But see to it that the originality of the skin of the doll doesn’t get damaged. You can adjust sex dolls according to your suitable position. But, consider to carry out a precise and calculated manner so that it does not damage the doll.


During sex with real sex dolls severe stress on the joints can damage its figure. So, be sensitive with your sex doll. Try not to use your hands on a regular basis. This might somehow cause damage or malfunction to your doll. Never store your sex doll in one place for a prolonged period of time. This might cause spots and flatness on the buttocks, breast and other parts of the sex doll.


Inflating air into the doll is not the only way to maintain your blowup sex dolls. You have to wait for the air to be equally distributed all throughout the doll’s body. It is one of the major factors in preventing your doll from damage.


In most of the cases while inflating air, punctures are seen at different parts of the body. To prevent further damage of the doll you should immediately clean those puncture sites. You have to dry it with the repair kit and then apply the adhesive. This will certainly save your doll from getting damaged and its durability and flexibility will prevail. If a blow-up sex doll is kept for a longer period of time, it is advisable to remove the air from inside the doll. This might cause extensive damage and stress to the various parts of the doll rendering it useless.

Since love dolls are pretty much expensive and also delicate, its very much important that one should take good care of it along with its proper maintenance. Realistic sex dolls represents real life look like human beings. So, in order to keep that realistic feeling intact these dolls needs proper care.


If the doll has wig, its advisable to remove the wig often and use shampoo to rig it clean from any microbial growth or damage. If necessary one can even change the wig once every while to give a better look and feeling to the doll’s appearance. Even if the love dolls have genitals , they can be cleaned by using mild detergent or antimicrobial soap like lovehoney fresh sex toy cleaner. The renewer powder when applied onto the doll keeps the doll smooth and flesh like.


Expensive realistic sex dolls might have electronic devices in them. In such cases its better to remove the electronic parts before cleaning with detergent or using any other products. If this is not possible, then its advisable to clean the parts in a proper manner without damaging the electronic device or else the doll might malfunction.


After cleaning the doll with antimicrobial soap or mild detergent, use humid cloth or soft towel to rinse off the soap.


So, its pretty much clear that , sex dolls need total care, love and proper maintenance for its flexibility, durability and delicacy. No matter what kind f sex doll one purchases, cleaning and maintenance will always remain the top priority.



Real Sex Dolls – Right Tips for Novices

10 Best Sex Doll Torsos – Silicone Asses You Can’t Pass

How Do Sex Dolls Work? Know The Features Of Sex Dolls (Read This Before Buying!)

Did you think that sex dolls are just for perverts? Well, I tell you that it is not. In fact, there is a growing number of individuals who turned to rubber dolls to spice up their sex life and they are not weirdos.

Sex dolls are designed for sexual pleasure, but these playthings are more than that. Aside from single men, there are couples, who purchase this to explore threesome and improve their relationship in the bedroom. This particular sex toy can bring your sexual experience to heights.

How Sex Dolls Work?

I’m pretty sure you are on this page because you are interested in these dolls and how they work. Stay put as we find the answer in this section.

Sex dolls are designed with sexual organs. Female dolls have a working vagina, while male dolls have a lifelike penis. Basically, one can romp into these toys to relieve themselves.

?These playthings are a great substitute for a sexual partner. The female dolls have the holes where men can insert their member. Meanwhile, the male dolls have its own dong which is the most important part in every woman’s plaything.

So, how do these sex dolls work? These dolls work as a dummy sexual partner. You can do to them whatever you do to your partner and more. Yes, more because you can use them for your sexual fantasies. They are good outlets for your kinks.

Meet David and Shawna, Couple Using Sex Dolls

This makes these toys a great addition to every couple’s bedroom. Yes, these toys are not just for single and lonely men. Take it from David Hockey and Shawna, who use these toys to do a threesome. They wanted to do it without taking another person in, so their best option was to use a doll.

They experiment different activities on bed using their dolls and they don’t feel bad at all because no third party was involved. Also, they prefer to see each other with their dolls than to be with an actual person. If Hockey has to travel without Shawna he takes one of his dolls.

Sex Dolls for Singles and Married Men

Just like David and Shawna, if you’re married and doesn’t want to cheat on his wife and not satisfied with his sex life, can also use sex dolls. Relieving yourself with another woman is cheating, but it is a different story when you do it with a toy.

These playthings are too powerful and enjoyable to limit its users. Anyone can get this and use this as he or she explores the way towards the big-O.

These toys work great for your solo session. Playing with a beautiful doll with her tight pussy and soft breasts are better than simply jacking off. Aside from this, most of these dolls have three entries, so she is also ready for some oral and anal pleasure.

Male Sex Dolls for Women

Meanwhile, for women like Shawna, male dolls are a great upgrade from the traditional dildos. This time your sex toy is complete from head to foot. You can ride on him like a cow girl.

?For women who do not enjoy giving her partner a blow job, you can skip that part because your toy is already hard on. Basically, this toy is always ready and available to accompany you in seventh heaven.
Features That Make Sex Dolls Popular

Aside from the holes and the hard on penises, these sex dolls have its own characteristics that make them very effective urging men and women to purchase it. For one, they are lifelike. I will explain this in details below.


These sex toys have the size and height of your dream girl or dream boy. This particular feature makes them a huge upgrade from the traditional sex toys in the market.

They are also equipped with all the body parts that you have. They are the perfect plaything for someone who wants explore another body.

Looks Like Women and Men

The majority of these toys look and feel like a real man or woman in flesh, so basically, they are not just plastic or rubber dolls.

The manufacturers use high-end materials to give their products the skin, eyes, hair, eyebrow, eye lashes, fingernails, and toenails that look and feel real.

High-Quality Design and Materials

These toys are also equipped with genitals that provide a real-life sensation when one enters or insert it. Most of the organs are designed with a particular texture to heighten the pleasure when you use it. There are vaginas that are ribbed and beaded.

On the other hand, the penises are hard rock, thick and long. These toys are designed to please its users, so the manufacturers made sure that the genitals are excellent to serve its purpose.

The female dolls have soft and firm boobs that you can play with. Her nipples can come in any color you desire and you can suck it all you want. These toys are designed with almost all the features you can find in every human.

These Toys Are An Upgraded Sexual Partner

Sex dolls are similar to your partner or spouse, they are ready to join you when you want action in the bedroom. However, they are better than a human partner in many ways.

For instance, they don’t have mood swings, they are always ready and willing to play with you. They are also open to doing whatever you wish to please you.

If you have reservations to ask your spouse to perform the sexual act you desire, you don’t have to feel that way to sex bots. Feel free to do what you want with her because she won’t mind, won’t complain and won’t judge you.

Also, manufacturers are very creative. In fact, they can let you experience the joy of copulating with a virgin. They can develop a doll with a thin hymen like membrane to stimulate this. Whatever you wish to feel and see, you can find it in sex dolls.

Playful and Responsive

Some toys are equipped with sound and heating technology to make them more realistic and responsive. She can moan to turn you on and her body can be warmed up, so you can feel her warmth when you touch and get inside her.

There are also sex bots that are available in different modes. They have artificial intelligence (AI) that allows them to play with you, seduce you and be seduced. Sex dolls are now responsive making them even more exciting to play with.

They Are The Perfect Picture Of A Sexual Object

Most, if not all of us are attracted to pretty and sexy women. Meanwhile, girls wanted men with athletic built. Both male and female sex dolls come in their best shape. They can be your dream girl or dream boy when it comes to their frame and appearance.

If you prefer individuals with bigger frames, some manufacturers offer that too. If you want a particular

They have the perfect arms and legs, toned body and pretty face. RealDoll’s dolls are almost indistinguishable from real women. They are life-size and life-like. When you put lingerie on them, you won’t think twice to play with her.


I understand that there are times when you want to have someone lay beside you to touch you and feel you. Unfortunately, not all of us have partners. Some are too busy to pursue or maintain a relationship. These playthings are just waiting for you at home. They are ready to play and experiment with you.


Sex dolls are toys that are created to help you enjoy the pleasure of copulating. Every plaything is designed for fun. Imagine this, kids are entertained when you give them toys, the same theory applies to sexbots only that these are just for adults.

?If you feel that your sex life is dull, do something about it. Add fun and level up your encounter in bed with your partner by bringing a toy. I’m pretty sure that if you try a sex doll with an open mind, your perspective will change and you will start to understand why people purchase this in the first place.


10+ Best Mini Sex Dolls – Small, cute and sexy love dolls!


3 Furry Sex Dolls Who Will Fulfill All Your Kinky Desires