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7 Tips on How to take care of a sex doll

Being a Sex Doll owner, you need to know how to take care for your doll. Sex Dolls are best known for their life like appearance with anatomically correct figure. The materials that are used to manufacture these dolls give the ability to represent the original human being. The materials are used in such a proportion that the dolls can be flexible. It helps the doll to take all positions that suits the customers.

In order to maintain this flexibility , delicacy and durability of sex dolls, cleaning and maintaining of these dolls plays a very important part. All sex dolls have sexual holes to satisfy their customers. These sexual holes needs to be cleaned and maintained. you have to clear the holes regular basis in order to avoid bacterial and fungal growth. These microorganisms if not properly removed might make the silicone sex doll more prone to damage. It decreases its flexibility to perform as well as its durability. Also the owner might get infected due to these infectious growth.


After using sex doll, its customary to clean it with lukewarm water. you can also use mild detergent (or the antibacterial soap) . To keep the surface of the doll clean, mild detergent can be used. But see to it that the originality of the skin of the doll doesn’t get damaged. You can adjust sex dolls according to your suitable position. But, consider to carry out a precise and calculated manner so that it does not damage the doll.


During sex with real sex dolls severe stress on the joints can damage its figure. So, be sensitive with your sex doll. Try not to use your hands on a regular basis. This might somehow cause damage or malfunction to your doll. Never store your sex doll in one place for a prolonged period of time. This might cause spots and flatness on the buttocks, breast and other parts of the sex doll.


Inflating air into the doll is not the only way to maintain your blowup sex dolls. You have to wait for the air to be equally distributed all throughout the doll’s body. It is one of the major factors in preventing your doll from damage.


In most of the cases while inflating air, punctures are seen at different parts of the body. To prevent further damage of the doll you should immediately clean those puncture sites. You have to dry it with the repair kit and then apply the adhesive. This will certainly save your doll from getting damaged and its durability and flexibility will prevail. If a blow-up sex doll is kept for a longer period of time, it is advisable to remove the air from inside the doll. This might cause extensive damage and stress to the various parts of the doll rendering it useless.

Since love dolls are pretty much expensive and also delicate, its very much important that one should take good care of it along with its proper maintenance. Realistic sex dolls represents real life look like human beings. So, in order to keep that realistic feeling intact these dolls needs proper care.


If the doll has wig, its advisable to remove the wig often and use shampoo to rig it clean from any microbial growth or damage. If necessary one can even change the wig once every while to give a better look and feeling to the doll’s appearance. Even if the love dolls have genitals , they can be cleaned by using mild detergent or antimicrobial soap like lovehoney fresh sex toy cleaner. The renewer powder when applied onto the doll keeps the doll smooth and flesh like.


Expensive realistic sex dolls might have electronic devices in them. In such cases its better to remove the electronic parts before cleaning with detergent or using any other products. If this is not possible, then its advisable to clean the parts in a proper manner without damaging the electronic device or else the doll might malfunction.


After cleaning the doll with antimicrobial soap or mild detergent, use humid cloth or soft towel to rinse off the soap.


So, its pretty much clear that , sex dolls need total care, love and proper maintenance for its flexibility, durability and delicacy. No matter what kind f sex doll one purchases, cleaning and maintenance will always remain the top priority.



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