Enjoy Sex Doll Life

After the divorce, the man lived with the sex doll and held a wedding.

sex doll and held a wedding

The 40-year-old man Dirk has a special “wife” Jenny who has been with him for more than four years. The reason why she is special is that she is not a real person, but a silicone sex doll.This silicone doll was bought by Dirk for six thousand euros.

German photographer Sandra and Dirk met on the Internet. After learning about his situation, Sandra decided to take a photo of him to record the life of Dilke and the silicone “wife”.

At the beginning, Dirk was very vigilant, afraid that his secrets would be discovered by others, and others would say that he was a pervert. But after they communicated, But after they communicated, Dirk agreed to shoot, but the request was not to show his face, nor to use the real name.

Dirk had a bad marriage before this,There is another child,Eventually divorced his wife, and the child left with his ex-wife. Dirk said he was exhausted in that marriage.

Later, Dilke bought this silicone doll Jenny. He felt very happy with Jenny. The two were very happy and would never quarrel because of trivial matters.

Later, Dirk felt more and more love Jenny,Dirk takes her as him wife And a wedding was held at home.

Dirk said that he was very afraid of loneliness, and Jenny was able to accompany him quietly. He liked this quiet life very much.

The things about Dirk and Jenny are not known to anyone else, even their ex-wife does not understand,He closes the window early every day and doesn’t want to be discovered by neighbors.

Now, Dirk understands that his lifestyle will not be understood by others. He hopes that one day he can go out with Jenny boldly.

Jenny, a silicone product, her skin slowly begins to fall off. Dirk will take care of her bath very carefully and use professional talcum powder.

Dirk also pays special attention to his health habits, shaving every night, fearing to scratch her skin when she is intimate with Jenny.

For Sandra, the photographer who recorded Dilke’s life, she just wanted to record Dilke’s life. When people are lonely, they can find a kind of sustenance.

Sandra wants to break people’s prejudice against Dilke through this set of photos and be able to treat those who have their own attitudes to life fairly. Everyone has their own way live.

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