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A father and son raised seven silicone dolls in China

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We have spent 100,000 yuan to raise seven silicone dolls.

The “hobbies” of a pair of fathers and sons in Guizhou have puzzled many people. When they say the reason for raising the doll, the netizens remain silent…

The 58-year-old Guizhou is now a freelancer. Since divorcing his wife in 2004, he raised his 5-year-old son, Yang Yang.

In 2010, I first saw a beautiful doll. I wanted to buy it when I was born. Later, my son went to school every day. He was always alone at home, so he bought a young doll to accompany himself.

Sex dolls are the same as real people. There are bones and muscles. Adult features have also been retained but never used.

For them, these dolls are members of their family. They will celebrate the birthday of the doll…

There are seven complete dolls in the house, and it costs about 100,000. Dust often dresses, photographs, and shoots MVs for ‘her’…

When the son was an adult, he sent a doll to the son to make a gift. Dust hopes that his son can use the doll as an adult product. He does not want his son to find a woman to go home in order to solve his own problems.

However, Yang Yang only treats ‘her’ as a sister. “Everything is born with the meaning of ‘her’.” My sister’s birth is that I have to take care of ‘her’.”

Yang Yang’s mother also called her son after seeing the news report, and advised her son not to learn his father, not to learn this abnormal behavior.

In this regard, Yang Yang is also very angry, he feels that the mother just regards the doll as an adult product… Yang Yang said that the doll has the shortcoming of ‘her’, but the real person also has shortcomings, but the doll will never betray oneself.

Whenever there is a chance, the dust will bring his own doll to participate in the exhibition. Exquisite and beautiful dolls also attracted a lot of people to watch.

Dust said that in his own heart, the doll is alive. Sometimes I drive a long-distance car alone, and the doll sits on the co-pilot, just like someone is accompanying myself.

Regarding the hype that the outside world said, the dust said “no need to respond.”

It is also normal for people who use dolls as adult products for dust. They are more abnormal than those outside them, and those who are moral but unrealistic are normal.

Dust is now planned to do business in selling physical doll costumes. Father and son said they want more dolls to show the most beautiful side.


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