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How is sex doll made?

make up sex doll

In order to clear up some of the question we receive on the doll customization we will cover how is sex made. We will get through the basic steps of manufacturing dolls and sex toys.

Early stage design

At first a brand like Real Dolls will start with some basic information. Could be the overall size, breast measurement or anything.

A team of designer will sculpt this doll. Sometimes, if the design is a celebrity or an artwork, they will be helped by a computer. At this stage anything can be done. This is the very stage when customers request a custom made order. We will discuss together the overall project, complexity and a quotation will be sent.

The second stage will be the creation of the mold itself

This step depends of the final material you want to poor inside, TPE or Silicone, but the process is the same. The final result will be a reusable mold than than be used a few months or a year depending on the usage. Only still molds for plastic injection last very long, but their prices are also very high !

The artists will create a piece in solid state to be able to receive the final mold on the outside.

For special work it’s also possible to build a mold directly from a person, we do this if we want to release products that are 100% the same as the original body.

Mold Casting

This the stage where we will poor the material inside the mold, let it cool down and reveal the final product.

For the sex dolls, the materials will be poor inside a mold than contain the skeleton. This is why it is impossible to modify the joint thickness,and anything at this stage, everything is final.

In this stage it is possible to have wastes, and products discarded. This is why the usual lead-time for an order is one week to 2 weeks. Sometimes for quality issue we need to redo the casting a second time.

Final result and cleaning

Once the product is casted, it is cool down in a bucket of water. Right after it can be handled to the packing department who will apply protective powder on it, remove all the mold lines still visible and prepare the doll as your request.


As you can see, the process is pretty straight forward, for each size of breast there is a specific mold. It is not possible to say “I want this doll, but with a larger butt” . In this case we need to open a new mold and start over from step one.

All possible customization will be within the mold capability, such as eyes colours, wig, all spare parts basically.

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