Realistic Sex Dolls

Who needs silicone sex dolls?

The development of science and technology to this day, the new high-simulation silicone sex doll is just no heartbeat cannot speak only, her appearance is more beautiful than the real person, feel, the current silicone sex doll has been widely used in many different fields and praised by users.

1. Adults over the age of 18 who are divorced, widowed, etc. can use silicone sex dolls as sexual partners.

2. Temporary single persons, such as temporary single men who cannot have sex during their pregnancy.

3, the simulation people model, soldiers, cosplay and other collectors.

4, film and television crew purchase is used to replace the real person.

5, the medical teaching model.

6, art painting model.

7, clothing jewelry model display.

8, shopping malls, companies and other front-end shopping guides and other unknown areas are also using high-simulation silicone sex dolls.



sex doll and held a wedding

After the divorce, the man lived with the sex doll and held a wedding.

The 40-year-old man Dirk has a special “wife” Jenny who has been with him for more than four years. The reason why she is special is that she is not a real person, but a silicone sex doll.This silicone doll was bought by Dirk for six thousand euros.

German photographer Sandra and Dirk met on the Internet. After learning about his situation, Sandra decided to take a photo of him to record the life of Dilke and the silicone “wife”.

At the beginning, Dirk was very vigilant, afraid that his secrets would be discovered by others, and others would say that he was a pervert. But after they communicated, But after they communicated, Dirk agreed to shoot, but the request was not to show his face, nor to use the real name.

Dirk had a bad marriage before this,There is another child,Eventually divorced his wife, and the child left with his ex-wife. Dirk said he was exhausted in that marriage.

Later, Dilke bought this silicone doll Jenny. He felt very happy with Jenny. The two were very happy and would never quarrel because of trivial matters.

Later, Dirk felt more and more love Jenny,Dirk takes her as him wife And a wedding was held at home.

Dirk said that he was very afraid of loneliness, and Jenny was able to accompany him quietly. He liked this quiet life very much.

The things about Dirk and Jenny are not known to anyone else, even their ex-wife does not understand,He closes the window early every day and doesn’t want to be discovered by neighbors.

Now, Dirk understands that his lifestyle will not be understood by others. He hopes that one day he can go out with Jenny boldly.

Jenny, a silicone product, her skin slowly begins to fall off. Dirk will take care of her bath very carefully and use professional talcum powder.

Dirk also pays special attention to his health habits, shaving every night, fearing to scratch her skin when she is intimate with Jenny.

For Sandra, the photographer who recorded Dilke’s life, she just wanted to record Dilke’s life. When people are lonely, they can find a kind of sustenance.

Sandra wants to break people’s prejudice against Dilke through this set of photos and be able to treat those who have their own attitudes to life fairly. Everyone has their own way live.

Japan Invents High Tech Realistic Looking Sex Dolls

Japanese man’s favorite sex doll

Japanese men are one of the most erotic men in the world, and Japanese men have all kinds of sex and hobbies. In order to meet the special needs of Japanese men, Japanese companies continue to introduce new products to meet the erotic psychology of Japanese men.Recently, a Japanese company launched a new type of sex doll that allows Japanese men to experience the beauty of women from all over the world without leaving home.

The reason why it is called a new type of doll, the Japanese company’s explanation is that although the new doll is a plastic inflatable doll that ordinary people understand, the current doll has the same feeling of feeling and real skin, as well as realistic eyes. It feels like holding a real person.The new doll is made of high quality silicone. This doll is called “the Dutch wife.” Japanese men are very lucky.You don’t have to go abroad to spend a small sum of money to bring a “Dutch wife” home.

Although it is a small sum of money, there are actually quite a few. The price of this new doll starts at $1,600.Dolls can be customized to meet the needs of different men.For example, custom dolls of different looks, different colors of hair and eyes.

use sex doll

The Ultimate Sexual Training Guide with Sex Dolls

This post is going to focus on how we as men can use sex dolls and a variety of other sex toys to ‘train’ to be better in bed.

A large portion of this article is going to be dedicated to stamina enhancement. Whether you suffer from severe premature ejaculation or if you just want to have better control over your orgasm, we’ll cover both below.

Another focal point of this article will be on how to implement these sex tools to become better skilled at different positions. More on that further on.

First things first. How can we use the various naughty tools at our disposal to learn how to last longer in bed?

One of the key components to this is lack of pressure. We’ll be using things that simulate the real feel of a woman’s vagina without actually having the rest of her there. This alleviates any anxiety or performance anxiety that is likely to occur if she was actually present.

Once these skills can be learned in her absence, they can much more easily be carried over to when you’re actually with her. Remember that any type of stress or anxiety, especially over things such as PE, are debilitating to a man’s sex life and are an absolute erection killer.

In the beginning phases, they must be avoided at all costs. Hence the non-judgemental tools we will use.

One of the best possible items you can pick up for these purposes will be a Fleshlight. These amazing creations are about the size of a flashlight, hence the name, and are made up of a material that feels strikingly similar to a real vagina.

They are also molded after the porn star of your choice. They literally take a picture perfect mold of the girl’s vagina and then replicate that so it not only feels like she really would in bed, it looks like she does in your favorite porno.

These come in the standard vagina of course, but they also have them in anal and oral models as well! Just awesome…

Apply a bit of lube after warming it up and hot damn, it really, truly does feel like your in some hot snatch.

The guys that made this ingenious device even have a specialty one called the ‘Stamina Training Unit’ or STU for short. Perfect for what we’re after here.

Another item for your sex training tool shed is the Autoblow. It’s pretty similar to the above description of the Fleshlight except for, you guessed it, it gives you an automatic blowjob!

Shaped like a woman’s mouth and made with real feel materials, it automatically rides up and down on your hog as hard and as fast as you want it too. No more tired arms!

Other things we could use are discussed elsewhere on this site such as vibrators and prostate stimulators, but for this particular article, we are focused on getting used to lasting longer inside a woman’s vagina they won’t come into this discussion. As a side note, they can be used once the basics are down to enhance your stamina even more…

So it’s all about getting the right tools and then practice, practice, practice!

The basic protocol would be to just start slow. Lube up well and use a slow motion and really get a sense of how your body is feeling and responding to the stimulation. Work yourself up slowly to orgasm and then back yourself off when you’re getting close.

It’s critical to get to know your arousal rate and to be able to know when you need to slow down or stop stimulation. Practice this enough with deep breathing and the time between the start of stimulation and your point of no return (ejaculatory inevitability) will lengthen. Assuming, of course, you are also practicing your standard AND reverse Kegels to strengthen your ‘sex muscles’.

The other point I wanted to focus on in this article is how to use these to make yourself a more skilled partner in different positions.

This can be accomplished in a number of ways. There are various attachments you can get for things like the Fleshlight that look like a long staff that can be positioned at different angles to simulate different positions.

But really most, if not all, of these can be simulated using your bed and a few pillows. For example:

Want to get more control over your ejaculation when your fucking your girl doggy style? Insert the pocket pussy of your choosing between your mattress and box spring and kneel down on your floor. Adjust the height with pillows if necessary.

This will allow you to be in the same position you would be in for doing it doggy style with your girl. This way you can pound away without pressure and learn how best to position yourself to take the strain off your muscles to prevent early ejaculation. This is also a great way to practice deep breathing and ingrain that into your head as that is crucial to lasting longer during sex.

You can also slide it between two pillows on your bed and suspend yourself over it just like you would over a woman to simulate the missionary position.

For the cowgirl position, you’ll have to be a bit more manual and use your hand like you were jerking yourself off. Just close your eyes as you lie back and imagine she’s riding you while you learn how to control your sexual energy.

The Auto blow would be ideal for developing stamina for longer blowjobs. I know how hard it can be not to come right away as soon as that warm, wet mouth and tongue start sliding up and down your shaft but we want to feel that for as long as possible!

And last but not least, life-size sex dolls can be used for perhaps your final and most realistic test! Position them however you want and just practice, practice, practice!

Any other tips or questions you may have in regards to using sex toys to develop more sexual stamina I would love to hear!

purchase sex doll

Choose a sex doll based on individual needs

Buying a sex doll is no longer a new thing! The earliest people used to buy inflatable dolls, but the effect was not very good. Therefore, since the launch of the silicone doll with a more similar appearance and a better feel, it is no longer necessary to grieve the use of ugly inflatable dolls. But at present, this kind of doll also has many different specifications and so on. The reason why manufacturers produce so many different types is that today’s consumers have their own preferences, and they often emphasize their personal needs when purchasing.

These sex dolls often have different hair lengths and the like, so those who have requirements in this regard can ask the manufacturer. Moreover, the body structure of the doll, although it is the same as the real person, there are still some differences in the body. For example, some people may like the fullness, but some people prefer the thin. And the height of the dolls is also very different. Some dolls may be shorter. Buy them back. When your daughter is more suitable, If you want the doll to be your wife, you can buy a slightly longer body.

Moreover, with the continuous development of the market for sex dolls, manufacturers are also working hard to carry out research and development. Today, there are already dolls that can make a sound. Of course, if you have such a demand, the manufacturer can satisfy you. Other consumers hope that dolls can be more similar to real people, that is, they can have body temperature, and manufacturers have solutions in this regard, but if you want these additional functions, then the price of these dolls is not cheap. Not for everyone.

Sex dolls worth $60,000 become “new toys” for local men

“There is a kind of sex doll recently, the price is very outrageous, the average price is as high as 60,000 US dollars because these dolls are privately customized, you can customize according to your hobbies.

Most of these sex dolls are purchased by wealthy seniors. Because their partner died, they were very lonely. they need to be accompanied, and some can be customized according to the appearance of their wife. In their eyes, these dolls can replace their wives.

The manufacturers of sex dolls also promise to the buyer that they can satisfy all the requirements of the customer. The color of the inclusive sex doll face, skin and nails can be customized according to your request. Buyers take these sex dolls as their wives to take care of them!

Some buyers will also let sex dolls do things that their wives like to do during their lifetime. This sex doll is modeled after his wife sitting at the table and playing computer.

They will also spend the sun in the yard with the sex dolls! Their sons or grandchildren do not recognize their practices, and they cannot change their wish to find a wife…..”

kill sex doll

A man found a woman suicide on the balcony of a neighbor’s home,When the police arrived……

[Introduction] There are a lot of things that are sometimes not as we have seen, and something has happened recently. When a man came home in the middle of the night, he saw a woman in the neighbor’s house hanging on the balcony, and he was so scared that he quickly called the police.

This is a community where a man returns home after work in the middle of the night and passes through his neighbor’s balcony and suddenly sees a woman hanging up.

This man quickly picked up the phone and called the police. After the police arrived, police watched the scene and the police immediately went to the house.

After the police and the man entered, they did not expect to make people laugh. The door was opened by a man. The original balcony was not a woman hanging up, but a sex doll.

This sex doll has just been washed on the balcony,Then the hang on the balcony,The man next door thought that there was a woman who committed suicide on the balcony,Although this is a bit funny,But this man’s behavior is still very good.


clean sex doll

How to clean a sex doll?

Every friend who uses sex doll will encounter the problem of how the sex doll is dirty.

Based on the practical experience of a number of friends, the following suggestions are made.

If the conditions at home allow, we can give the sex doll a bubble bath.

Do not exceed 50 degrees.

Of course, if you want to take a bath with a sex doll, you can talk to your sex doll about your ideas.

If you are worried that water will break the makeup of the sex doll face, we can put a plastic bag on the head of the sex doll.

After the shower, the sex doll can be patted dry with a towel.


Finally, of course, the sexual doll should be gently smeared with talcum powder.

Although bathing a sex doll is a physical activity, it is a wonderful experience when your hands slide over the smooth and delicate skin of her body.

After a sex doll showers, a gentle and clean sex doll is next to you, and the mood will be very good~




silicone doll life

A father and son raised seven silicone dolls in China

We have spent 100,000 yuan to raise seven silicone dolls.

The “hobbies” of a pair of fathers and sons in Guizhou have puzzled many people. When they say the reason for raising the doll, the netizens remain silent…

The 58-year-old Guizhou is now a freelancer. Since divorcing his wife in 2004, he raised his 5-year-old son, Yang Yang.

In 2010, I first saw a beautiful doll. I wanted to buy it when I was born. Later, my son went to school every day. He was always alone at home, so he bought a young doll to accompany himself.

Sex dolls are the same as real people. There are bones and muscles. Adult features have also been retained but never used.

For them, these dolls are members of their family. They will celebrate the birthday of the doll…

There are seven complete dolls in the house, and it costs about 100,000. Dust often dresses, photographs, and shoots MVs for ‘her’…

When the son was an adult, he sent a doll to the son to make a gift. Dust hopes that his son can use the doll as an adult product. He does not want his son to find a woman to go home in order to solve his own problems.

However, Yang Yang only treats ‘her’ as a sister. “Everything is born with the meaning of ‘her’.” My sister’s birth is that I have to take care of ‘her’.”

Yang Yang’s mother also called her son after seeing the news report, and advised her son not to learn his father, not to learn this abnormal behavior.

In this regard, Yang Yang is also very angry, he feels that the mother just regards the doll as an adult product… Yang Yang said that the doll has the shortcoming of ‘her’, but the real person also has shortcomings, but the doll will never betray oneself.

Whenever there is a chance, the dust will bring his own doll to participate in the exhibition. Exquisite and beautiful dolls also attracted a lot of people to watch.

Dust said that in his own heart, the doll is alive. Sometimes I drive a long-distance car alone, and the doll sits on the co-pilot, just like someone is accompanying myself.

Regarding the hype that the outside world said, the dust said “no need to respond.”

It is also normal for people who use dolls as adult products for dust. They are more abnormal than those outside them, and those who are moral but unrealistic are normal.

Dust is now planned to do business in selling physical doll costumes. Father and son said they want more dolls to show the most beautiful side.


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