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Buying a sex doll is no longer a new thing! The earliest people used to buy inflatable dolls, but the effect was not very good. Therefore, since the launch of the silicone doll with a more similar appearance and a better feel, it is no longer necessary to grieve the use of ugly inflatable dolls. But at present, this kind of doll also has many different specifications and so on. The reason why manufacturers produce so many different types is that today’s consumers have their own preferences, and they often emphasize their personal needs when purchasing.

These sex dolls often have different hair lengths and the like, so those who have requirements in this regard can ask the manufacturer. Moreover, the body structure of the doll, although it is the same as the real person, there are still some differences in the body. For example, some people may like the fullness, but some people prefer the thin. And the height of the dolls is also very different. Some dolls may be shorter. Buy them back. When your daughter is more suitable, If you want the doll to be your wife, you can buy a slightly longer body.

Moreover, with the continuous development of the market for sex dolls, manufacturers are also working hard to carry out research and development. Today, there are already dolls that can make a sound. Of course, if you have such a demand, the manufacturer can satisfy you. Other consumers hope that dolls can be more similar to real people, that is, they can have body temperature, and manufacturers have solutions in this regard, but if you want these additional functions, then the price of these dolls is not cheap. Not for everyone.

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