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What is life with a Sex Doll?

People buy sex dolls for various reason. First time buyers can think it is only for sex and desperate people, but it totally not the case.


In the past sex dolls have this bad reputation but nowadays people acquire sex dolls for different reasons. For example one of our customer told us he mostly used his doll as a companion and a model for photo shooting. The benefit of a silicone doll for shooting is the model can hold the pose the time you need ! Will never get tired and you can also do whatever pose you have in mind !

Going in the parc

Another customer was telling us he uses his doll to go in the park. Of course for this you will need to use a wheelchair, but after that you are totally free to move wherever you want. I would suggest to avoir place with too many people if you fear all the people looking at you if you are a bit shy, but if you don’t care after all, give it a try !

A fun sex life

And of course sex dolls are used … for sex ! More and more couple use them as sex toys. Same as dildos, or handcuffs, sex dolls can be used to enhance you sex life ! You want a threesome and you don’t want to share your partner with a real person, a doll is for you then !

Something to cuddle

Love dolls can also be used to cuddle when you beloved is away ! Or just if you like to cuddle something while sleeping, TPE or Silicone dolls have a soft skin, and intelligent dolls can even have a heating feature ! Perfect when winter is coming ?

As you can see buying a sex doll can be for any reason ! these dolls begin to be popular and affordable ! Why not trying one of these little cuties !

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